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  1. Great job Rangerman! You are definitely dialed in. Its awesome that you are able to share the outdoors with the family too.
  2. My family and I fished near K dock for 4 days last week. This was my first trip to BS and I came away impressed with the quality of the fish and the beauty of the lake. I spend most of my time fishing Beaver and Table Rock chasing walleye on both and stripers on the former. We targeted walleye last week on BS, but we did catch a few nice incidental K's and LM too. Ended up with 7 walleyes between 22-25" with another 10 between 18-21". We caught >80% of our fish from 6-8 am and 7-9 pm. We did pick up some in the middle of the day early in the week, but only when there was cloud cover. All fish came on bluff walls in 28-35 FOW on trolled cranks at 2 - 2.5 mph. We used Flicker Minnow #11's, Bomber Deep Fat Free Shad's and SK 6XD's with 1 or 2 oz snap weights. Shad colors worked best for us and the only time we got bit was after the cranks made contact with structure. A big thanks to Rangerman for the information supplied in his posts over the past several months. A few sample photos included.
  3. Lol, haven't been run over.......yet. I haven't been able to get out as much the past 2 years for a variety of reasons, but that will change in the Fall. I have a boat now so I pick my spots with the kayak and when I have had time to fish I have been fishing TR more than Beaver, for the same reason you listed.
  4. Great information. Thank you Jon!
  5. I had a similar experience yesterday. Big gizzards up shallow. Caught a pile of fish including several dozen small walleye from 6 to 16" while fishing for crappie using a Bobby G. White bass were thick in another stretch I fished. Good numbers day yesterday, but nothing big. Found the walleye, crappie, and WB in 16-22 FOW. Caught the fish on crankbaits and Bobby G.
  6. Nice going Tanderson. I'm looking forward to getting after them again in the next couple of days/nights.
  7. Ahh, that makes sense. I thought that that was awful close for two anglers to be fishing on the final day of a big tournament like that. Thanks for the info Mike.
  8. YAKFM

    Chambers Tournament

    Any number between 200 and 400 is a sizable tourney fishing crowd. Layer on top of that the non-tourney anglers, jet skis, wake boats, cig boats, and pontoon boats all coming out of hibernation and temps in the upper 70's through the weekend. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a massive water-craft hatch. After our bow surfing experience from the wake boat waves Saturday I am on board with weekday and night time fishing exclusively.
  9. YAKFM

    Chambers Tournament

    How many boats are they expecting for this tournament?
  10. I saw them as I was driving over the 12 bridge Sunday afternoon. There was another FLW boat on the channel side of the bar just out of the frame when I passed by too. He's close enough to ID what the FLW guy had for lunch.
  11. What record did they break at Crappie Masters J?
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