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  1. Water clarity has improved greatly, slighty off but not coffee with cream brown anymore. Almost normal
  2. I haven't been there since my last post but people are still saying the water is dirty. I think it will be awhile and that's if we don't get a lot of big rains coming into the lake to keep it stirred up.
  3. I cant really comment about the trespassing issue. Marvals got hit bad by the flooding, I don't even know if they are open or not. Fishing is spotty, you might find an area with some and get a few and then you might get an occasional fish or bite here or there. The changes around the island area have removed what I call fish holding spots. Fish tended to congregate in those spots but they are gone now. I think fish will still be in those areas but water conditions kind of dictate your fishing tactics. Reports ive seen on facebook pretty much say spotty fishing, people getting several in places
  4. Original post was from a trip on 2/19. Fished again on 2/29. Water seemed to be the same, dirty. Used the same fly again and it caught fish again. I got hung up a lot but was able to roll cast my fly free many times. Try it, it works, just don't pull hard when you feel it hang up, you might not get it free. I did lose a few.
  5. I've been once to LIR and the water is dirty. Not as bad as 2011 flood but dirty. I caught fish on a black streamer/ bugger/ leech type fly I tie myself. Fish are there, get down in the water and slow strip, this is what worked for me. Many changes to the river, some places are basically the same but there are changes for the worse in my opinion. I think we lost more than we gained when it comes to fish holding spots. When the water clears I might change my opinion when I finally fish them.
  6. Last time I was there they were evidently doing some work up from us, water turned dirty so I quit. Not quit 4 pm so hopefully that doesn't happen to you.
  7. Is Tims fly shop one of your facebook likes? He has a video, it's the type of yarn he uses. It's an easy tie, finding that yarn is the question. Maybe hobby lobby has it. Bohemian yarn.
  8. No daily tag required, zone 3, below the dam is restricted. Park store is closed so get your license and stamp elsewhere. I forgot to add in my post on flyfish ok page on facebook, tims megaworm fly. He will be open when you go. I've only seen his videos using it plus when I was there he fished above me catching some with it then moved.
  9. Fish were stocked but the lake is over 634' now because of inflow. Dont go without checking all water related links. Sluice gates are open some plus when they generate means no wading.
  10. They quit stocking in July. Existing trout have either died, been caught and kept or are striper poop now. With the lake conditions, this year has been unlike many, it was wise to stop trout stocking. Checkout the Oklahoma TU chapter 420 page and Fly fish Oklahoma page on facebook. These pages will let you know whats going on at the LIR with other peoples information. You can also watch the stream gauge on the LIR, seeing the numbers wll give you an idea about the water quality. It wont tell you if it's clear or dirty but the temperature and dissolved oxygen numbers say a lot. Fishing reports
  11. Oklahoma representatives-http://bridenstine.house.gov/contact/ http://www.lankford.senate.gov/content/contact-james https://www.inhofe.senate.gov/contact
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