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    JCW355 reacted to Steve Smith in Roaring River Noob   
    Good advice Dave. Stop by Tim's Fly Shop, and he can fill you in on the latest lures and colors. 
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    JCW355 reacted to Phil Lilley in "Best Ever"   
    That's what one of our guides said today after a day fishing up below the dam.  And he's guided here for a number of years!

    Guide Phil Stone.  His text says they caught 40-50 rainbows this size.

    Guide Steve Dickey from yesterday.
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    JCW355 got a reaction from Ccox1982 in Conditions   
    I've been once to LIR and the water is dirty. Not as bad as 2011 flood but dirty. I caught fish on a black streamer/ bugger/ leech type fly I tie myself.  Fish are there, get down in the water and slow strip, this is what worked for me. Many changes to the river, some places are basically the same but there are changes for the worse in my opinion. I think we lost more than we gained when it comes to fish holding spots. When the water clears I might change my opinion when I finally fish them.
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    JCW355 reacted to DainW in Trip 1/2-1/3   
    Finally made the trip this weekend. Really enjoyed myself and thought the park was great. Mostly fished zone I, but definitely want to come back and fish zone II. Caught a bunch of fish, hot fly was the mega worm (thanks Tim for setting me up with that one). Caught my personal best trout to date on saturday. Thanks everyone for the info. 

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    JCW355 got a reaction from DainW in Considering a trip over Christmas   
    No daily tag required, zone 3, below the dam is restricted. Park store is closed so get your license and stamp elsewhere. I forgot to add in my post on flyfish ok page on facebook, tims megaworm fly. He will be open when you go. I've only seen his videos using it plus when I was there he fished above me catching some with it then moved.
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    JCW355 reacted to dgames in Stream Cleanup Tomorrow 12/5 9am dam parking lot - low water scheduled   
    Ended up being a pretty successful outing.  We had about 30 people show up.  After a little over an hour, trash had been picked pretty clean.  Ended up filling the bed on one of the ODWC pickup trucks with trash.  
    For fishing, they kept the water off until about 3:30, so had a fair amount of time to fish after the trash pickup.  Pretty much everyone I talked with caught fish.  I got to fish a while late morning with Daddy-O  and we both caught fish at the pool above the rock weir downstream of the gravel lot.  We both caught a number of fish before breaking for lunch.  
    Lunch was chili at the Watts parking lot make by one of the OKC guys.  A
    fter lunch, Phil fished watts and I went back up to the gravel lot and did really well back in that same hole.  Ended up messing around trying different flies after a while and everything I threw seemed to work.   
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    JCW355 reacted to dgames in Stream Cleanup Tomorrow 12/5 9am dam parking lot - low water scheduled   
    The OKC and Tulsa Trout Unlimited Chapters work together twice a year to have a stream cleanup on the Lower Illinois river.  We are having one tomorrow morning December 5 - meeting at 9am at the dam parking lot.  We usually work with the corps of engineers on these to schedule low water.  They are showing this window of low water on the schedule tomorrow.  This may be the last shot of low water for a while on the LI with all the rain we have had.  
    Meet us at the dam at 9am and help pick up trash for an hour or two.  After that, fish the low water and stop by for a chili lunch at noonish at the Watts parking lot.  Hope to see some of you there.  
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    JCW355 reacted to Phil Lilley in More Scuds... really good video   
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    JCW355 reacted to snagged in outlet 3 in Low o2   
    As all min flow did in Arkansas was limit wading opportunties.
    More water with no O2 is still no O2
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    JCW355 reacted to Amery in Low o2   
    Just give em a break for a few more weeks. It's the right thing to do. 
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    JCW355 reacted to Gallagher in Dead Trout   
    While fly fishing last Monday, myself and my brother both witnessed several Trout float by belly up below the boat ramp near the far end below the foot path. We had seen about a half a dozen drift by. I can only suspect that they we caught, probably over played & released without being revived. If this is the case, and to those that may not know, PLEASE DON'T just remove your fly and toss 'em back like you would a Bass "per say", but keep them at hand/net & upright until they pass enough O2 through their gills and are able to swim off on their own. It's pretty discouraging to be standing there fishing all the while and see these lifeless Trout drift by right in front of you when it's too late to do anything about it. Please  be mindful and responsible to the well being of the Trout.
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    JCW355 got a reaction from Danimal in Do this for the future of fishing on the LIR   
    Oklahoma representatives-http://bridenstine.house.gov/contact/
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    JCW355 got a reaction from Danimal in Do this for the future of fishing on the LIR   
    Did you get a copy of your letter in an email? You could send that to the Oklahoma representatives. I dont know Lankford, Bridenstine or Inhofes contant info but that can be googled. You could also write your own letter, being your from out of state, and let the Oklahoma representatives this is still a concern to you in that you fish at the LIR and spend your money in Oklahoma. 
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    JCW355 got a reaction from Danimal in Do this for the future of fishing on the LIR   
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    JCW355 reacted to Greasy B in Inspiration for Primrose and Pearl?   
    That's what I kept telling the big trout swimming in the San Jaun River a couple of weeks ago, they weren't listening. 
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    JCW355 reacted to timsfly in Nice brown caught this morning.   
    One of my customers, Chris Lyons, caught this nice brown this morning.
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    JCW355 reacted to Ccox1982 in Fathers Day outing   
    Decided to load up the boat and take my son to the LIR for a little striper fishing. We started out with our light action spinning rods spooled with 4lb test line. I was casting a 3/32 white PJ's and my son was throwing a spinner. It wasn't no time till I hooked up on a couple and let him have the rod right away. After listening to the drag sing and watching these fish put a whooping on my son, he finally landed them. . We decided to put the light tackle away and go after some shad. After we caught what we thought was enough, we headed back up river and made are drifts. I used my salmon rod and began pitching shad up on the bank. Wasn't long and I hooked up. Started to give my son the pole, but realized this one might be a little more than he can handle. I finally got the fish of the bank and out in the middle of the river. That's when the fight began. I fought him for a bit till we finally got his head in the net. Right at 30 inches. They get a lot bigger in this river, but it was a great start to my season. It's amazing the strength that these fish have. We made a few more drifts and ended up with 11 before we ran out of shad. So we decided to call it. They averaged in the 6-8 lb range. I got a lot of enjoyment watching these fish put a beat down on my son. They wore him out. All in all it was a great Fathers Day.
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    JCW355 reacted to Phil Lilley in Scuds...   
    Pics taken recently below Norfork Dam.
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    JCW355 reacted to Ham in TR 6-7 to 6-12   
    I'm glad you had a good trip. Those look like some lovely fish. I appreciate that you have a very good net that is gentle on the fish. IF you are gonna catch and release, for goodness sakes get a net that doesn't beat the fish up. We spend all this money on fishing gear, I would think we could spend a little more on a ne that is not likely to injure the fish.
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    JCW355 reacted to jdmidwest in Differences...   
    So much nicer than a pic of one laying on a gravel bar.
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    JCW355 reacted to ollie in State record rainbow trout caught Saturday   
    I loved the one comment that was below the article. It will last until another one bigger is stocked! lol
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    JCW355 reacted to Phil Lilley in Ivey's first fish on a fly rod   
    Sorry, spelled her name wrong in the video...
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    JCW355 reacted to smallfry in Taney Pictures   
    The X marks one of our secret spots, so don’t ask!!

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    JCW355 reacted to Wornica in Taney Pictures   
    Awesome photos especially the angler at sunrise (or sunset?) !
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    JCW355 reacted to Phil Lilley in Two Ozark Anglers Fleeces Left - Size Large   
    We have two of these fleece jackets left in the fly shop, that I had embroidered with the OA logo. They are both size large and I've discounted them to $35.99. Come by and grab yours before it's gone!

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