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  1. One ran to the front livewell and one ran to the back from what I was told I assume they are a valve of some sort he said there is a brake line type cable that runs to them from a lever at the console I know in the old Rangers they were little lovers you could foot forward and backwards at the console to drain your Live well
  2. Trying to help a friend figure this out from what I've gathered it's either for the drain to his life wells or for the pump that recirculates the water to his live wells it's in a 84 model champion
  3. I don't ever fish Docs would this be a good time to start trying I know there's a bunch of them down there
  4. Got the neds covered I'm typically a mo craws guy with the jig thx for the input everyone
  5. Heading to the big cedar area of the lake the last Sunday of this month. gonna have a little fish off with some guys from work. This area of the lake is foreign to me so I was hoping I could get some advice from you guys. What to look for, baitcolor, I'm typically a jig,spoon,and shakey head kind of guy. Any help is appreciated
  6. Allthough and unfortunantly most videos are up north and in clear water it has got me wondering about a summertime jerkbait effort on the rock.. Any thoughts??
  7. I don't understand why you would want to feed something like that to coons any critters smoked striper is some good eatin.. lil cream cheese and some crackers.. mmmm. sounds wasteful to me
  8. kirkton

    mud line

    I know this might be a little premature or nobody will know till tomorrow or the next day but I am wanting to try to stay informed on where the mud line is I am wanting to make it down there but I don't wanna go on a wild goose chase looking for good water id like to go to flat creek or Bridgeport but I know they will be awfully muddy for the next couple days so hideaway was my next thought. I am also curious about how far typically does the mudline go with a rain like that in spfld I know if it is a more localized flud obviously it will mess the water up where ever it poor like that.. anways any info is appreciated. thanks
  9. it seems to me that I have done well in the past when water temps are in the low to mid 50s around flat creek area anyways. idk coulda been a fluke deal for me to..
  10. so # 1 according to bill it is true. you just cant ever have to many lol and # 2 1farmer mentioned Excalibur lures. does anyone know where to find these anymore. basspro does not carry them from what i have been told, and thank you for the input everyone i am now up to 4 mb lures and 2 rc stx the plan is to be ready to rock and roll in about a month or so, which brings me to another possible topic. i typically start really throwin a jerk bait hard towards the end of feb. in the past all i have really had is a canoe to fish out of but still yet do pretty decent for myself. At what water temp and or time of year do you consider the best time for a jerk bait. i tend to have a hard time in the winter due to the speed at which one has to fish this type of bait..
  11. I just purchased a vision 110+1 not to long ago, I haven't heard much about them or had the chance to do any research. I was just wondering if anyone out there might be able to or have any reviews on this lure.. I got the Tennessee shad color as I had one once before but it was not a +1 I would think the extra depth you can get out of it them would be a good thing. Any thoughts?
  12. kirkton


    cool i appreciate it. hopefully ill get into em.
  13. kirkton


    heading to tablerock tomorrow morning and its been a minute since ive targeted some crappie this time of year.. was wondering if anyone might be able to give me a few pointers on what I need to be looking for. will be between flat creek and cape fair area. should I get some minnows or stick with the plastics... any input is appreciated..
  14. start around point 15 now and you can get into em here and there i troll alot this time of year around the mouth of the james.. towards the end of this month into april mccord bend blunks arear a lil further up is where ur gonna wanna be..
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