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  1. Gizzard shad and PB Largemouth

    Get in line Boobie! Ha. Seriously, Jim. You have a built-in market on this forum and I’m sure many others would be eager to join me and Boobie waiting for the virtual shop doors to open. Holler when the eBay page is up and running. Did you get a chance to test out the batch you made? I’m interested to hear the field test results.
  2. Gizzard shad and PB Largemouth

    That’s a healthy piggy! Congrats on the PB. Your jigs look incredible and from the supplies in the background it looks like you’ve got plenty of raw materials. Are you taking orders!?
  3. Super bowl Sunday smallie bonanza

    Meh. I really like checking this forum every day to see no new activity - that way I don’t have to read anything new or informative. Far more enjoyable than fish stories, tips and pics. I can’t wait to join the industry-changing fishing forum snoop must be working on with no fishing content. Sign me up!
  4. 5 Green bass in the cold water.

    I love the (mostly) good-natured needling that goes on here. This one gets my vote for zinger of the day! I wonder if SIO3 had to borrow Al's paddle for measuring the install....
  5. Super bowl Sunday smallie bonanza

    Too cold for my taste, but it looks like it was well worth it. Was that the big craw or its little brother?
  6. ISO Utility / Kayak Trailer

    Wow billethead, that’s impressive! I wouldn’t have the attention span to finish the framing, much less bring it to completion with a custom paint job!
  7. ISO Utility / Kayak Trailer

    Hadn’t even thought about that, but it’s a great point.
  8. I'm getting tired of flopping an 80+ pound kayak onto my roof, so i'm scouting trailer options. I'm leaning towards a multi-purpose utility trailer over a single-purpose kayak trailer. The best deal i've been able to find on the innerwebs in this region seems to be the Stag 5x10 for $725 (http://stagtrailers.com/pricing-list/). Anybody here familiar with their products? Any other suggestions? Any similar used trailers someone here is looking to unload? Thanks in advance.
  9. OAF on the Meramec

    I'm game, unless it's during turkey season (4/16 - 5/6).
  10. The Dream Stream vs. Norfolk Tailwater

    I've not fished Norfolk, but I was out at the Dream Stream in early September. Scenery is undoubtedly beautiful. The Dream Stream is only 3 miles long, and is narrow - mostly about 25-50 feet across -- with well-worn footpaths along the entire stretch. Although we were a couple weeks early and managed to avoid the crowds when we were there (and the productivity of the fall spawning run), its size doesn't seem to lend itself well to big crowds which I suspect it gets in late September / early October when the fall spawning run kicks off. This is typical of the Dream Stream landscape: The Eleven Mile Reservoir is beautiful, as is the Eleven Mile River below it. We got into a couple nice ones, but neither size nor quantity of fish was overwhelming. FWIW, we are currently making plans for another fall trip to CO, and we aren't going back to the Dream Stream.
  11. Mid Mo Smallies

    Alex - I was on the hunt for Chuck's book this summer/fall, and finally got a copy a few weeks ago from @msamatt with the Missouri Smallmouth Alliance. I think he got tired of me pestering him:). I've thumbed through it a number of times and was mildly disappointed (like chief) in the lack of stories. It's nothing more than raw data in my opinion - locations of accesses that may or may not be there anymore. Nonetheless, it's a good resource. Use it in concert with DeLorne and Google Earth to narrow in on possible spots, then get off the computer and go get your feet wet to see what's out there. PM me if there are particular streams you're looking at and i'd be happy to share the info from Chuck's book.
  12. Midwest Finesse Review

    Great story, Joey and congrats on your success.
  13. Life at Outlet #2

    Wow. Why not just fish in a stocking pond? Not my cup o' tea there, but to each his own.
  14. Great Day on the Meramec

    It was great to meet you as well. I tried to get your baby craw working periodically throughout the day, but once I got hot with the Ned I had a hard time picking up anything else.
  15. Although my plans for an overnight solo trip this fall have been foiled by the scheduling constraints of work and family, I did manage to get a full day on the Meramec yesterday and it was awesome. Perhaps not a 'banner day,' but it was certainly a success by my standards. The numbers were good, but the sizes were smaller than I was hoping for. It started off chilly but when the sun came up and burned off the fog it was perfect. Water temp was 56 when I put in at daybreak (a bit cooler than I was expecting), and despite landing a spot on my first cast the bite was pretty slow in the morning. I stopped at 12:30 for lunch at my half-way mark, and at that point had only boated 4 smallies and 2 spots. Spook and (large) HD craw counted for 1 fish each, and a white spinner bait claimed the other 4 (thanks for the tip, @Hog Wally!). I lost track of the number of short strikes on the spinner and spook. Despite the hoopla, I've never had much luck with my half-hearted efforts on the ned rig. I really wanted to spend some time with it yesterday and I'm glad I did. Just after lunch I found a nice rock pile along the bank in a 7' run. Water clarity was right at 7' so I could see plenty of fish but was having trouble holding my kayak against the current. I beached upstream and walked down the bank to the rock pile and caught 4 smallies in quick succession. The afternoon continued to produce well on a similar pattern, and they all came on a PBJ ned. I finished the day with 21 fish - 13 smallies and 8 spots -- 15 of which came in the afternoon on the ned. Biggest of the day was only 14.5" and I had one more that was just over 14". I didn't see a soul out there, with 1 exception in the early afternoon that was a fun encounter. I could hear a radio in the distance blaring KSHE-95 (the oldest continuous rock station in the world, for those not from this area), and expected to come upon a group of river rats partying it up. To my surprise, it was one person - a retired guy named Steve. He had pulled his car up to the bank with the radio on, and was sitting in a lawn chair with a cooler of budweiser and his trusted companion - a grizzly old yellow lab. I planned to give him his space and was fishing the far bank. He cut the radio as soon as he saw me, and soon after called me over to his side of the river. He was enamored with my kayak rig, asking all sorts of questions about it, then revealed to me what I perceived as the secret to true happiness.... He said he has owned that land for 27 years and is retired but comes down to the farm almost every day to 'work' while his wife actually does go to work. If 'working' means pulling up a lawn chair by the side of the river with a trusted 4-legged companion and cooler of beer on a Wednesday afternoon, then I'm doing it all wrong. When he called me over, he said I was fishing the wrong bank and should try a series of lay-downs that were right along his bank. 3 casts and 3 fish later, I figured he'd been 'working' that bank (and the passing fishermen) for all 27 years of his tenure. Steve - if you're out there, it was a pleasure to meet you and I enjoyed our conversation! Lunch was at the mouth of a big cave along the river, and I saw quite a few bald eagles throughout the day. I also saw a flock of turkeys fly across the river and struggle to climb a steep bank on the other side. I can't get a horny Tom to cross an ankle-deep, shoulder-width creek during turkey season, but yet here was a flock that willingly flew across a wide and fairly swift section of the river to a steep bank that any human would have needed climbing ropes to ascend. Story of my life chasing turkeys, but I digress. The weather, scenery, solitude, and fishing all exceeded my expectations and I still have a grin on my face. I consider myself a guest on this river, so I won't reveal my exact location to the innerwebs but if you've floated this stretch you'll probably recognize it from the pictures.

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