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  1. Tips on Truman

    I dont fish for bass there much anymore. I will say this: know where you are going! Lots of timber!! With all this rain that lake can muddy up big time also. If it was me i would look for the clearest water. That would probably be up the Big Pomme arm. I guy told me one time that with all the timber in Truman it gets better bass fishing when the weather gets hot. I think the same holds true up here at Smithville Lake. If i was going to bass fish Truman right now i would go to the Big Pomme and concentrate on bluff ends. Jerkbaits, jigs, Ned rigs, maybe try a Wiggle wart. The crappie guys have been doing well recently off the bluffs. Lots of shad there. Bass might be in the neighborhood too.
  2. Taneycomo 2/7 fishing report

    Thanks for the report Phil. Glad to see some people are catching a lot of trout and some quality trout. Question for you or any of the experienced trout anglers here: What is the best way to rig that power worm? Texas rig it with a small weight up above it? hook it through the tip like you would a drop shot? wacky rig it? Put it on a hook (size?) Put it on a light jig head? I got some of those pink power worms in my trout box and never use them. Sounds like i need to. Thanks.
  3. 40th annual Dummy Trout Invitational

    I am trying to do a little more trout fishing when i can. My wife and I go on vacation to the Rockies every year and i take my fly rod. I'm getting better. I never have used it at Taneycomo. I am going to try and get down there below the dam this year sometime. They sure are a beautiful fish!!
  4. Fear Not

    Strippers could be a problem for any lake!! We need to bring them into TR!! Maybe they will run off all the families!! All the wake boarders and pontoons and skiers!! We will have the lake to ourselves again!! Sorry Cindyjo i couldnt resist. I am bored up here in the cold!!! Going stir crazy!! I apologize.
  5. Fear Not

    Where exactly do you live Cindyjo?
  6. OA One Bass Tourney - who's coming list

    I am in Quillback. My partner also. He is a member of OA but i do not know his user name on here.
  7. Creeks to Run

    Dutch: I will have to go back and read the manual for the Garmin Etrex 20, a hand held unit i bought several years ago for my Canada fishing trip. I thought it said 3 ft margin of error but not sure. Its a 1 hr boat ride from the ramp to the island where we stay. There are a couple of bad spots along the way. I watched a buddy of mine from Wisconsin that i was following hit a rock and sheer off his lower unit. Needless to say, I am "puckered up" pretty good on that deal!!!
  8. Creeks to Run

    I was idling out of Birch Creek one time last year and hit a stump right smack dab in the middle of the creek. I was sitting there thinking i was ok to go ahead and gas it and wham!! GPS units usually have a 3 ft margin of error on both sides of your trail right? Thats 6 ft!! Gotta sit down and relax. Take your time. Enjoy the beautiful scenery. Just my two cents boys.
  9. Has the worm turned?

    It wasnt Champ secretly throwing the A Rig was it? Good to hear that maybe some fish are starting to bite. I got the bug to get down there soon. But it looks like another cold front coming in and lasting awhile. Not the bitter cold front but looks like 30's for awhile. Thanks for the report Quillback. Thanks for the legwork on the OA tournament and thanks to Mike for getting the permits.
  10. Creeks to Run

    Very carefully!!!!!
  11. Got a group of guys that just had our 40th annual tournament. Out of Trout Hollow. This year we had 34 guys. My two buddies and I fished wed afternoon, thursday, friday and the tournament sat and sun morning. We only caught about 10 trout apiece each day. They were running water very slowly sometimes in the morning and the rest of the time it was dead calm. The weather was absolutely beautiful. So good to be out after the two deadly cold spells we went through. Like i said it was pretty slow for us. Sunny, calm, no wind, no current. We fished jigs under a float most of the time. A 1lb 14 oz rainbow won 1st place and a 1 lb 8 oz took 2nd place. I think both of these trout were caught trolling crankbaits. Ugh!!!! Good times!!!
  12. Fizzing instructions from BASS

    Thanks for sharing the video Basfis. Interesting and very informative. If i heard her right if you catch and release right away there is no need to fizz. Correct? I dont fish any tournaments so I shouldnt have to worry about this. Unless I catch a 6 lb smallie during our OA tournament!!!! If we have one angler in a tournament down at Table Rock that catches a nice smallie during a tournament and notices this bass struggling in his/her livewell and can do this to save this fish then we are better off!! The local tournaments are NOT going away boys. Education is the key!!!!!
  13. Late Winter Truman Bass (March)

    Bring your auger and some ice jigs!!!
  14. Pig Sticker Jigs

    Ok. Thanks. I think i will order some off of Tackle Warehouse. It looks like you guys recommend the Grass Jig for general use right? Any recommendations for size? Looks like a 5/16 oz is the smallest. I think??
  15. Pig Sticker Jigs

    I was a teacher/coach for 20 years. I always told my students, "there is no such thing as a stupid question!" That was right before i would tell a kid "that was a stupid question!!" Anyway, my question: Is this pig sticker jig the same as the nutech jig? Thanks.

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