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  1. No report

    Happy Thanksgiving! I look forward to checking out the fishing report every thursday in the KC Star. For about the last month there has been no report for Table Rock. Anybody know why this is?
  2. Big M area - 11/08

    Good job Quillback!! Those brown fish and 14 inch spots are fun to catch!! With all the talk of lake turnover on here did you see any sign of that?
  3. Made us work

    We were up the White River. Water temps were 70 degrees. Pete Wenners claims the water temps are about 8 to 10 degrees higher than they should be this time of year. We were fishing in t shirts and shorts. A beautiful fall day but we need cooler weather!! And i hear its coming!!
  4. Made us work

    Fished friday and sat with Kbillb. We fished pretty hard both days. Caught 12 friday with 3 keepers. Caught 19 today with only 1 keeper. Various baits. Good to be on the water. Beautiful weather. Saw deer, turkeys, coyote, wood ducks. Tough fishing but great being out on this beautiful lake.
  5. crappie help?

    Anybody on this forum willing to help a guy find some crappies? I am bringing a buddy of mine and his wife down to fish for some crappies friday. Probably launch at Fairfield or Osage Bluff. Fish up the Big Pomme or up around KK island. Water depths? Jigs? Minnows? Flats? Creek ledges? Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

    You boys go right on ahead!!!
  7. Decent summer fish

    Real nice fish anytime of the year my friend!! I have never used the wacky worm. Guy swore by it once up at Smithville ramp. i still havent tried it.
  8. sunglasses

    Cant thank you boys enough for your input here. Looks like most of your prefer the Costa's. With some of you liking Solar Bats and Maui Jims. I will do some research on costs and the like. Sounds like 100 dollars might not cut it! Once again, thank you guys very much.
  9. sunglasses

    I have always bought fairly cheap sunglasses to fish. This year i broke down and bought some 40 dollar SK sunglasses. They have developed a film over them. I break, drop, drown, fly off sunglasses. But now i am ready to buck up and get a quality pair. I've been told as much as i fish now i need a quality pair. Hence, i write to you boys. Any advice on a good pair of sunglasses in the 100 dollar range would be appreciated. I have found excellent advice on here in regards to long underwear. a jerkbait rod, spin reel etc. ps I never knew Bill Beck. But it sounds like he was one quality individual.
  10. Eclipse

    Any truth to the rumors that Bo caught 2 7 lbers during the darkness of the eclipse?
  11. Srockton.... Trout?

    Since the high water in April there are many fish species in places where you typically wouldnt find them. I heard that Meramec trout fishery flooded and all the trout escaped. A couple of buddies of mine were floating and throwing grubs for smallies and killed the trout!! Just my 2 cents.
  12. America the Beautiful COE pass

    America the Beautiful pass an excellent thing for me. Being retired I travel all over the midwest to fish. Come in handy. My wife and i travel to the Rockies every year to camp and its a great discount in the national parks. Saves us money. The only drawback for me personally is my local lake here. Smithville lake, even though a corps lake, wont honor it!! You want to fish Smithville lake? 10 dollars for your vehicle and 7 dollars for your boat pass. Yep! 17 bucks to fish Smithville. BS!!!! You can buy an annual pass for about 130 bucks or if you are a senior, like me, you can get one for about 80 bucks. I try and get up extra early and get to the lake around 5:30 am and beat the dude at the guard shack!! Is that bad?
  13. Hot Crappie Bite!

    I would look like Curly, Moe or Larry with line all over everything if i tried that setup!!
  14. dead bass

    Somebody posted on here yesterday about finding several dead LM around the ramp at Campbell's point. I know we have talked about this subject on here many times so yes maybe i am beating a dead horse. But it is time something needs to be done!! This is unexcusable!! If it means cancelling tournaments when it gets this hot so be it!! We have got to take better care of this valuable resource that we are so lucky to have here. I was glad to see Champ post the other day about proper ways to take care of the fish in the livewells when it gets this hot. Maybe tournament organizers need to check participants to see if they have the necessary items to do this. It is also time to do Catch, Weigh, Release!! Find a way to get this done!! I apologize for my rant but boys this really upsets me!!!
  15. a little different

    My buddies and I have had periodic success using a jig and crawler at Stockton. Never used the stinger hook however. I like that and will definitely give it a try. One more question Lmtout: You fish vertically. I usually make a short cast and bounce it back like a previous poster stated. Have you found the fish on your fish finder and start hitting them vertically? Do you have some hot spots that have held walleyes and you just go there? Drift very slowly up some points or flats or hold steady on your spot? Appreciate all the info you are willing to put out.

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