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  1. Good friend of mine bought a new Ford truck. Was out in west Kansas pheasant hunting. In the middle of nowhere. Had a flat tire. got the tire tool out and it wouldnt fit the lug nuts! When he called the dealership they told him some of the Fords had expanding lug nuts!! When i called him out on it he got all pissy and demanded that i call the dealership. I didnt but i drive a relatively new Ford F-150 myself so i carry a four way. Especially pulling a boat trailer around.
  2. You win with us Bill!! I have had the pleasure of meeting you at the annual OA tournament and you are a good man. If i get the chance i will be sending people you and Becky's way. And i always appreciate all your fishing knowledge that you so willingly share with us.
  3. Thanks for the info Oghtm. I fish for crappies in late winter and early spring at LOZ. And i"ll continue to fish for them thru the spawn at Pomme, Truman and up here at Smithville lake. After that i dont fish for them much. Like to bass fish Table Rock, Stockton and again up here at Smithville. Love to chase some eyes around Stockton and i am beginning to learn the bottom bouncing technique some from Lmtout and others on this website. From the sound of things on here the walleye bite has been very difficult down there and some guys have posted they have been catching crappies trolling deep water. So i appreciate your advice very much and will give it a try.
  4. oghfm: What depth of water are you targeting? Are you trolling in the middle cuts of the coves? I am taking a buddy down there next week and he doesnt fish much. I try to put him on some walleyes trolling a crankbait. But last year i did finally get him to try bottom bouncing a jig/crawler or drifting one if the winds were right. With the walleye bite difficult right now i thought maybe i could try and put him on some crappies. Any advice would be deeply appreciated. thanks.
  5. Hard to say in my opinion. I heard they could get as much as 5 inches this week down there. And there is nowhere for this water to go!! Until they start releasing water out of Bagnell, and i heard they were, then start releasing water out of Truman, Pomme could be extremely high all summer and into the winter. I was down there middle of last week and it was a mess. Roads closed, camp grounds closed, some ramps closed.
  6. My buddy and i left the pomme area friday and drove over to Stockton to chase some eyes. When we got up around 8 it was a beautiful "walleye day". Cloudy, a little light rain periodically and light winds. By the time we ate breakfast, cleaned up, got organized, we arrived at Mutton Creek at noon to sunny skies and 25 mph winds! Mutton Creek north was closed so we drove around to Mutton south. One trailer there. But no way was i going to try and launch there! So we drove over to Roarks Bluff and it was usable. With the strong south winds we decided to stay in Son's Creek. Unbelievable how much water is there. We drifted jigs with night crawlers from noon to 6. We caught 2 smalls. 1 nice bass, 1 white bass, 1 big bluegill, 3 drums. Pretty tough sledding. Did not try trolling any crankbaits or any bottom bouncing. Probably should have.
  7. Oh come on Bill!! There is guys on here that think all the pressure on this lake isnt hurting a dang thing!!
  8. 139 boats x 5 fish taken off beds = 695 bass if my math is correct. Keep up the effort BrowningCollector and congrats to your club Likenmo!! Change is hard.
  9. Let me ask you boys a question. Why are people so down on the spots? I too love catching those 13-15 inch spots that fight their fannies off. People at Stockton claim, "we dont want this lake to turn into another Table Rock"! I see they even reduced the keeper size to 12 inches there. Will the spots overtake a lake? Do they compete with the largemouth for food and keep the largemouth size down? Same with smallmouth?
  10. Great time boys! Thanks to all who did all the work to put it together. Phil: I didnt have any cash to donate to Christian Ministries. If you will PM your address i will send a donation for me and my pardner. I'm going to pull a Joe Namath. I guarantee i win next year!!!
  11. Farmed my yard backing into the garage as well. 2 weeks ago. Thought ground was frozen but it wasnt on top!! One OA guy cant prefish. darn the luck!!! Need about 20 more OA guys to get stuck!!!!
  12. I read on my BassBlaster that Tenn is trying to pass a bill that outlaws all tournament fishing in the months of June, July and August. Claimed that as much as 80% of the fish caught in these tournaments dont survive. Kumar, and i like him, claimed that was nonsense and that Tenn should put its attention to Asian carp. They are causing more damage than any tournaments. I dont fish tournaments so i dont have any skin in the game. However, I do appreciate the immediate catch and release of fish that the MLF has employed. We have to do better and thats a start!
  13. No neds allowed in the OA tournament is the word on the street!!!
  14. I read where most, if not all, pro fishermen prefer to run their trolling motors on a low speed and keep it on continuously. Versus a stop and run it on a higer speed to move. They believe the continuous noise at a lower volume is better than the on/off again noise of a higher volume. Just saying.
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