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  1. Smithvillesteve

    Shot my personal best deer.

    I was going to post a pic of mine! But not now!!
  2. Smithvillesteve

    Fall walleyes, in search of....

    I was there with a buddy last thursday and friday and we struggled. We bottom bounced with crawlers most of thursday afternoon. Nothing. We finally started drifting a 1/4 oz jig with a crawler and my buddy caught a nice 19.5 incher. I had 2 smalls. We went back friday afternoon and it was your classic "walleye day". Cloudy with a little chop. Went back to drifting the jig/crawler and nothing!! We targeted 15 to 25 fow. Water temp thursday was 66. It dropped to 61 friday with the cold night and cool day air temps. It was disappointing.
  3. Smithvillesteve

    Anybody see this yet?

    Thanks for sharing Dan. I have a place down there and always tell myself i want to target some muskie in Oct and Nov but I'm usually in hunting mode by then. I was becoming more and more disenchanted with the KC Star over the years. When they dropped Brent Frazee and his outdoor articles that was the final straw for me.
  4. Smithvillesteve


    What is the rain situation down there boys? Up here in Smithville we have had over 9 inches of rain in the last 72 hrs. Got some major flooding going on. Roads closed. Was thinking about coming down this weekend. Thanks.
  5. Smithvillesteve

    Lost tackle tray

    While trolling for walleye last friday around B2 on the main lake i found a floating tackle box tray full of soft plastics. I stayed around the area for quite awhile hoping somebody would come look for it. Nobody showed. Very few fisherman on the water at that time. I wasnt sure what to do. Thought about leaving it at Orleans Trail Marina. But brought it home. If its yours and you can identify it I will be back in that area in a couple of weeks. Maybe i can leave it somewhere and you can pick it up.
  6. Smithvillesteve

    FOUND!!! rods and reels

    I'll second everybody on here thanking you on here for trying to do the right thing. I had a similar incident myself this past friday while trolling for walleyes on Stockton. I saw something floating and went over to check it out. It was a large plastic tray from a tacklebox. It contained all soft plastics. I stayed in the area for an extended time hoping someone would realize they lost it and would perhaps retrace their steps. Nobody showed. I really didnt know what to do. Take it to the marina? Place it on shore? Keep it? I kept it and brought it home. But after seeing your post here Ealy I will post on the Stockton forum page. Its not a tray full of expensive crankbaits but still would like to get it back to the owner if possible.
  7. Smithvillesteve

    Boats, boats, and more boats

    One of the best things if not the best of being retired is i get to fish during the week. I have a place at Pomme as well and i will go down during the week and have the lake virtually to myself. Same with Stockton. A few more boats on Truman during the week and Table Rock can still get crowded. I come home on fridays and see all the traffic pulling boats going the other way!! Life is good!!
  8. Smithvillesteve

    Have a question

    14 walleye on one trip and 11 walleye on the other trip i would consider pretty darn good. With 11 keepers!I really would like to learn your bottom bouncer technique. i tried it the last two trips down there and we caught 5 keepers on the first trip and just two on the second. We fished about 6 hours. I would give you some of my money Lmt out!!
  9. Smithvillesteve


    I'm not an expert by any means kelbrand but i have always heard oct and nov is best. Get a cloudy overcast day with some wind. I'm usually hunting by then and dont get a chance. But I swear I'm going to!
  10. Smithvillesteve

    Just Kicking and Stewing

    Very interesting thread here. I dont get to fish TR as much as i would like to. But i do know that highland reservoirs can be challenging. Heck, bass fishing can be challenging, period!! I also really respect the takes of Bill Babler, Bo, Champ and others on here. And if Bill is struggling then nobody is doing well!! Sometimes i just think its karma. Bill you been killing them most of the summer! You got on a pattern and been catching 50-100 bass in 4 hr trips! That is amazing! The fish have said enough of that. Our time to win!! I do love the fact that this challenge is driving you crazy and you are attacking it with all you got. You are a tough competitor Bill!!! Love the info you put out.
  11. Smithvillesteve

    Walleye trip

    Posting a little late here but just got home. Took a buddy of mine down to Stockton wed and thurs to target some walleyes. We put in at Orleans trail wed to bright sunshine, no wind and 90 degrees. I told him this is NOT a walleye day. We fished from 3 pm to dark from Orleans Trail up to the hwy 215 bridge. I have never used bottom bouncers before but both of us decided we were going to try and learn that technique. At first we couldnt keep the drum, bluegills and catfish off our worms. Then we found a spot where we put 5 keepers in the boat!! 1 nice 19.5 incher and the other ones all around 16 inches. But that was it. We put on thurs morning at Mutton Creek to cloudy skies and a little wind. I told my buddy this IS a walleye day. We fished the big flat there at B7 from 6:30 to 10:30. One small walleye!! Went into Stockton for lunch and to check out of the motel and put in at Masters for an evening fish. By now there was light rain, cloudy, some wind, and full moon. No walleyes!! We did boat 7 nice crappies on the bottom bouncer. I was dumbfounded. When you figure out these fish please let me know!!
  12. Smithvillesteve

    Walleye Bsits

    Looks like people are pretty tight lipped about the walleyes Gabber. Or they just could be busy. There are guys on here that are pretty knowledgeable about the walleyes on Stockton and are willing to share information. I think your plan of using bottom bouncer/spinner/crawler technique is spot on. There was a post on here about a week ago where a guy was catching them using that technique in 23-28 feet of water. Any shallower and the bluegill ate him up. I too will be down there wed and thursday chasing some eyes around. I am not the bottom bouncer technique guru by any means. I've trolled crankbaits and i really enjoy drifting a jig w/crawler. Need right wind! But its peaceful, cover some ground. The drum can be a problem. Good luck.
  13. Smithvillesteve

    Crappie 7-22

    Thanks for the report Hunter91. Did you see any dead fish floating around?
  14. Smithvillesteve

    7-15 Crappie

    Stockton lake has the most beautiful sunsets.
  15. Smithvillesteve

    Sad Sight

    I hate to hear about any kind of fish kill on Pomme!! I fished there last sunday from Wheatland up the Pomme arm towards the Hwy 83 Marina. Did not see any dead fish. This has been a horrible year weather wise for fish. 20 degree air temps in late April to 90 degree air temps by early May. Warmed up the water way too fast. Put a lot of strain on fish during the spawn. Then the heat has just stayed around with no rain. Hate to hear the walleyes and muskie are struggling.

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