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  1. Warmer weather has helped with virus" in the past. They are not sure with this one. Hopefully you are right. I was down at Pomme and Truman all last week and i thought at least i am safe here! Then i find out one of the first cases in Mo was down in this area and he was treated at Clinton hospital!!
  2. I got a place down at Pomme and was headed down this week to try some crappie fishing. But i'm hearing that Truman is the place to be right now. I can go thru Wheatland take B to K and be at Fairfield ramp in 30 minutes. Any of you fine boys willing to give a guy any advice as to where to go from there? I'm hearing up the creeks. 20 fow. in middle of creek. Much appreciated.
  3. Those walleyes are so good to eat. But i tip my hat to you for releasing a 26 incher!! I realize the debate is out there if walleye spawn or not in Stockton. If they do you did the right thing in my humble opinion.
  4. thanks for your report Quill. Kbilb and I fished pretty hard sat, sun, and monday up in that area. It was a grind. We just couldnt find any kind of pattern. Catch a few on an A Rig, a few on a jig, a few on a crank. No jerkbait bait whatsoever. Sat was sunny with very little wind. If its a good day to play golf it probably isnt a good day to fish! Sunday was cloudy with some chop and i thought it might be on! Nope. Same deal. Monday was back to sun and very little wind. We caught like 13 bass monday with 2 keepers. Hey, it was nice to get out and be on the water!! Looking forward to seeing you boys at the OA tournament.
  5. Thanks boys for your opinions. I really do value the thoughts and opinions of the "regulars" on TR. Bill, Dock In It, RPS, Champ, Bo, Quill and others. I love fishing that lake. It sure can humble a guy but thats bass fishing. I'm still learning especially the deep bite. Need to learn my graph better. It really does come down to what a guy prefers and what he has confidence in. Read the BassBlaster today. Chris Zaldain had a video on fishing the Vision 110. He uses Seaguar InvisX 12 lb.
  6. I think all three line types have their value per lure selection. Only in the last few years have i gone to braid and/or floro for certain applications. I read the BassBlaster and they will post their tournament results with the lures, rod, reel , line used etc. so i pay some attention to that. My question to you boys, and maybe Mr Babler can answer this: the last couple of years i have used floro for my jerkbaits. Now I'm hearing Mike McClellan prefers mono for this. I'm figuring this is a great guy to copy for fishing jerkbaits down at Table Rock
  7. Phil: thanks so much for the report. Some buddies and i will be down there next week so i am really hoping you will post another report around this time next week. I know you are a busy man but much thanks.
  8. Thanks Quillback and Mike and everybody that does all the legwork for this event. Looking forward to it again.
  9. Merry Christmas to my Pomme friends!!
  10. My Dad was a minister. He told me one time: "Son, I'd rather live my life believing there is a God and finding out there isnt one, than living my life NOT believing in God and finding out there is!!" That kinda stuck with me!!
  11. Paddle faster!!! I hear banjos!!!
  12. I've caught a lot of fish listening to LaGrange!!
  13. That is impressive!! Especially this time of year.
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