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  1. Aaron White down at Pomme is a good friend of mine. I believe he is selling the Crestliners now. His dad, Bob White and my dad were high school friends. Bob went down there when Pomme was created back in the early 60s. He fell in love with the place and opened up a boat storage. He passed and Aaron took over and turned it into this mega business. Good people. thanks Stlbassbuster for sending the info on the Lund.
  2. Thanks for the responses boys! I'll check out that boat Mopanfisher. I had not heard of any transom problems with the newer Lunds Kjackson. Hate hearing that. I am not married to a Lund purchase but that is my preferance. I agree that Crestliner and Alumacraft make a good boat. I've talked to the new owners of Smithville Marine BillT. Good people. She is keeping an eye out for me. Once again, thanks for all the input boys. Much appreciated.
  3. thanks boys! I will try these websites and look at that boat Gumboot. I agree KJackson that this is a bad time to be looking for a quality used boat. Lots of people decided to quarantine on a boat or in an RV i guess. I was told by somebody to wait a couple of years and all these people that bought boats will decide to sell because its not what they thought it was, or dont use it enough. But i really dont want to wait. Once again, i sincerely appreciate your input.
  4. Good for you Bill. Living in pain is no fun. this will allow you to continue to do the things you love!!
  5. I'm looking to upgrade my dogsled! Ok, not funny! I am looking to upgrade my boat. I currently have a 2002 Lund Rebel with a 40 hp Yamaha. I'm retired now and fish quite a bit so i would like to end my fishing years in a better boat and a little more hp. I'm not married to a Lund but kinda prefer one. I really like the Lund Impact 1775. In 2017, i think, they built the back into 2 seats that fold down into a nice deck for a co angler. I bass fish more now than ever. My question to you guys is where to look? I've tried Boattrader and some other web sites. Not much there. Any advice is well appr
  6. Just want to thank you guys for putting out this report. Got a few of us heading down this week and was hoping you would put out a report. Once again, thanks.
  7. Great thread. Thanks for the info boys!! I'm 68 years old and I love cranking that RK but my old shoulders can only take so much. After about an hour i have to "sit down to slow down" as i call it. Throw a jig, ned, dropshot, shakeyhead etc.
  8. Bill: Great report. Question: At 8-12 fow is your RK deflecting off structure? I'm not sure I get mine down that deep when i throw one. I got 12 lb mono on my cranking rod. Would going to 10 lb or 12 lb floro help that? Happy New Year to all you TR boys!
  9. I'm in Quill. And thanks for doing the work.
  10. Bill and Bo: I think we have had this discussion on here before but i just want to ask you two guys anyway and i appreciate yours and any other response. You are catching deep fish at 70 ft. Do you fizz those fish upon releasing them? I thought you had said if you release them immediately there is no need to do that. I only ask because i may go down soon and try my luck at some deep fish. If i am lucky enough to enjoy some success i would want to do the right thing. And Bo i know you posted here awhile back that you had caught some deep fish too. Thanks gentlemen.
  11. I havent noticed the 110's being fragile. I broke one up here in Smithville last year. Of coursed i blasted it into the rocks on the dam fishing for walleyes. I'm thinking that probably could break any jerkbait.
  12. Boys as you can see here from Vernon and Dutch you just dont know how it is going to affect you. And who knows what is coming years after if you contract it. There are just so many unknowns. Bottom line is to do all you can to stay safe. It doesnt mean you cant still live your life! Its sad to me that this has become a political issue. Glad you're doing ok Vernon and everybody else on here that has tested positive. I'm hoping for an OA tourny in March!!!!
  13. I'm with you Vernon. Going fast either on land or water just isnt for me. And on water is just seems faster. Hopped in my buddy's son bass boat earlier this year up here in Smithville. We were going like 70 across the lake. i was white knuckled the whole time. I lost my sunglasses and my coffee cup. Bottom line is we got 2 dead. Many times on here people have posted fishing trips with their kids. We have hit the like button or I usually respond with "priceless". A father took his son out on a fishing trip and both ended up dead. Such a trajedy. Heartbreaking.
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