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  1. Somebody posted on here yesterday about finding several dead LM around the ramp at Campbell's point. I know we have talked about this subject on here many times so yes maybe i am beating a dead horse. But it is time something needs to be done!! This is unexcusable!! If it means cancelling tournaments when it gets this hot so be it!! We have got to take better care of this valuable resource that we are so lucky to have here. I was glad to see Champ post the other day about proper ways to take care of the fish in the livewells when it gets this hot. Maybe tournament organizers need to check participants to see if they have the necessary items to do this. It is also time to do Catch, Weigh, Release!! Find a way to get this done!! I apologize for my rant but boys this really upsets me!!!
  2. My buddies and I have had periodic success using a jig and crawler at Stockton. Never used the stinger hook however. I like that and will definitely give it a try. One more question Lmtout: You fish vertically. I usually make a short cast and bounce it back like a previous poster stated. Have you found the fish on your fish finder and start hitting them vertically? Do you have some hot spots that have held walleyes and you just go there? Drift very slowly up some points or flats or hold steady on your spot? Appreciate all the info you are willing to put out.
  3. Ok, some good info offered here. My depth finder does not have a mph. I have a handheld Garmin i need to get out and see if it has one. I went slow enough to tick the bottom. With bright skies and little wind i backed out to the 15-20 fow range. My spin rigs have one hook. I usually hook the worm a couple of times and leave a half inch of trailer on him. Havent bothered using a worm blower. There is a snap swivel on the end of the bottom bouncer and i hook the loop on the spin rig through there. We were using 2 oz bottom bouncers. Spin cast reel with 8 lb mono. RPS: I had the pleasure of meeting you at the OA tournament. I would love to take you up on your offer. I got some guys coming down to my place next week on Pomme to play some golf and take the pontoon out. I am on vacation in August 10 thru 20. Wife loves me to take her to the Rockies! But i got some free time in there. Thanks again for the info you boys are willing to put out.
  4. I just got back home from fishing 2 days at Stockton Lake. We tried trolling crankbaits and bottom bouncers with spin rigs and a worm. Not much going on with either tactic. Fished from 2 pm till 9 pm. Main lake area. The bottom bouncer technique was a pain in the butt for me and my partner. Lots of hangups, even though when i went back and got on the other side of the hangup it came right off. Lots of line twist!! Caught a lot of blue gills and some small smallies. No walleyes. With Lmtout catching 60 in 6 hrs monday i dont know what i was doing wrong. I used the trolling motor and didnt have a clue to the mph. Went slow enough to tick the bottom in 15 fow. Gave it a decent shot. Couple of hours each day. I was catching smallmouth casting my jig off points so i stuck with that. It was sunny and hot with hardly any wind. Not real conducive to walleye fishing. Any advice? Tips? Clues?
  5. Thanks for the info Mike!! A buddy of mine and I are going down wed, thurs and friday. Looks like a lot of sun and some heat. My plan was to go to Lmtout's bottom bouncer plan or Dan Hufferd's spoon technique. Fish 20 to 30 fow. But sounds like some eyes are staying up shallow. My buddy loves to troll so this will be right up his alley. Of course we all know things can change real quick!!
  6. Quillback you sucker!!!! Ok, sorry guys that was bad.
  7. RPS you are the man!! I am amazed at a lot of bass info you boys put out on here. Sure appreciate it. However, most walleye guys seem to be a little more secretive about where to fish, what to use, info in general. Kind of like mushroom hunters! I have had the pleasure to meet and talk to RPS at the OA tournament. Truly a good guy!!
  8. Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there. I will assume most of you Table Rock forum readers love to fish because your Dad took you fishing when you were young. I periodically see pics of some of you with your young ones holding up a fish. It always puts a smile on my face. My two young boys love to fish and hunt and its because i took the time to take them when they were young. There is an article in today's Star, front page, on what the big boats and the big waves are doing to LOZ. Dock damage, shoreline erosion, boater safety issues. I am concerned that is going to happen to our beloved Table Rock lake. My dad took me to Table Rock when i was very young. I fell in love with the place. I didnt get back down there very often until a few years ago when one of my friends bought a place up the White. Now i try and get back down there as often as possible with him. I'm retired so i get to fish during the week most of the time. Head home on weekends. But i read with dismay the thread started a couple of weeks ago about the legislatures taking the ban off more docks being put on Table Rock. I hate that Table Rock could possibly turn into another LOZ in the near future. That is just such a beautiful place to go fish. Bigger boats, bigger waves, more boats, more waves.
  9. 4 lines in the water?? Trolling? I would look like Moe and Curly with lines all tangled up!! All i can do to handle one!! I just got back from Canada yesterday. Lot of 28, 27,26 and 25 inch walleyes. Big eye was 29.5 inches. I just cant get in that 30 inch club!! Most days we caught at least 50 walleyes apiece. Great trip.
  10. Dutch: I was there last week and couldnt find any bass in the brush. It all looks so good. So many places to hide and ambush prey. Sounds like they are catching fish down at Table Rock on the outside of the bushes. On the old bank line. I tried that at Stockton and you have to deal with a lot of green slime if using a bottom bait. I moved to some deep bluff ends and caught 6 smallies, all short. I did lose a quality smallie on my Nedstix. Came flying out of the water and spit me out. Good luck. Let us know how you do.
  11. I second Champ with the CPR. I read in my BassBlaster this week that there was a tournament where it was catch, weigh and release. One of elite guys said this is the new way and its coming. It was good to read. I know there has been debate on here about the difficulties with that, the need for a judge in every boat etc. but it is good to see the elite guys doing this!
  12. Just fished Stockton tuesday and wed. Main lake area was clear. The flooded brush looked so good to fish but i couldnt make anything work. Tried spinnerbait, crankbait, jig, buzzbait, zara spook and Nedstix. Ended up catching 7 smallies and 1 LM tuesday. All shorts. Lost one nice smallie on the nedstix. Wed i tried fishing for walleyes. Had 1 nice 16 incher on a jig/crawler and that was it. Storms ran me off after 4 hrs of fishing. Pomme was 24 ft high and Truman had ramps closed. Stockton only 10 ft high. It looked good with all that flooded brush and trees but i struggled.
  13. Welcome aboard my friend. If you catch any walleyes PM me your spots!! Thats how we roll!!!:)
  14. Thats a pig!!! How long? Weigh? Congrats!! Pics and released deserves accolades too!!
  15. Quillback: I will be there and fishing with Kbilb. Once again, thanks for putting this together.