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  1. Smithvillesteve

    4/29 - 5/1 report........kinda

    Nebraskans just havent been the same since Tom Osborne left. Did they have a big piece of corn on their head?
  2. Smithvillesteve

    Annual Sunday School men's camp out and fishing trip

    With all the reports of bass fisherman dies on Truman and people breaking into vehicles at Stockton this is an uplifting post!!
  3. Smithvillesteve

    Line Size?

    Interesting topic. I just got back from Table Rock. Fished wed afternoon thru fri. Good trip. Lots of bass. My buddy and I caught 40-50 bass every afternoon. Mostly finesse fishing. Just couldnt find a bite in the shallow bushes. My point is I had my buddy down 15-1 wed afternoon. I was fishing spin gear with 6 lb InvisX fluero. He was throwing the same finesse lure but using a baitcaster with 14 lb mono. I dont like telling a guy what he needs to do fishing wise. And this guy is a good fisherman. But i told him he just wasnt going to catch very many using that heavy line. He switched to his 4 lb setup and started kicking my butt!!!! I should have kept my mouth shut!!!!!
  4. Smithvillesteve

    Battery/Trolling Motor Issue Solved

    Just thought i would post how i ended up with my battery problem in case it helps someone in the future. Jerry at Jerry's Trolling Motor Service in Parkville had me bring the battery and trolling motor to him after my buddy and i was having problems getting the brush plate back on. He tested the armature (FishingWrench info) and said it was drawing too much. Recommended a new armature. Said the brushes (more Fishingwrench info) looked just fine but might as well put new ones on since we had the plate out. Tested my battery and put a load on it and said it was weak. Recommended a new battery. Jerry put my trolling motor back together with all new seals and sold me an Interstate battery. Took it out to Smithville lake yesterday and fished the dam for walleyes for a couple of hours. Everything worked great!! Battery had the trolling motor tester at 4 lights which shows a full charge. Trolling motor had a renewed energy and seemed to run quieter. Once again, thanks to everybody on here for helping me out. Fishingwrench: I cant thank you enough. Your input was so valuable!! If you live in the Kansas City area and have any trolling motor issues i highly recommend Jerry's Trolling Motor Service in Parkville. He didnt charge me a dime for putting the trolling motor back together or for the new seals. Great guy.
  5. Smithvillesteve

    New Bait Shop

    Thanks for sharing Ketchup! I drive through there quite a bit on my travels from Pomme over to Stockton. Will have to check it out.
  6. Smithvillesteve

    Battery question

    thanks Wrench!!
  7. Smithvillesteve

    Battery question

    Wrench: You say when the green light comes on indicating a full charge on my charger that the battery is really not fully charged? Is there a certain amount of time I should still leave the charger on? Or buy a volt meter and check myself is the only way? I know you are busy and really appreciate your help. Yesterday I went down and hooked up the charger again, it read full charge, and left it on for approximately 4 more hours. Unplugged it and pushed the button on my trolling motor. It showed 2 lights out of the 4. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
  8. Smithvillesteve

    Battery question

    I cant thank you boys enough for your valuable input here. My dad used to tell me that batteries are like trees and people. they all have their own personality. MixermarkB. I did/do check water levels. Dutch: It is a deep cycle battery. Seth: I do recharge as soon as i can. I also had heard that was a good thing to do. Fishinwrench: I was hoping you would help here. And your info, as pointed out by others, is so good. My problem is i am not mechanical at all!! Dont own a voltmeter. But sounds like maybe i should so i could start testing batteries. Once again, thanks boys.
  9. Smithvillesteve

    Battery question

    I wear sunglasses based on some of you boys recommendation. Same with several lures like the Nutech Jig and War Eagle spinnerbait. Heck, even my long underwear from questioning you good Ol boys!! And my jerkbait rod. I have a battery issue I would like to run by you boys. I have a 600 cca deep cycle battery i use for my trolling motor. 12 volt system. Interstate battery. This battery is beginning its 3rd year in use. After using i place my charger on it and the light turns green indicating a full charge. But when i go fishing and push my charge indicator button on the trolling motor it never shows 4 lights which is a full charge. I thought maybe the light was out but when i was at Taneycomo earlier this year i was charging it overnight and forgot and left it on all night and that is the only time i have seen that 4th indicator light come on. I was crappie fishing in the Ozarks last week and that battery got really low after 6 hrs of fishing. I thought maybe it was my charger so i went and bought a new one. Nope!! Bad battery? Already? Trolling motor? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  10. Smithvillesteve

    OA One Bass tournament recap

    Always a good time to fish the OA tournament with you boys. But I'm getting tired of these Jayhawkers coming over to our lake and winning this tournament! Just kidding Kbilb. Congrats on your win. I knew when i heard the crankbait bite was on that you would be a factor. That dude can crank all day!! Thanks Quillback for putting everything together. Nice to see you all you guys again.
  11. Smithvillesteve

    Tips on Truman

    I dont fish for bass there much anymore. I will say this: know where you are going! Lots of timber!! With all this rain that lake can muddy up big time also. If it was me i would look for the clearest water. That would probably be up the Big Pomme arm. I guy told me one time that with all the timber in Truman it gets better bass fishing when the weather gets hot. I think the same holds true up here at Smithville Lake. If i was going to bass fish Truman right now i would go to the Big Pomme and concentrate on bluff ends. Jerkbaits, jigs, Ned rigs, maybe try a Wiggle wart. The crappie guys have been doing well recently off the bluffs. Lots of shad there. Bass might be in the neighborhood too.
  12. Smithvillesteve

    Taneycomo 2/7 fishing report

    Thanks for the report Phil. Glad to see some people are catching a lot of trout and some quality trout. Question for you or any of the experienced trout anglers here: What is the best way to rig that power worm? Texas rig it with a small weight up above it? hook it through the tip like you would a drop shot? wacky rig it? Put it on a hook (size?) Put it on a light jig head? I got some of those pink power worms in my trout box and never use them. Sounds like i need to. Thanks.
  13. Smithvillesteve

    40th annual Dummy Trout Invitational

    I am trying to do a little more trout fishing when i can. My wife and I go on vacation to the Rockies every year and i take my fly rod. I'm getting better. I never have used it at Taneycomo. I am going to try and get down there below the dam this year sometime. They sure are a beautiful fish!!
  14. Smithvillesteve

    Fear Not

    Strippers could be a problem for any lake!! We need to bring them into TR!! Maybe they will run off all the families!! All the wake boarders and pontoons and skiers!! We will have the lake to ourselves again!! Sorry Cindyjo i couldnt resist. I am bored up here in the cold!!! Going stir crazy!! I apologize.
  15. Smithvillesteve

    Fear Not

    Where exactly do you live Cindyjo?

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