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  1. I’m speechless on that. Don’t even know where to start. I guess I better put my Allison up for sale before it’s outlawed.
  2. Crickets are a good bet on those bluegill.
  3. Awesome, I hope to get back down soon. Was this in the masters area?
  4. I know exactly what you mean, the confidence that the fish are there and you can slow down to that degrees must be an amazing feeling.
  5. Unimog


    I was wondering if the hot streak was still going on. Too wet to farm, I should come back down.
  6. Unimog


    I went up to masters today and caught several, I don’t know if it really mattered what I had tied on. I Texas rigged a Yamamoto cut tail worm, a lizard and a craw and they all got bit. Saw several bedding fish all around. The ones up in hawker I played with for a bit.
  7. Unimog


    I put in at rb, fished there to the 215 bridge and had similar results. I caught some shallow on a neko rig and some deeper on a rockcrawler. They were definitely in the mood to bite and did not seem to spook very easy.
  8. If I’m not mistaken the score tracker live is available for whoever wants to use it. It would be like a regular club tournament but you’d know who was winning and there’s no weigh in. http://scoretrackerlive.com/
  9. I wish the tournaments could go to a MLF type format and eliminate the weigh ins and hauling fish all over the lake. The unfortunate thing is there is too much on the line (money, bragging rights) and they couldn’t keep it honest other than a judge in every boat.
  10. Looks like the ned is getting it done. Were they shallow on the lower end?
  11. The hell of it is they do $1000 worth of damage to a truck topper or truck to get a $50 boat seat.
  12. Was that on the lower end? Saturday I put in by the dam and tried Orleans trail cove up to the no wake line with nothing. Ran up to mutton creek and caught fish shallow on the ned shaky head and one pitching into the brush. Went past Roark to a big cove that was busy and also went up sons and caught fish but just one keeper. Water up there was probably 5 degrees warmer than orleans trail.
  13. I caught one on the little guy. I tried up real shallow with a bladed jig but nothing on that. We’ll see what today brings!
  14. Sons was pretty busy today. Caught a few but mostly dinks. Couldn’t get any interest in the rockcrawler, the wobblehead caughtbthe most.
  15. I caught a bunch of fish on my own pond with a bluegill pattern Z-man custom chatterbait this past week. I typically use a GYCB swim senko for a trailer. I bought some picasso ones from tackle warehouse (the price on those evergreen ones at BPS is crazy) and threw in at LOZ prefishing for the bash with no success at all. I'm planning on throwing it at stockton once i get down there soon. It's a bait that's relatively new for me but fishing it locally has given me some confidence in it. The picasso is nice, I also like the Z-man project z series that has a nicer skirt on it.
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