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  1. txdave

    High Water

    We typically rent a boat for that week. Don't think my flats boat would work in the river. We get a guide for at least one day.
  2. txdave

    High Water

    Planning a trip to the White River the 3rd week of July. Looks like I will have to deal with high water what changes will I need to make to deal with the water. Typically my wife and I fly fish but we will also have spinning rods with us. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  3. My wife is having a birthday next month and looking for a nice place to stay at LOZ. Also will need a guide for 1 day. Looking for suggestions. Txdave
  4. We were staying at Alohanni one point down from them. the lights were on when I went to bed Saturday night about 11:00pm.
  5. txdave

    Rental Boat

    I would call and reserve a boat now. We are going down and camping. When I called the state park about a boat they recommended reserving. You could also try Newlands and Gastons if the state park is out of boats. David Clark
  6. Fishinwrench,

    recently moved back to St. Louis grow up here. Fished LOZ in the late 60's and early 70's. See areial photos that show dock after dock. Also here that it is a zoo in the summer. It's close is it worth fighting the crowds? Wife and I like to smallmouth , largemouth, and  walleye fish. Just looking for someone who is there to provide some insight.


  7. Gentlemen and ladies having grown up here in Missouri and lived in other parts of the country you have unbelieveable access. Come visit Texas and try to find a place to even go squirrel hunting. Not many places for the average person to go and attempt to hunt. Wildlife areas are all draw to hunt. Deer hunting better have family with land or deep pockets.Not unuasal for 5 guys to lease 500 acres at $2000 per gun. Really good not high fenced ranches, year round lease, including a feeding program can run $10,000 a year. Same with bowhunting. Fishing is a little better they do a reasonable job of stocking but mostly in the coastal fishery.
  8. He is looking for the actual track people cut it in sections and weld an eye to tie a rope to. Seen them used on white river many times.
  9. Price reduction 2006 Stratos!
  10. txdave

    Jerk baits

    joeD I knew it would side track. That really doesn't bother me. Thanks everyone for the information. Txdave
  11. txdave

    Jerk baits

    we will be there starting Feb 12th.
  12. txdave

    Jerk baits

    Wife and I are planning a trip to white river staying at Gastons. Looking to throw some jerk baits for the browns looking at size and color suggestions of baits. David
  13. Wife and I camped at Gasconade Hills Resort for the weekend. Did a 6 mile float on Saturday. Started fishing about 10:30 AM thinking we would finish the float about 4:30 ha. First deep pool we started catching smallies and google eyes. Using a ned rig we had non-stop action. The two biggest smallies we doubled up on she had one that was 14" and mine was 16". We lost count after we had caught 35 fish. Remeber I said it was only 6 miles the halve way point is marked by some power lines. We thought we missed seeing them so we continued catching fish thinking we would see the resort soon. At 3:30 pm we finally made it to the halve way point. Picked up the paddling and only fished what I thought were prime waters and continued to catch and release fish. Made it back to the landing at 5:30 pm and did not do the last half justice as far fishing. I had one huge smallie follow a small bass to the surface trying to take the bait away. It would propable have weighed 3-4 lbs. Tried to get my wife to drop a bait to it but it finally spooked from the boat. All in all a great trip and will do it again. Txdave
  14. Well the wife and I spent Labor Day at Bullshoals. We caught 10-12 fish a day for a couple of days. All short walleye, spots and small mouth. Best deal we had was to troll a #7 black and silver flicker shad. Fished in water about 30' deep. We had a good time. We are suppose to be coming back down for Thanksgiving we will be looking forward t oanother adventure. Thanks for all the information everyone provided. Txdave
  15. We will be staying at the campground at Pontiac marina. I will have my boat wiht me.
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