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  1. Guys I live on the coast and fish the saltwater a lot. Like everyone is saying steel only for mackeral, blues and sharks. we catch a ton of Jack Crevalle up to 40lbs and use 80lb mono for a leader. Just check after a fish to be sure it has not gotten chaffed. For the trout and reds 20lb mono or flurocarbon is great.
  2. In the 70's my uncle talked about going to Peel AR and dragging night crawlers for trout. No idea what kind they caught. Also, back then I caught a 22 inch rainbow fishing under lights at night fishing for white bass.
  3. Live in Rockport, TX and fish for reds and trout all the time. Fly fishing I have a 9' 8wt. Most fly fishing for the reds is site casting to cruising or tailing reds it is a blast. Throwing plastics I use a bait casting reel with a 7 ft. rod similar to a flipping rod. I can throw a popping cork with the bait caster however, it is a lot easier with a spinning rod and a reel in the 3000 or 4000 range. When I am done fishing I spray reel magic on a rag and wipe everything off. If the reel gets dunked it is taken apart and cleaned otherwise the saltwater will corrode the inside of the reel.
  4. Larry Babin Hogs on the Fly 870-321-2792. Great guide my wife and I fish with him when we make the trip to White River.
  5. Thank you for the recommendations.
  6. If you are surf fishing you learn to read where the waves are breaking. Typical on the gulf coast there are 3 bars running parallel to the shower and you can tell when the waves roll over them. Waves bring water in and it has to get back out somehow. So you watch where the waves do not break until they hit the beach. This is a drain that lets the water move back out. It also pulls bait back out and the fish hang around for the bait to be pulled out. Depending where your at there are all kinds of things to catch whiting, redfish, black drum, pompano, jack crevalle, sharks. You would be amazed
  7. I need some advice on traveling with waders. Are there any light weight reasonable priced stocking foot waders that pack small for traveling? I will be flying into Jackson Hole Wyoming. Thank you for your advice
  8. Live on the Texas Gulf Coast and fish the saltwater all the time. Reels do not become a problem until you start dipping them in the salt water. If you do they need to come apart and be rinsed otherwise they corrode. If not dipped in saltwater a gentle rinse with fresh water. I run a boat in the saltwater needs to be washed after every trip. The motor also needs to be flushed. Not a big deal just have to be very willing to do it every time.
  9. Well here on the Texas gulf coast we would rig either weedless or with an 1/8 or 1/16 oz jig head and fish for speckle trout and redfish with. Bouncing slowly across the bottom.😀
  10. txdave

    High Water

    We typically rent a boat for that week. Don't think my flats boat would work in the river. We get a guide for at least one day.
  11. txdave

    High Water

    Planning a trip to the White River the 3rd week of July. Looks like I will have to deal with high water what changes will I need to make to deal with the water. Typically my wife and I fly fish but we will also have spinning rods with us. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  12. My wife is having a birthday next month and looking for a nice place to stay at LOZ. Also will need a guide for 1 day. Looking for suggestions. Txdave
  13. We were staying at Alohanni one point down from them. the lights were on when I went to bed Saturday night about 11:00pm.
  14. txdave

    Rental Boat

    I would call and reserve a boat now. We are going down and camping. When I called the state park about a boat they recommended reserving. You could also try Newlands and Gastons if the state park is out of boats. David Clark
  15. Fishinwrench,

    recently moved back to St. Louis grow up here. Fished LOZ in the late 60's and early 70's. See areial photos that show dock after dock. Also here that it is a zoo in the summer. It's close is it worth fighting the crowds? Wife and I like to smallmouth , largemouth, and  walleye fish. Just looking for someone who is there to provide some insight.


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