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  1. If a fella was to put in and paddle to the main lake where shall I...errrr he start? Goshen or war eagle? I'm strictly c&r just looking for a good float and some tugs
  2. Atta boy! It's been slow up by the dam for me. Guess they went further and deeper. That is a great day
  3. Beautiful fish! Hope it's still swimming
  4. That bottom pic I took did not do that fish justice.
  5. Dude that was a blast. Every method was catching every creek species I know. I was blown away with how random the bag was. Good times with good people sums it up!
  6. Interested in clubs for my son going to college


    Greg Wood


  7. I floated twice last week. Once from rock house to trigger gap and once from trigger gap to the farm. From rock house the fishing was poor with a lot of very small fish. From trigger gap to farm was a lot better fishing. Lower quantity but much higher quality fish. One thing to note is there are a lot of trees that you have to maneuver under around and even through. Keep an eye out I was having to watch my fly rod a lot. It's a good float though. I used black buggers with success but with all the trees I switched to the spin rod with a metallic blue grub. Enjoy!
  8. I've got someone watching over me at these ducks unlimited banquets. In the past two years I've struck gold with two sets of ping g20 irons and a driver. I don't need two sets but I can attest that when I changed from my old clubs (callaway x20 old as hell) these clubs changed my game tremendously. I'm no expert but I can say they are fantastic clubs. Before I troll them out on Craigslist I figured I would see if anyone on here is interested. The set I'll sell you has only been used once by me at the driving range. 4-9 iron utility and pitching wedge embedded with the du duck head and a driver with head cover. Pm me if interested and see if I can strike you a deal. Retail on the irons is 499 and the driver 149. Thats without the logo. Either way I hope to make someone's day with this deal.
  9. Tax return coming....thanks for the tip. Do you have any recommendations for a reel? I mainly fly fish but when I can't I need a good real. Ashamed to admit I usually for the $20 special, thinking about it, that might be the reason I don't like spinner fishing....
  10. We took a trip to port Mansfield,south of Corpus Christi this fall. Bluebird skies, clear and skinny water and I netted 26 out of a poking skiff off of one spoon. I am hesitant to go back cause I'll prolly never match that. On the flip side the first day we boated 5 and still had a heck of a good time. Good luck and enjoy! Those suckers fight like crazy
  11. I learned something as well. Seems like growing up I was taught to hold a fish like by the lip like that. Now I know thanks guys
  12. Saw it yesterday it's a dam good way to spend 8 bucks on a cold day
  13. Chef of the Sea

    What's Cooking?

    That is some dam tasting looking food. Are yall looking for work in a kitchen?
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