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  1. Looks like a great time! Hows the water????? .....high? looks like it! Hoping to get down end of June or July sometime to work on the new place. Have not had much time this year as we moved my Mom in with us to take care of her.
  2. Stinks, but Im gonna miss the Jigfest reboot. unfortunately I just found out I wont get back from Oregon until the 1st.
  3. N9BOW

    1/1/19 Quick Trip

    Happy New Year Ham! And all my fishing brethren on the forum! Congrats on the opening salvo!!!! Eric
  4. I hear ya! Im not out there for looks.. I have a face for radio. But I do love to fish and this is the first set of prescription sunglasses I have ever bought in my 52 years on the big blue marble. I would have never even thought of spending this kind of money but It was a use it or lose it scenario. I need to write my congressman and push them to extend the allowable purchases on a Medical Savings Account to cover fishing addiction. I could have come up with several other ways to spend that money!
  5. None of the Vision stores here that sell sunglasses (Lenscrafters and Pearl) carried the Costa's (So I tried them on at Scheels next door) Neither of the vision stores would guarantee the frame bought elswhere. If there was a problem and the frame got damaged or broken when putting in the lenses I would be out of luck. But the fact that the comfort level of the MJ's felt so much better on me it was an easy decision to just get the MJ's at Pearl with my other prescription glasses. I did get the Bronze/Amber lens, UV400.
  6. Tried on the Costa's today.... They were no where near as comfortable as the MJ's, so I got a pair of MJ Twin Falls These are so light I barely can tell there on... I'm sure they will be heavier with the Rx in them. I cant wait to try them on the river. Now I just need a doctor to write a prescription for an electric anchor and a Minn Kota Ulterra and I'll be all set Thanks for all the feedback! it helped!
  7. Yeah there is no getting around the high $$$$ price tags. But, I have plenty left on my MSA card so whatever I buy is going to definitely be purchased with a floating strap in case they hit the drink!
  8. I guess I should have been a bit clearer. My Dailys (prescription glasses) are progressive tint and progressive bifocal. They work well to see but I get a lot of glare because they allow a lot of light around them to reflect off my face due to their narrow lense height.
  9. Fly Fisherman Boca Grande are sharp too. not sure I can get these in prescription
  10. I dont really have an eye guy. I have been going to Americas Best but now that I moved Im going to try Lenscrafters for my regular pair. I think they are limited on sunglasses unless they can order them. Otherwise I have to provide sportrx with the measurements and the prescription. I would love to try some on and sportrx have a try before you buy frame option. I'll check with Lenscrafters tomorrow. Maui Jim are pretty sharp. I Like this one too
  11. yeah I like them..top of the list so far... PRICEY @ $834 as configured below. COSTA FANTAIL www.sportrx.com Frame Color Tortoise Vision Type Varilux™ Progressive Lens Material 580p Trivex Lens Color Copper w/ Silver Mirror
  12. Quick question.... I have a lots of Health Savings Account money to spend or I lose it by March. I tried to see if spending it on my jeep or boat accessories would be covered as I use them for mental health therapy..... but sadly they said no. So I am getting new prescription glasses and plan to get a dedicated pair of fishing prescription glasses that give a bit more wrap around eye cover than my daily wear glasses. My daily's are even polarized so that will be a given on the sunglasses. Any thought on Color, Brand, Comfort? What do you guys recommend?
  13. Im a tentative yes for first week in March..Just depends on project travel dates. will know first of the year. Michael....I have your rain jacket.
  14. Feb is likely off the table for me due to travel for work most of the month. Tight lines to all!
  15. N9BOW

    Jigfest 2018!

    and eat we will! dont have to have any manners now
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