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  1. Think I’ve had the same...it’s been a full month plus since first symptoms you mentioned. But I think that’s the bad flu (normal) Bad Flu! Not sure I want to test that hypothesis!!
  2. Humans have never seen this... Its why it Aint the flu!
  3. Its endemic now.. I know I will get it, I know you will get it.. Its either via transmission or augmented (injection) Count on it!... Just need to be smart till you get it! If not this year next year or the next reinfection for those that miss this round
  4. Seen These? MaxAir PAPR ASK For This! As an IT Prof. in a Hospital setting I'd say the Docs would like you to be able to keep them connected in a Sh@t Show!....
  5. So as I see it this is an easy thing to get across. FACTS: This Aint the flu (knowing what we know today - best case 4x the flu 0.4% deaths) If you get this in a heavy enough load.. OUTCOME Sucks = Death (Actively Dying (think drowning) over a day or so????... If you are lucky maybe several hrs???) Ask a Dr.. Not gonna Share on this forum what I believe to be true regarding a Bad Outcome. We're all going to get it so Be Smart....Wear a Mask...Social Distance...Buy Time Till a vaccine OR......if you have to get it.. Get it small!!!!!!! so your body can mount a defense!
  6. Deep Breath Man... Be smart... dont give a sh@t about what people think...Wear a mask/scarf/turtle neck/dickie/bandanna (love me a bandanna) protect yourself from inhailing a viral dose that can take you out!... make every effort to get past this thing with as small a dose as possible....(OR) wait for a vaccine 12-18 months out.
  7. Prayers Bud!.....keep stuff working!!!... Its what we do!... Serious Mask!!!!! I'm Jelly.
  8. Cowboy cures!... Love me some Kent Rollins!
  9. Guilty as charged!...Caught in the act!
  10. You Dissin my Linen's???? Dems fighting words Mike!... I'll have you know I'm going though Manopause... and they help me with regulating my body temp....(words that hit like a fist...Sniffle) BTW those match my eyes ....Thought we were buds...Sniff I'm sorry... forgive me...I'm having a moment (choking up here...)
  11. Not my color.... don’t match my eyes Production line under way... First prototype! Made from wife's old scrubs
  12. Wish I could be on the river this friday!!!!... But I have a date with the lawn and the tiller and the raised planters!... Good Luck ...Post Pics!
  13. I lIke it.... maybe this could be a trending #KillTheCovid-19 hashtag movement.. Post your pics of the "Voodoo" pincushion against Covid-19... Lets see your Masks...
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