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  1. Thanks for all the kind words and calls and text messages... You guys are the best! Cant wait to fish with you guys again and others I have yet to wet a line with... I'll be down to my place Feb 12-19th
  2. So far off to a poor start. Lost Mom last Monday. She had been going down hill real fast after her fall last Aug. Got to served with a Covid-Divorce in 2020.. still having fun in that department so 2021 is still a crap shoot so far! Woohoo.. (hey look sometime you have to laugh. and poke fun at your situation!.. otherwise there is only crying and that dont really help! and who the heck wants to hear it. I choose looking at the brighter side) Anyway, Mom has gone on to be with Dad and I got to spend her final years dotting on her like she did to me as a pup as should be. And was ab
  3. Late reply here. Had a terrific time this year fishing and meeting up with everyone. The Food was awesome. I didnt take any pics this year. Worked on my boat (added a front centerline bunk) Thurs morning and fished solo at at Wildcat in the evening. Met up with @gotmuddy and had Thai for dinner then Fished Reds on Friday, Met his lovely wife at the Mexican restaurant. We caught lots of fish. I forgot my rain gear and wading boots in Iowa so we had to make a stop at wally world that morning. Cody and I discussed my cursed ADD - I think we align here somewhat. I left the new rain gear
  4. Not in my boat but I did catch a river chub
  5. How many mouths do we have to feed? anyone have a definitive count?
  6. Got word from my Buddy Mike (Wounded One) is not feeling well and wont make it down. That leaves me with an Empty boat. I can take an angler (or 2) with me. My plans were to fish south of Norfork the first couple days and see what its like.
  7. Mom was well enough to come to the window today to visit. If she is doing ok tomorrow I will head down and be there Wed - Sat and head back early Sunday morning. Plan to take the boat to the river on Wed afternoon, I need to adjust the bunks on the trailer so the boat does not get bound up on the front bunk when loading... Adding a trolling motor, two batteries and an electric anchor winch made Herty Gerty a bit heavy in the nose. Hope to see all soon.
  8. Hi All, Just wanted to give a heads up. The plan is still to be down Next Wed - Sun, however my Mom is not doing very well at the moment so I am taking things day by day. There is a possibility I will either be late arriving, leaving early or have to cancel all together. As I get closer to next weeks departure time, I will have better handle on Moms progression. I will as mentioned previously order the pulled pork if I cant make it down to smoke it. Hope to see all soon.
  9. Im still planning it.. I desperately need this time away. I may resort to just staying at my place and not socialize in person if I feel under the weather. (I would purchase instead of cook the pulled pork and have it delivered or scheduled for pickup from someone at the lodge so I can honor my commitment ...should I feel under the weather)..I will fish by myself if I have too! Plus I have work to do on the place.
  10. Were good. I would say I am at capacity indoors... plenty of room for a trailer or two. I'll call you later today when I get off and sort out any details.
  11. @JestersHK I'm still planning on being at my place for the JigFest! I will arrive Wed afternoon and try to get some work done on the place. I would like to get a handle on whos on first and whats on second (and I dont know whos on third) I have space for campers. and could take a few indoors as mentioned earlier. I will certainly plan on hanging out in the evening at the lodge. Next up food thread? has anyone started that? I can do some pork again if you guys would like. Eric - N9BOW
  12. Agreed Cody...I've decided to just stick with a tiller... But I am putting in a small Vance hydraulic jack plate on it and mount an actuator under the captains seat. it's gonna be fun. I'm coming down next Wed - Sun and plan to do some much needed fishing.... and scouting of new un-fished territory with Mike. I may even bring the little boat down and stop by @fishinwrench place and check out his motor and work on it a bit in the evenings.
  13. Yeah true..but this is a project boat and whatever I do to it, especially if I go the route of remote steer would be to make the remote steer install removable with just a few turns of the wrench to take it out and go right back to tiller for HP restricted waters. I know its pie in the sky thinking but.. I like pie and I like the sky The remote steer setup while cool may just be too much money.... also when all is said and done. I ever part with it would I get back out of it what I put in? So that's part of the plan.. to cost everything out and then decide on the actual build path... I d
  14. Ohhhh. will keep this in mind! I am looking at possibly putting in the narrow gunnel version of this swing away remote console (http://www.ganatswingaway.com.au/) as part of the project.. This should give me my limited floor space back vs building a bulkier fixture. Gonna get her painted to match my Topwater..kinda like the flake and seafoam but in the original design of the lightning stripes This is a pretty cool setup... (still investigating if i go this route)
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