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    Flyfishing, Traditional Archery, Camping, Hiking, Upland game, Duck Hunting, Ham Radio.

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  1. N9BOW

    July 2018 Fishing Report

    Sweet! maybe we can share a few on the way to 3k
  2. N9BOW

    July 2018 Fishing Report

    What is that?
  3. N9BOW

    July 2018 Fishing Report

    Sounds like a plan Ham!
  4. N9BOW

    July 2018 Fishing Report

    I dont doubt it! I've personally seen him advance the clicker with his chin while shaking off a 20 inch cutthroat from the barbless tri-olive 1/32 while simultaneously opening a Twinkie wrapper with his teeth.. Honest to goodness! (it was a special edition Twinkie "Red" candy cane flavored) Eric
  5. N9BOW

    July 2018 Fishing Report

    Thanks For the report Ham! Have not had a lot of chances to get down there this summer with my youngest graduating HS, mission trip to the Houston area with our Youth Group to help those from Hurricane Harvey flooding devastation, and selling my house in Eastern Iowa and getting moved into the new home and out from a second mortgage (woohoo) Ill be coming down in August 9-12th to do some 4 wheeling (open invitation for anyone wanting to join in the fun) over in hot spings orv park. that weekend is an outing for Camp Sunshine (burn victims) to take them out for the day 4-wheeling on cat 2 and cat 3 trails. should be great fun. Thinking about extending the trip to Monday, Tues and wed Aug 13th 14th and 15th on the White at my place in Flippin, if my buddy Rob decides to come down, otherwise Im looking for a couple more trips between Sept and Nov if anyone is interested in meeting up before the jig fest in Dec. How many on the clicker for the year Ham? you burn out the counter yet? Eric
  6. Some day when I will have the trolling motor added. My next additions are the electric anchor and adding the oar block and oars. I had the boat built with the reinforcements for the oar blocks, so its ready to just bolt on.
  7. Me too.. I find I use them for quick adjustments. I'm not a guide so I think I qualify as a hack as well!
  8. U get to fish down there?
  9. For those of you that have oars on your river jon. What do you like and why. I had Carlisle Composites on my stealthcraft and am looking to get a pair for my 2160. Sometimes its nicer to just hit the oars instead of firing up the motor and I was curious what you guys that have on your river jon? Do you prefer a shoal cut or the Dynalite narrower style for the longer river jons? Eric
  10. N9BOW

    Topwater sneak peak

    Was that you and the other 2 Stealthcraft rigs I saw coming out of Wildcat last Saturday? It was a convoy led by a sand colored jeep.
  11. N9BOW

    Topwater sneak peak

    Great to see you too! Yeah lets plan on getting together next time. We had a lot of work to do at the shop this go round. I was not sure what I was going to come down too after the call from flippin water department saying that my meter was spinning off the hook and I had a 44,300+ gallon water bill. So we spent a good bit of time fixing plumbing that froze and tearing out some walls this trip. I did get to open her up several times. sure does making getting up stream a lot quicker than the stealthcraft with the 20hp. What I need is more time in the shallow water before I am comfortable going full throttle in such skinny water. There is now a ton more places I can go with the jet but I am not familiar with the skinny river sections... kinda freaks me out a bit... It will become second nature im sure after a few more outings. I love it!!!
  12. N9BOW

    Topwater sneak peak

    I did! I caught the first 5-6. Mike caught the first beer! Rob caught the first Brown. 😜
  13. N9BOW

    Topwater sneak peak

    I’ll bet you do!
  14. N9BOW

    Topwater sneak peak

    Twinkie zone was not established today. We did christen her with 30 trout, two large mouth and 1 smallie. The twinkies were elusive. The banana nut muffins were another matter!
  15. N9BOW

    Topwater sneak peak

    Nothing specific yet Les. In generalities the nature coast area and raindow river

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