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  1. I’ll bring my generator... but there are several 120v outlets (inside) some on the exterior that could be used. Bring your own extension cords and adaptors. Should be able to handle it. Each bay has 240v but I don’t think AC (air conditioners) will be an issue that typically trips the breakers when plugging in an RV.
  2. I too really enjoy the setting at Riley’s Station, and my place is nothing more than a glorified garage. It don’t compare to Riley’s and being able to listen to the river and the ambiance of the lodge (unless you like cars )...., but if it gets us together to fish on a date most can make, the gang is always welcome! Eric - N9BOW
  3. That’s actually a good idea. Might be something those with campers might Consider. This way we can segregate folks a bit better. Even though I can host a bunch it would probably be best to limit the total to each area to say two and one person in the bedroom unless it’s a family deal. I have space for a few campers
  4. to paraphrase Chevy Chase.. "We have a pool and a pond.. The Pond would be better for you" besides if that room host any boat it will be Herty Gerty But I'd be willing to make her sit outside for a few night or three to accommodate the crew . I did see some new Victoria Secret masks if anyone is brave enough to bring along their fair maiden.
  5. I could host a bunch of people (snorers can have the workshop area) There is a bedroom that has two Cots. The main room has plenty of space for 5-6 on the floor and the boat room could host a couple of cots as well... the snore room can sleep 4-6 comfortably I claim the couch in the main room at my place. BYO cot or bed roll. I have two futons that are not claimed yet. I know Mike usually brings his cot in the main living area. The snore room has been carpeted so it looks a bit nicer than the pick with the fly tying / drafting table. bathroom rules... If your aim is such that
  6. I'm still planning on being there. Will be staying at my place in Mtn. Home. Might need more boats this year to ensure proper spacing. Boat Spacing Something Like This: Fisherman - Cooler full of Beer and Twinkies - Fisherman (or pick your pronoun) (... just dont mess with the Twinkies a Twinkie is a Twinkie is a Twinkie and will be even if they add peppermint and call it a holiday special!) Ready to get into the Twinkie Zone!! Fish on!
  7. Storms last night are going to keep me busy tomorrow standing back up my corn... worst part is everything down was either just starting to pollinate or only had a week of tassel with silk just beginning to show. Both me and the Cream & Sugar have the sads today
  8. Yeah... put me on that list also.
  9. weird... missed all the other posts... have the sads
  10. N9BOW

    What's Cooking?

    Paired nicely with some Iowa distilled blue ox vodka and OJ Pretty darn tasty! For freeze dried! That was forkin good!... I’ve had enough sodium for the rest of the month
  11. N9BOW

    What's Cooking?

    What’s for dinner? I call it COVIDSUX ramen noodle reduction added to mountain house beef stroganoff... couldn’t come down this weekend so I’m COVID camping on the farm
  12. Found 4 such caches on the ne road I put in the timber. I’m sure there’s many more. Have not looked
  13. Can you see the ones hidden in the other picture down low to the ground? In the picture that doesn’t show any visible mushrooms it’s the dead tree for this to the back, zoom in on the weeds
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