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  1. Storms last night are going to keep me busy tomorrow standing back up my corn... worst part is everything down was either just starting to pollinate or only had a week of tassel with silk just beginning to show. Both me and the Cream & Sugar have the sads today
  2. Yeah... put me on that list also.
  3. weird... missed all the other posts... have the sads
  4. N9BOW

    What's Cooking?

    Paired nicely with some Iowa distilled blue ox vodka and OJ Pretty darn tasty! For freeze dried! That was forkin good!... I’ve had enough sodium for the rest of the month
  5. N9BOW

    What's Cooking?

    What’s for dinner? I call it COVIDSUX ramen noodle reduction added to mountain house beef stroganoff... couldn’t come down this weekend so I’m COVID camping on the farm
  6. Found 4 such caches on the ne road I put in the timber. I’m sure there’s many more. Have not looked
  7. Can you see the ones hidden in the other picture down low to the ground? In the picture that doesn’t show any visible mushrooms it’s the dead tree for this to the back, zoom in on the weeds
  8. Cant remember the taste! Does it have a bitter finish? I'd use this for my lunch wraps!
  9. the Mrs's would have my twig and two berries, wedding tackle, man giblets, etc... in a vise... no can do And we did not have a private convo over email.....wink wink!
  10. Existential man... live it, learn it, love it! Love his acknowledgement of someone taking the red pill as Donald hits the roach! great actor.. bet that wasn’t oregano.
  11. Not even Exopolitics ..... I have the book! Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law In the Universe....PST is about Aliens
  12. We'll see how they play out on resale value with the whole Covid-19 and folks wanting to retreat to the burbs There is a method to the decision making madness.. And some valuable lessons learned! Buyers might not like them and if they dont I will repurpose the lumber and spread the bed fillings in the planting around the house! win win... Just not this planting season (failure as far as I'm concerned)
  13. I too have cats pooping in the raised beds.. but the worst offender is the local Fox squirrel who likes to hide the slices of stale bread the neighbor throws out for the birds. Digs a nice hole but does a lousy job of hiding the goods he absconded off with! The deer have taken their toll on some of the goods but its under control now.. The corn is all over the knees and the earliest is waist height already.. Getting some nice showers today... have one plot I started on last night that needs some attention.. crab grass is taking off... will get that sorted out on Fathers Day!
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