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  1. Topwater sneak peak

    Was that you and the other 2 Stealthcraft rigs I saw coming out of Wildcat last Saturday? It was a convoy led by a sand colored jeep.
  2. Topwater sneak peak

    Great to see you too! Yeah lets plan on getting together next time. We had a lot of work to do at the shop this go round. I was not sure what I was going to come down too after the call from flippin water department saying that my meter was spinning off the hook and I had a 44,300+ gallon water bill. So we spent a good bit of time fixing plumbing that froze and tearing out some walls this trip. I did get to open her up several times. sure does making getting up stream a lot quicker than the stealthcraft with the 20hp. What I need is more time in the shallow water before I am comfortable going full throttle in such skinny water. There is now a ton more places I can go with the jet but I am not familiar with the skinny river sections... kinda freaks me out a bit... It will become second nature im sure after a few more outings. I love it!!!
  3. Topwater sneak peak

    I did! I caught the first 5-6. Mike caught the first beer! Rob caught the first Brown. 😜
  4. Topwater sneak peak

    I’ll bet you do!
  5. Topwater sneak peak

    Twinkie zone was not established today. We did christen her with 30 trout, two large mouth and 1 smallie. The twinkies were elusive. The banana nut muffins were another matter!
  6. Topwater sneak peak

    Nothing specific yet Les. In generalities the nature coast area and raindow river
  7. Topwater sneak peak

    Thanks les! Let’s plan to fish soon!
  8. Topwater sneak peak

    Be careful up in Missouri tomorrow. I think your going into some nasty stuff!
  9. Topwater sneak peak

    She’s in the garage! Next up red’s landing
  10. Topwater sneak peak

    Rob and Michael Apfelbaum is coming Thursday to help at the shop.
  11. Topwater sneak peak

    She’s awfully dusty! just out of the shop today! Motor goes on in the morning. Hopefully they wash off all the fiberglass dust. Can’t wait to get her wet 😎
  12. Topwater sneak peak

    40/60 merc
  13. Topwater sneak peak

    just a peak... because thats all I have! came out the the mold Monday.
  14. Wtb break action muzzleloader

    U want what I actually paid for it.... or what I told my wife I paid for it... I'm into it for about 3k. but I have done a lot of mods. I have customized the helmet with fans and voice modulator. USB battery pack to power everything. The armor is an actual first lineage 1976 A New Hope reproduction by RS Propmasters Sand trooper. They purchased the "Move Along" sand trooper armor from the movie when it came up for auction. The helmet is a signed Anthony Forrest collectors edition. He was the Storm trooper in the movie that was Force tricked by Obi-Wan "These aren't the droids your looking for" in Mos Eisleys. I am part of the 501st Vaders fist group. We troop for anyone that asks..we just ask that a donation be made to a favorite charity and if folks dont have one we support the Make a Wish foundation. I am an officer in the Mos Eisleys PD. It took quite a bit of doing to get approved... my Trooper number is TD-11516 which happens to be the serial number for my armor. I have a blast doing it!
  15. Wtb break action muzzleloader

    I have been meaning to bring it down and fish from my boat in it and take some pics just for fun!... What Sandtroopers do in their day off.. not sure I could perform a spey cast in it. I will bring it next Jig fest!

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