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  1. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    Im willing to bring down my smoker and cook 20lb of Boston Butt for Pulled Pork!
  2. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    I will grab a giant lunch meat platter with cheese like last year
  3. Topwater Boat Question.

    Thanks will definitely take a look if you have it there. I have been talking to Lowell but he has said i might be able to get a boat sooner if I go through the boat dock where they get one a month.| Im thinking White hull, Silver\grey fleck and Seafoam accent for colors if I place my order for a new rig.
  4. Topwater Boat Question.

    Awesome! Cant wait to see it! I have been torn between a topwater (I have the order sheet in front of me) and East Cape Skiff I have been looking at used kevlar, lostmen tunnel's that I could use for trout and then hit the shallows down in the gulf. They are expensive but a tiller model can be had for close to the topwater.
  5. Topwater Boat Question.

    have not closed yet. just signed the purchase agreement. Turn right on Jake lane go 40 feet to drive turn left
  6. Topwater Boat Question.

    Yeah, not going that route! I'm thinking about placing an order on a new topwater 2160 with a 30 yammi jet...decisions decisions.... Just sold the property at Reds so I can afford new but still investigating used.. still wont have it in time for this years Jigfest... I want to fish with you again! Maybe this Dec! Eric
  7. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    If the lodge fills up I have 4500 SQ FT building (in Flippin next to Rocking Chair Realty) heated with three crappers and a shower.... The two futons are spoken for already but it beats sleeping in the cold and the price is right (free...I just ask that you go to the cooler and grab another one when Im feeling lazy ) plenty of room inside for boats and plenty of room for parking.
  8. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    We'll be there on Thursday!
  9. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    Awesome Griz! That would be Great! I didn't get a chance to fish with you last year. Looking forward to it!
  10. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    Im in and my buddy Rob if there is room. if need be I can stay at my place in flippin. As of right now I am without a boat so a ride would be needed unless I get a sled before the date. Eric
  11. Topwater Boat Question.

    I was just curios.. found a used one. Turns out it was sold already. I didnt know they had smaller ones.
  12. Topwater Boat Question.

    How wide are the older 16' models? are they 42" or 48"
  13. ONEIDA PHOENIX - Bow OnlyLENGTH: MED 26-1/2 - 29" WEIGHT: 50/70 HAND: RIGHT HAND RISER COLOR: FLAT GREEN 1000.00 OBO Just not for me. ended up getting a Bowtech Reign 6

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