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  1. Thanks! I'll give that a whirl. Also saw where pulling out the bottom panel from the track might help. I think this is a two man job. One feeding the gasket and one pulling it down the channel.
  2. Anyone have any tips on installing new Garage door seals....They're a bugger. First attempt using soapy water resulted in about getting a foot installed only to start binding up and becoming nearly impossible by myself. Lots of work planned. Need to cut carpet and install transition trim, finish getting Kitchen bases fixed to the wall, new countertops cut and put in, install my faux electric fireplace, Hang pictures and deer heads, put in the rest of the security system, paint some more and if I'm a good boy get in some fishing with Mike and his son. If anyone is around and wants to stop by you are most welcome. Might put you to work ;)...even if its just grabbing me a cold one..... anything helps.
  3. I like mine chased by tequila
  4. I hear your cooking is just ok... 🤐😏
  5. If somone wants to pick up some coleslaw or make some that would go great with the pulled pork. Nevermind. I see you have this listed!
  6. I'm a Rye junkie....and Kings Hawaiian is nicely paired with pulled Pulled Pork, but then again so are Hamburger buns
  7. You need to stop by the new place! - BIG Upgrade!!
  8. 😜....i've been found out. i have BBQ Guru Party Q / blower that monitors the temp and adds air as needed to keep it in the sweet spot. I'm guilty of using it as an excuse
  9. I'll have my boat. I was just thinking I could hop on and off to check on the pork if someone else was fishing this stretch. Not sure when mike is coming down, but he can captain my boat if he is here. I'll figure something out. Cooking pork typically involves beer or spirits so i dont want to really play captain that day
  10. Im willing to do the pulled pork for Thursday night. I will just plan to fish from the bank all day and check on the progress... If someone decides to fish that stretch of the river and has an extra seat and would be willing to taxi me on occasion while passing by on a run, that would be awesome otherwise I'm sure I can keep myself busy practicing spey casting from the rock bank below the cabin. Eric
  11. Let me know if you need a second one. I have one at my place also.
  12. Bringing my 23in Weber kettle so if someone wants to contribute some ribs I can smoke them. Plenty of room! Have a rib rack that can hold 5-6 full racks along with a few Butts - BTW thats over 50lbs of Butt. A Butt Load 😁
  13. Coming...But will stay at my place so no lodging for me. Let me know when you decide on starting the food thread.. Put me down for Pulled Pork. Probably just 7lbs of Boston Butt seeing how we always have a ton of other stuff. - Maybe 14 or 20 let me know!
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