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  1. Here is an article from KY3 about the public forum about Truman Lake level with USACE. https://www.ky3.com/content/news/US-Army-Corps-of-Engineers-addresses-flooding-concerns-at-Truman-Dam-510596601.html
  2. Good snagging! I've used the same method but I've made my divers out of PVC pipe, eye bolts, nuts/washers and a 14-16 ounce weight. Just curious if the divers you were using get hung up frequently and lost. I tend to get the divers I build hung up forcing us to cut the lines.
  3. I'm going to give them a call here shortly. The oil was at a good level on Thursday night when I check it. Also good advice on not running it this weekend. You gave some great advice on solving an issue before it becomes a major problem.
  4. Just a follow up for those that might be curious. Wasn't a minor issue. I took the boat into Angler's Port and the float was broke. Part had to be ordered and the motor was out of commission all weekend. I still tried to make the best of the weekend and simply used the electric trolling motor and loaded it and unloaded the hard way in waders. Part is supposed to be in on Thursday. Luckily I didn't just try to get it through the weekend driving it around.....
  5. You are correct that I'm seeing the slick around the motor. I can smell fuel when it is running. I checked the oil level and it was normal. I ran out of time over the weekend otherwise I was going to hook it to the hose and run it. All of the hoses looked good to me and I didn't see any fuel or fluids under the cover when I took it off. Like I mentioned I'll use it this weekend then drop it off on the way out of town if I can't figure it out this weekend.
  6. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to fix a minor issue I'm having with this motor. Last week I noticed while idling/trolling that my motor was putting what looks like gasoline into the lake. I can smell the fuel but couldn't seem to figure out where it was coming from (example: a cracked hose or loose fitting hose). The leak isn't over bearing and I'm planning on using it this week either way to go spoonbill snagging. Any ideas where to start? If it is persistent I'll probably do a drop off at one of the Marinas in Warsaw.
  7. I'll be out there snagging Friday and Saturday. Typically nobody goes up into Cole Camp Creek though to snag. They'll mostly be on the main channel. You are correct that our community launch/parking lot will be packed. Worse case I'll launch then park at one of the neighbors then drive back with the golf cart. Either way at least the weather is going to be amazing this weekend.
  8. Last weekend I just stayed around Cole Camp/Turkey Creek. Depends on what you are fishing for. Several I know were catching whites and hybrids up next to the dam. Lots of people were catching limits of crappie bouncing around MM 80 hitting brush. All the female crappie I cleaned had eggs starting up. So the crappie are about ready to start hitting.
  9. I'm going to be out on the water pretty much all day on Saturday. I plan to launch at MM81 then work my way towards the dam hitting docks along the way. I'll give a report on Monday for everyone. Spoonbilling is just around the corner......
  10. I don't have any advice on Truman, but here is the link to the Fishing for Freedom website. I stop and BS with a couple of the guys who are members of the Leavenworth Bass Club from time to time. They were still looking for volunteers for next weekend. It also sounded like there were going to be lots of participants and there was a need for a few more boats to accommodate the needs of the warriors. Unfortunately I won't be able to participate. Below is the link if anyone is interested. http://www.fishingforfreedom.us/
  11. Also be careful running up and down the water. I live around MM81 during weekends and the depths can change real quick on you. You can be running in 30 foot just like the GPS says then bam you'll be in 4 foot. As far as finding rock PM me and I'll show you on the map a few places up in Turkey and Cole Camp creek where there is some rock. I've not really fished these areas this summer because of heavy boat traffic
  12. Personally I have counter reels so I can replicate same depths. I simply got some driftmasters from Cabelas. Also consider using lead core line. That will drop you down as well.
  13. This is why I enjoy living closer to the Truman Dam on weekends...we have the "Old Oar House" and "BuckNakid"...we don't try to hide our Hillbilly ways.
  14. I've got a place at the 81 MM on the north side right at the Cole Camp and Turkey Creek area. Traffic isn't that bad in the area. There really isn't much boat traffic to complain about. This time of the year you have some get ski and tubing going on during the day...but to me it isn't that bad. During spoonbill season the are you are talking about is loaded with boats...but they are all going about 4-5 MPH. Depending on what you are fishing for and what time of the year you are looking to fish for kind of dictates success in the area. Wrench is also correct....it is a pretty good haul to get anywhere from where I am. I typically haul my own fuel (14 gallon tank) because it is about 25 minutes to get to Warsaw for me. But I'm only there as a weekender so it isn't that bad. You can get fuel at BuckNaked 76 1/2 MM.
  15. There must have been a tournament on Father's Day weekend...there were a bunch of guys up in Cole Camp creek hitting the same area. I know exactly where the hole is past the idle area right before the Girl Scout camp.
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