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  1. Had a great time. But the fishing kicked our butts. Not much luck all week. Caught a few here and there, but the bite wasn't very good. Thank yall for the help
  2. Thank yall for everything. We fished it on Wednesday. It kicked my butt. Caught one rainbow all day. Tried white jigs and powerbait. Talked to several people (including some guides) and no one caught anything. Guess we just picked a bad day. But we had fun, and it was beautiful. Can't wait till we come back
  3. Awesome. Thank you both. We'll give that a try. Can't wait to get there !
  4. Awesome. Thank you very much. I have a red Stratos 189 VLO. Hope to see you on the water... Jay
  5. I'm bringing my bass boat, my wife and my 8 year old this Sunday till Friday. We've rented a cabin on Indian Point on Tablerock. They have never been trout fishing, and to be honest, I haven't fished Taneycomo since the KOA was there. So one day I want to take them trout fishing. Where is a good boat ramp ? What time of day should we fish ? And what is the best area to fish ? Thanks for any help yall can give me
  6. Never fished Tablerock before. Bringing my bass boat, wife and 8 year old. We're staying at a lodge on Indian Point from Sunday till Friday. I fish a lot here in Arkansas, so I'm not new, but not sure where to go there on the water. I've read some reports, but since I'm not familiar with the lake, well ya know. Can anyone help me out please ? Don't really want to wonder too far from Indian point, but can if I need too
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