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  1. We are staying in Eminence area. I'm not opposed to driving up to the Alley Spring or even further upstream though.
  2. I will be fishing the Jack's fork for a day the first week in August. Any recommendations on which stretch to fish? We will be walking/wading the river so canoes dragging is not a concern. We would be interested in catching both smallmouth and rock bass. Thanks!
  3. A few friends and I will be floating from Williams Landing to Two Rivers in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations for lures? I haven't been on that stretch of river for about 10 years...but thought it my be nice to switch it up a little. I usually float above Round Spring and would assume similar lures would work further down. Thanks for any advice!
  4. It all depends on what you want your focus to be. I've done floats where the main focus is fishing and in those cases have found that 6-10 miles/day is about right depending on what part of the river and what the flow of the river is. Mid and late summer it is typically a little lower so if you want to focus on fishing more than floating lean towards the shorter distances to cover in a day. If you plan to only fish here and there and mainly focus on floating you can easily do 10-15 miles. Baptist to Akers is probably my favorite stretch of the current river and I have done that in a single day several times but did not do much fishing. Further down stream I have found that the same distance of trip become tedious due to the slower flow. Below Akers I have found that when fishing a lot do not plan to cover nearly as much ground. Even when not fishing I wouldn't try to cover more that 10-12 miles in a day below Akers if you want to enjoy the scenery and take the time to relax. But like I said...its really personal preference when it come to what you want to do on the float and how much paddling you want to do.
  5. For the upper Current River I have used Jadwin and Akers Ferry both have been good for me. On the lower Current River I would go with Two Rivers Canoe rental. Prices are all about the same...If they are not booked up they will usually do a little negotiating as well.
  6. Does anyone know at what level they stop allowing canoes on the river? I have a trip planned for 19th-21st and the forecast shows a chance of rain every day. Thanks!
  7. What are some recommendations for lures on the current river? I'll be floating Baptist to Round Spring over a few days. I am from Illinois and typically use inline spinners, crawdad crank baits, and rapalas in the streams and rivers around here with a good amount of success. I often use Joe's flies inline spinners opposed to Mepps in this area and was wondering if anyone had had any luck with them on the Current. I've floated the river for the past 12 years but not done a whole lot of fishing. Thanks!
  8. I have an upcoming trip to the Jack's Fork and am wondering if anyone has input what the gauges need to read in order to really enjoy the upper Jack's Fork. I was looking at putting in at Bay Creek and floating to Alley. I've never fished the Jack's Fork and only floated below Alley Spring. I've been going to the Current River for fishing and canoeing trips since my teens and am really looking forward to seeing the upper areas of the Jack's Fork. Thanks!
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