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  1. I've had some good days with hoppers already but it's been a hit and miss deal. You'll definitely need a boat though as the flows have been increasing daily. We'll have big water for a while and might have some real big water if this low dumps the predicicted rain this week.
  2. I use the 24' Rio sink tips in either 300 or 350 on my eights. A six is great for throwing a sculpin pattern but you need an eight to pull the big 6-10" flies out of the water and get them back in. At the rates the lakes are rising with the weather forecast ahead we'll have round the clock streamer water in a week.
  3. It's at 73" right now without the lift kit installed. I'm in Fayetteville.
  4. I never hunt anymore and this rig is too sweet to just sit around and barely get ridden. Upgraded wheels and tires, tires are Sedona Rip-Saw with around 50 miles on them. Original wheels and tires included. Brand new extra belt included. 3500lb winch and un-installed 2" lift included. Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. They were attempting to free their fly line from the tree that's down at the top of the first island. The boat got pinned against the tree in the process and capsized. It was a group of sponsors with the Project Healing Waters event this week. Horrible tragedy at an otherwise great event. Let it be a reminder of the dangers of our tailwaters.
  6. That's what I was hoping to see. I'd be bringing my river sled over to fish the afternoon generation.
  7. I take my river boat up there all the time. I prefer to fish beaver with one unit of water over no generation. Table Rock has been dropping steadily so fishing has been getting much better with no generation lately though.
  8. Has anybody been out chasing stripers lately? I've wade fished the LIR for trout but I've never had my boat over there. How navigable is the river with no generation? Best ramp to use?
  9. Have you always wanted to go on a guided White River fly fishing trip? Want to go for free? All you need to do to be entered is like my Facebook page and share the status with the free trip information on your page. Drawing ends August 15th. https://www.facebook.com/arheadhunter Brad
  10. That rainbow is a stud. Nice fish.
  11. When I'm fishing I have a remote trolling motor with the foot pedal. It allows me to run the boat from the back so I can get on the outboard quickly if needed and keeps my hands free to manage the line/casts/fish.
  12. it's definitely helpful. 5x and 6x fluorocarbon is tough to beat and pay for.
  13. There's too many variables to have a one fly mindset but for now through the first heavy frost a hopper would be my preference if fishing from a boat. a San Juan with a midge dropper is hard to beat for those that can't make the long casts needed to put the hopper in the zone or if you're wade fishing. The sulphur hatch is just starting and is fun to fish when available.
  14. A San Juan with an olive midge dropper produced great over there on one unit last week. We caught a bunch of chunky rainbows up to 18" and a few browns. It's been real crowded during low water though with the White not providing much wading water. if the water was down I would try to rent a canoe or kayak, I think Two Rivers rents them out.
  15. I've seen a few river boats hauling canoes and kayaks up the Buffalo. You could check with Riley's Station and see if they would shuttle via boat.
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