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  1. Most the guides were getting their shad below the dam at Grand so not really sure if they closed off the river below Grand for taking shad. I have been with them and in just a few throws, they are on their way back to Beaver with a weeks worth of bait. It would be almost impossible to get the number and size of shad out of Beaver to support their live bait needs, definitely could not get it quickly, they would always be searching and throwing for bait. This will put a burden on them but nothing stays the same and they will adjust, although I feel their pain. As far as the science behind the decision, I have not researched it so can't say if this is a good decision or not.
  2. Nice ride, won't ever be disappointed
  3. Yea, I bet is was pretty this morning. Was wishing I was there. God job on the catch.
  4. Just kidding about the fishing, would be happy to give either of you a test ride. It is an 08 model so what you are looking for newer may be different.
  5. I have a Skeeter ZX22V with a Yamaha 250 4 stroke. (Not for sale) I can spider rig, troll for crappie or stripers, lots of room and storage and still safe in rough water. I fish the gulf coast also, it fits every need I have had so far. However I still cannot catch fish Soooooooo, if Dan wants to ride in my boat to test it, maybe we could also test the fishing. Offer goes to you also JDoc
  6. I recently purchased 2 Humminbird Helix 10 graphs. The navionics I have on my current graph is about 8 years old. Any opinions on whether there is enough new data worth buying new navionics card? I would want the south region platinum but it is not clear if it covers the coastal areas of the gulf coast which I absolutely need. The Navionics + south card is a little cheaper and does have gulf coast but it is not platinum. Any suggestions? All advice welcome even if you recommend other brand charts. Thanks
  7. I'm slowly forming an opinion! Keep it coming guys, Thanks
  8. I have a Humminbird 997 SI/GPS combo that has worked well for me for years. It actually is capable of telling me more than I am currently able to understand anyway, not sure why I would upgrade but I am. I am not interested in learning a different brand. I have been thinking about upgrading the last couple years but have been so slow pulling the trigger that by the time I am ready, they come out with a new one. So, I was excited to see that the Helix 10 SI combo GPS can soon be purchased for $1000.00. I am thinking of putting 1 on the center console & 1 on the front. However, now the Chirp GN2 is out and to buy 2 of these, it would cost another $1400.00. I don't think I want to spend that extra. My questions are: 1. Is the Chirp worth $700.00 more per unit? 2. Do I need an SI on the front of the boat, some have recommended DI & Sonar only? I spider rig for crappie some. 3. Where would the transducer be placed on front of boat? 4. Answer any relevant questions that I may have forgotten to ask. Thanks for the help
  9. Thanks to all who served and to families who sacrificed.
  10. Nice buck, congrats. Yep, always run down the holler. I grew up hunting and living in south Texas, drive right up to the deer. Took awhile to get use to dragging these deer uphill.
  11. That's what I would like to know. It must have been rusted and broke, has been in saltwater. Hard lesson to learn. You would think there would be more protecting a nut from loosening than a small cotter pin. I now have 2 nuts and 2 cotter pins.
  12. I just spun off a stainless steel prop yesterday on Beaver from my Yamaha 250 4 stroke. 80 foot of water. I can see it in my minds eye sinking fast. It was ironic, I had just bought a spare prop that day as an extra but I did not have a spare nut. I got 2 nuts now. Well, that's not exactly how I meant to say it, I have 1 nut on the new prop and 1 extra nut.
  13. We always called these fish "Jewfish". I was surprised by the Grouper name as well on the photo. The answer is yes, the Jewfish has officially had a more PC name change to Goliath Grouper.
  14. These pictures were actually hanging on his wall and I used my iPhone to take pictures of them. I don't think these pictures would look as good if white bass were hanging. I think the big fish makes a big difference on how well the pictures look. I remember these men, they taught my Dad to fish.
  15. I was in Destin and bored so I went to the tackle shop to cure the boredom. I met a friend of my family who we haven't seen in about 40 years that owned the tackle shop. He had these pictures of his family and mine that were really interesting to me. It's amazing that they could catch these big fish off the jetties and get them landed without breaking off. These fish were mostly call off the South Padre Island, Texas Jettys except for the 2 catfish. They always cut the tails on the catfish to let them bleed out.
  16. Boat is at Hook, Line and Sinker, Rogers AR. $7900.00
  17. Congratulations on 10 years. I hope she appreciates the sacrifice you made by stopping early for her.
  18. I agree, driving to Wrench's was worth it but I forgot to figure in Lodging at Tan-Tara Resort, wife's massage, facial and outlet malls. After all that, it was an expensive repair. But after spending $28,000 on another boat and spending $4,000.00 to repair the older boat, well she had me by the ..., well you know how she had me.
  19. Boat is going tomorrow to either Hook, Line & Sinker or Bella Vista Marine in Rogers on 102. Price will go up to $8500.00 to cover commission.
  20. I used BV Marine on my Skeeter Bay boat for various things. I thought they did me right. I used Mobile Marine in Springdale for years and they always did me good except I was broke down on the gulf coast last fall and I called several times over a 3 days period and could not get any advice from the owner. If I cant talk to my mechanic during working hours or they will not return a call, I will never use that mechanic again.
  21. 1995 21 ft center console Apache Boat with 2000 model 150 Mercury Opti-max. Motor has newly re-built power head with 15 month warranty on power head. Motor still going through Break-in. Boat, Motor and Trailer $7800.00 This boat will go on consignment at a local boat dealer in the next few days if not sold and price will rise to offset consignment fee. I have owned this boat for several years. It is a good all around boat, great for stripers but small enough for the little fish. I have removed carpet and put in Rhino lining type floor a couple years ago and pulled ALL wiring and replaced with new heavier wiring throughout. It does not have graph or trolling motor. Private message me or call 479-544-0870.
  22. True! But I get to keep the house, wife and kids. Lost a lot in my younger years. Never again!
  23. Thanks to all for info, I ordered 4 OR12's with various accessories. I quit drinking 26 years ago but I still have a bad habit. I buy tackle 30 times a year & fish 5.
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