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  1. have to admit, that is a cool video.
  2. Ellros

    Elaztec Z Man ZinkerZ storage

    People say the Flambeau boxes are good, and that their special coating? or whatnot helps prevent the melting that happens sometimes between soft plastics and some plastic boxes.
  3. Ellros

    More invasive species

    Yes, down in New Guinea. They had transplanted Pacu as a food source fish.
  4. Ellros

    Tragic Event

    Quite a few Dukw's foundered in the surf during D-Day.
  5. Ellros

    Tragic Event

    Remember the law, and think how many fishermen and other boaters ignore it.... You just have to have PFD's in the watercraft. Only children 12 and under MUST be wearing them. Anyone else chooses whether or not to wear one. In this case, they chose poorly. In my opinion, someone (the operator of the Duck or whoever), should have had the foresight to advise the passengers to don PFD's when the waves starting coming. There were a lot of other boaters caught out in the waves. Saw a pic of one of the docks near the Kimberling Inn that got torn loose by the winds while boaters were trying to get to shelter. To my knowledge, the Duck was the only tragic incident that occurred.
  6. Ellros

    Table rock walleye

    There are a few youtube videos that describe the use of snap weights. You really don't want to use downriggers on Table Rock due to all the submerged timber. Snap Weights are a better alternative. The linked article provides some good tips on trolling TR for walleye. http://www.ozarkanglers.com/table-rock/trolling-for-walleye/
  7. Ellros

    new place to live

    Carol Jones is a good company to check with. Several offices, and they deal all around the lake.
  8. Ellros

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    Has anyone by chance responded and sent him an email (or other contact means) explaining his inaccuracies? Or is it not worth the effort given his obvious attitude?
  9. Ellros

    boat slip rental

    Indian Point Marina may have some.
  10. Ellros

    Week Day Tournaments

    Heard of several. Isn't there one out of Mill Creek on a weekday evening? Have you done a search of the MDC tourney database?
  11. Ellros

    trip of the mighty minnow

    It's the same body of water, so not illegal. Now moving them to Stockton, or somewhere else... that would be illegal.
  12. Ellros


    Never hurts to try calling a few places you might be interested in and asking. Otherwise, aren't there a few long-term places down on Indian Point?
  13. Ellros

    Perch Spawn?

    Define "perch". I didn't think TR had yellow perch. I've never seen mention of them being caught.
  14. Ellros

    Mid lake resorts

    Shore Acres, and a few others down on the tip of DD peninsula, near Coney Island. just a bit more... I can attest to Shore Acres personally. Before my parents bought a cabin down there in 1998 (They have since retired to TR and built a house) , we stayed at Shore Acres every year for almost 15 years. The folks would even stay there several times a year.
  15. Someone has a livestream going of the Bassmaster Elite event on KY Lake if anyone is interested. I assume just cross-posting from a different live site. Might also be footage from previous days.

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