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  1. I've seen many articles about examples of that. CPR is a great idea, and there are a number of things that tournament organizers can do to prevent the "board-altering cheating", so it can be a good alternative to hauling fish around in a livewell.
  2. Should be another topic on batteries just a little ways down with some suggestions on brands.
  3. They prefer rock/gravel, with some current or other action (like wind) to keeps the eggs oxygenated. They don't make beds though. That's why the lakes up here in Nebraska see the walleye spawn along the riprap dams.
  4. OMG. They finally realized that. After I complained to them for MONTHS about how bad it was. And listening to them tell me... "We see no problems", or "We know it's bad, but there is nothing we can do about it". All depended on which phone-in tech support person I spoke to.
  5. Unfortunately, that level of speed isn't available in the Table Rock area. Best they could provide on the North side of TR is 30mbs down and 2.5mbs up. They told me their infrastructure in this area won't support it, and they had no plans to improve anything anytime soon.
  6. Don't use Suddenlink (if they are an option). They are as bad or worse than Centurylink.
  7. Some universities do that as part of study programs.... but they usually have the blessing/assistance of the state game and parks dept.
  8. They finally got the lake up to normal Winter pool you mean (915) 😛
  9. if it is like Nebraska... it's because bass sustain themselves. Nebraska stocks bass, bluegill, channel cats in every new lake, then the bluegill and bass are on their own. No more stockings. Channel's are occasionally re-stocked in some lakes. Some new lakes get a SMALL stocking of black crappie (a few dozen), then the crappie are left to reproduce naturally.
  10. It made National News today I noticed. Maybe it had before, but I only saw it on a National site today.
  11. that was worrisome... watching the roadway dip while the bus was passing over it...
  12. People say the Flambeau boxes are good, and that their special coating? or whatnot helps prevent the melting that happens sometimes between soft plastics and some plastic boxes.
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