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  1. New brand of bass boat??

    Bass CANOES!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Bass Log Rafts.
  2. What's up with that?

    All the above ^. I've been using all sorts of superglues for years in model building and whatnot. The above advice is the way to go, Especially wiping the tip o1ff.
  3. White Bass Size limit

    They can. They are known as Wipers. very aggressive and Hard fighters. If you catch them on lighter gear, and take some time landing them, they often die from exhaustion. it's best to horse them in ASAP, and release them. They are stocked in a few lakes back home in Nebraska to help with shad and white perch overpopulations.
  4. Tournaments galore

    It's now also off season for tourists and weekenders. Wait until you attend a tournament during June-August... THEN you'll understand what the word "crowded" means. Not to mention having to deal with the wave action.
  5. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Did anyone see the article in the Branson paper a week ago or so about Dogwood Canyon reopening? The Canyon Director/Manager mentioned the day the floodwaters poured thru the Canyon... Johnny called him and asked if they were going to lose the trout. The Director told him... "I'm more worried about getting our people to safety". I guess it kinda shows where Johnny has his priorities....
  6. Where to fish from shore?

    A few of the Corp launch sites/campgrounds/public use areas have some decent spots. IIRC, Quillback did some shore fishing earlier this year and caught some nice fish around the Corp site near Viney Creek?
  7. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Has your organization considered looking into commercial fishing for Asian carp? Logic says that would be an easier market for Asians, not to mention closer to and easier to transport to Chicago.
  8. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Out of curiousity, Where (or what) is this "market" for largemouth? Is it restaurants? Or certain ethnic groups? Local? Or foreign?
  9. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Excellent idea. Asian (silver) carp is supposed to be Very good table fare, but you have to have a commercial license to catch them, since you have to use nets.
  10. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Tilapia is a lot easier to farm raise from reports I have heard/read.
  11. Lake View?

    We're considered "Lake Front" because the land behind us is Corp owned, but the lake is actually about 200 feet away, except during high water, when it comes up the gully behind us.
  12. Glad to see this.

    A Water Patrol boat was also off the end of Indian Point tonight around 8pm. Not sure what was going on down there though
  13. Eagle Rock 8/27

    Was quite a nice change this evening. VERY few pleasure boats out in the Indian Point area.
  14. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Water Patrol site has that info ( I know someone has posted a link to the accident reports before). There are A LOT of accidents, almost daily, that don't make it into the media. Most are minor injuries from falling out of boats, or out of tubes. Some minor collisons. If there were no serious injuries or fatalities, the media doesn't usually report it.
  15. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Big add in this week's Stone County Gazette from some organization (EDIT... Save TableRock.com) . But their add appears to put the entire blame on the Corps for the SMP Interestingly.... one of the points they mention, was the SMP will prohibit storing fishing tackle on Docks or in Dock boxes.

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