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  1. Haze?

    heh, smoky probably all the way to the dam
  2. Rain Event

    lake level up 3 feet in 24 hours. And the James is flooding the low areas, like in Galena. Gonna see the level rise a few more feet before it levels or drops.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/basscasters.usa/videos/163720417514366/
  4. Ramps in the darn Area

    A number of private ramps are out of the water or iffy, but most public ramps should still be good.
  5. x

    Agreed, didn't think we hdh any threadfins in NE. Lots of Gizzard shad, and Merrit Reservoir has alewives, but I was not aware of any threadfins in NE.
  6. Mdc needs to do some stocking

    Well, tbh, when I say "trash fish" I mean overpopulation of carp and gizzard shad in some waters. And the white perch infestation in certain NE lakes.
  7. Table rock

    Ain't much warmer here. No snow, but almost as cold. Upper 20's across from Indian Point. Mother went Up to NE for Xmas. My girlfriend came Down here for Xmas. Trading weather conditions.
  8. New brand of bass boat??

    Bass CANOES!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Bass Log Rafts.
  9. What's up with that?

    All the above ^. I've been using all sorts of superglues for years in model building and whatnot. The above advice is the way to go, Especially wiping the tip o1ff.
  10. White Bass Size limit

    They can. They are known as Wipers. very aggressive and Hard fighters. If you catch them on lighter gear, and take some time landing them, they often die from exhaustion. it's best to horse them in ASAP, and release them. They are stocked in a few lakes back home in Nebraska to help with shad and white perch overpopulations.
  11. Tournaments galore

    It's now also off season for tourists and weekenders. Wait until you attend a tournament during June-August... THEN you'll understand what the word "crowded" means. Not to mention having to deal with the wave action.
  12. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Did anyone see the article in the Branson paper a week ago or so about Dogwood Canyon reopening? The Canyon Director/Manager mentioned the day the floodwaters poured thru the Canyon... Johnny called him and asked if they were going to lose the trout. The Director told him... "I'm more worried about getting our people to safety". I guess it kinda shows where Johnny has his priorities....
  13. Where to fish from shore?

    A few of the Corp launch sites/campgrounds/public use areas have some decent spots. IIRC, Quillback did some shore fishing earlier this year and caught some nice fish around the Corp site near Viney Creek?

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