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  1. Bigfishscott

    Day 2 short trip.

    Structure is the bottom Contour. Such as a ditch, long point that drops sharply into a channel or a rapid change in depth .Cover is brush piles,standing timber, big rocks,stumps or boulders. Transitions are change in bottom hardness. Big rock to pea gravel or hard to soft bottom. When I go out looking with my graphs to find bass #1-hard bottom #2- change of depth close by( ditch, channel, humps,points) 3# food ( the most important) I could really care less if there is brush piles. If there are piles then someone else knows the spot. Any time you find big shad you can bet somewhere close there are bass. Sometimes that’s all you see are the shad.
  2. Bigfishscott

    Bass and trash!!!

    Back at it again today. Bass seemed kinda scattered. I’m not sure we caught more than one on every spot we hit except for one and I caught both on a Crankbait at the same time and one got off at the boat. Most of the fish were 16-20ft big crank and jig. Had one big wally about 5lbs sorry no pic. And a TOAD BUFFALO!!! It weighed 45lbs 9oz took me 30min to land on 10lb test line and a 6XD. I’m not really sure if the fish were moving around a lot and we just weren’t connecting with the school or they just didn’t want to fire up. All in all not a bad day. Best 5 probably weight 17-18lbs. Tight lines!! God Bless!!
  3. Bigfishscott

    Day 2 short trip.

    We were in the pomme arm yesterday. This time of year I normally start doing my looking around at night. You can see your graphs real well and your not bouncing around all over the place. At night your just looking over the structure to find the high % places. Where the fish can set up and ambush shad. I clear my graphs of all way points every year except for the spots I regularly catch fish over 5lbs. Most people fish spots and may miss the fish by 100ft or so by just fishing waypoints from the past. I don’t buy expensive graphs to look good hanging on the boat. They are your best tool learn to use and trust them.
  4. Bigfishscott

    Day 2 short trip.

    Today we we made a short day knowing that the traffic would probably be heavy and a lot of recreational boaters have no ability of proper boatmanship. Started at 6:00am till 1:00pm. Spent a lot of time graphing both old and new water. Didn’t look over any water we fished yesterday. I always try to spend time on new water looking it over. You never know what you might find. First spot found fish set up on the side of a point in 19-20ft. Ended up catching 4 all about 3 1/2lbs. Next spot found shad but really couldn’t see fish but decided to fish caught 1 about 5lbs. Knew of a brush pile close by fish it caught another 2 fish 1 around 5lbs and 1 about 3lbs. Had time for one more spot. Graphed over the point right on the tip thought we found the mother lode in 31ft. Shad and fish streaking up into them. Backed off and fired a cast. First pop of the bottom bam!! 4lb eye caught 4 more the same size. All turned back to fight another day. Sorry no pictures today forgot phone in truck. God bless, tight lines!!!
  5. Love it when fish get deep!!! At least here. Stockton I have a little harder time but pomme is always friendly. And when you throw in a big Pomme garbage disposal to boot makes times great!! So..... fished 6:30 to about 3:00. Fish shut off about 12:45 ish couldn’t hardly by a bite after that. Deep cranks, big jig. Found fish on graph anywhere from 19-29ft. Love to catch’em on big crank. Nothing more fun than trying to get suspended fish to trigger on Crankbait. Sore arms tonight but fun today!!!! Musky came on jig in 27ft WHAT A MONSTER!!! If I was to guess weight we had somewhere in the range of 22-24lbs. 3 biggest went 17.12lbs didn’t get pics of all but here’s a few. Hooked one in the tounge bled a bit for pic all released. God bless, tight lines!!!
  6. Bigfishscott

    On fire

    Bas, there is nothing like fishing with your kids. My daughter is now 22yrs old and I took her video fishing 15yrs ago with me dropshot fishing in July. She might only have one day a year to go but she’s going dropshoting in July. She could care less what size they are, she just loves to see them eat it. She gets so excited to watch it all happen.
  7. Bigfishscott

    High point

    Good job D and M Price!!! Church is a good place to be after a bad day like that. I’m sure you wanted the waters to part about then. Well you kinda kept your cool. If a good waking is all he got so be it. To many idiots out there theses days. With no respect at all!!! 20 or so years ago when I was fishing my favorite spook down a bank. This guy went between me and the bank. Cut my line and broke my spook into a million pieces. I chased him down and played bumper boats with him and we had a big discussion about the do’s and don’ts of boating. I’ve since apologized to the gentleman. And we still remain friends. I’m glad I’ve overcome my hostility towards dumb boaters. I’d have to buy myself 4 or 5 boats a year!!! Lol!! Stupid is what stupid does!!! No harm in wishing they all have flats on the way home!!🤣🤣
  8. Bigfishscott

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    Crap!! One little post and everybody’s wound up!! I think next time I go I keep my 6 to catch and release in the grease. Then the next I’ll fish a tournament. Then the next I’ll get my 6 and haul them to the other end of the lake. Hell if all the fish are depleted in your area I’ll just start bringing them to your fave hole just send a map of where you want them. I just want not to be one sided. O ya I think I already said this in the heading of this post.
  9. Bigfishscott

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    I ment no disrespect to anyone starting this post. Catch and release or catch and eat. Walcrabass you make the point about tournament fisherman in the past tense of 30-40 years ago. Let’s take a look at then and now. Back then every bass was put on a stringer butchered and ate. Limits were 10-12 fish per boat and fishing was great! Lots and lots of bass died to tournaments and most likely to every fisherman that was on the lake fishing for them. Lots of big fish went in the grease back then. I fish with a 77 year old gentleman who has a shoe box full of pictures of big fish that were caught and ate from back then. He tells me stories all the time about how good it was and nobody ever thought about turning them back to fight again. If you say 40% die after being released then that means 60% live. If you want to look at it by means of years of time 60% is way better than 100% back then.Believe me I’m not saying your wrong about tournaments. If they changed the way we had weigh ins, it would not get my pants bunched up. But until they do we’ll just have to live with it. Like I said, I fish tournaments. Not as many as I used to. I respect every fisherman out there on the lake. I was raised that way. I’m sure if I didn’t respect others the way some do not. My dad would come down from Heaven and knock the holy crap out of me!!!
  10. Bigfishscott

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    I’m a tournament fisherman. I myself have seen the same and it makes me upset too, dogs. Believe me my first priority is the fish I catch. There a lots of ways to take care of your fish. Most generally these big fish die in tournament do to no care at all. One of the biggest killers is the bends. I’ve caught fish in as little as 17-18ft of water that have the bends. Taking care of these fish should be priority #1!!! Most generally the bends doesn’t kill the fish right away, unless you are catching them so deep their eyes pop and air blatters come out their throats. Fish with mild bends can’t right themselves in the livewell. So they struggle all day causing stress and weakness. Getting oxygen from the water is cut making the process even worse. One of the best ideas made is fin weights. These keep the fish upright in the well, where they can get full use of their gills for oxygen. Thus in turn helping the stress and oxygen depletion from their brain. Some say that it helps the air blatter decompress. But I do know that it keeps the fish stronger and healthier. So when you release these fish they are strong enough to swim to the right depth to relieve the pressure. I’ve used a needle to pop the blatter, it’s a thin line between right and wrong.
  11. Bigfishscott

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    Daryk, I don’t believe there are less big fish in the lake. I believe the fish have change there patterns over the years. Increased fishing pressure is one reason. But I think the biggest reason is boating pressure in general has changed there patterns. The fish never get a break. Fish know where to go to get out of natural current “ wind, generation, or just inflow” but when there are unnatural turbulence 24-7 i feel these fish have changed their natural patterns because of that. There are less fish in the shallows these days than 20 years ago. And more fish that suspend in open water away from the bank. 20 years ago I never fished more than 15 foot deep. Now it’s not uncommon to fish 30ft before the thermocline sets up. When the Cline sets up these fish move just above it on a point, channel edge or such. I’ve caught fish suspended way out over points, channels.
  12. Bigfishscott

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    I’m not a very good Wally or crappie fisherman. I’ve caught some big ones of both. Normally I take pictures and turn them back too. A picture of a big fish last a life time.
  13. Bigfishscott

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    I really hate to see a 5lb and 6lb bass with the sides slicked off. I know it’s there right to do but I’d rather see a limit of 15 inchers first. That’s what I saw at the boat ramp Friday when I loaded up. These wonderful big bass in a pile of whites. I guess they had to keep them so the whites would taste better!! This is not a bash non catch and release guys post. I’ve ate bass too but I just don’t eat the big ones. If I do keep some to eat I only keep just legal fish and no more that we can eat in one setting.
  14. Bigfishscott

    Stockton behemoth

    There’s lots of deep holes of water between fellows and Stockton. Could of taken several big rains and a couple of years to get there. Just a thought??
  15. Bigfishscott


    Ketchup, We were out yesterday too. Spent the first 4 hrs graphing trying to find the bigger females out suspending in wait for the spawn. Looking mainly on windy flat points leading into spawning pockets. Most of the shad were on the bottom in 18-20 ft of water. We did get lucky enough to find a small group up off the bottom and we caught 2 about 4lbs that was it. Bright moon days are the pits!!! Switched to ned and caught one after another for the next 5hrs.

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