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  1. Out on the water at 7:00 off at 4:00. It was another great Friday that God gave us to be alive to fish!!! Fishing was really good till about 10:45 then it was tough for us. Between an Arig, big swim bait and a crank, we put together 5 fish that weighed a little over 19lbs by 10:45 then we lost them or the fish just quit feeding in wait for the next pressure change to come in. But it was a wonderful day to be out. God bless, tight lines. We might fish Stockton tomorrow.
  2. My buddies

    I’d like to congratulate Josh and Jin . Two of my buddies from KC with the Smithville BassMasters last weekend at pomme. Josh won the event fishing 2 days in horrible wind. Day 2 he put together a limit of big’in’s 26.33lbs and Jin had a rough 1st day but came back on day 2 to help out his final standings with a 18.32lbs bag to finish in 7th. Congrats both of you!! Good job!!
  3. Good Friday Bass

    DP, Not every swim bait or head work with each other. I use a open hook. I get the best action and tracking. Sure I loose more this way but your hook up % is a lot better. Most of the time when you are slow rolling them if you don’t get frustrated and pull hard you can get right over the bait and jiggle it loose. But 80% of the time I’m fishing for Suspended fish that are off the bottom and I’m try to bring it over their heads. I find these fish on the graph back off and cast out and count it down to a level I want and and try to keep it at that depth. I use 1/4 and 1/2 most of the time. It’s definitely a different feel but in time you’ll get the feel for it. Just like your favorite crankbait. Just by feel you know that it’s working right
  4. Pomme Friday

    We fished all over the lake from state park to 83. Water temps were all over the place. Found 60* water to 49.8* cranked shallow warmer water. Jig and Arig deeper colder stuff
  5. Pomme Friday

    Went out with a friend of mine from KC yesterday. Caught quite a few fish, jig, cranks, Arig. Had upper teens 5 fish limit probably 17-19lbs. Only one donkey but great day that God gave us!!
  6. Stockton jerkbaits favorites

    The best bait or baits to throw are....... THE ONES YOU HAVE THE MOST CONFIDENCE IN!!! Period!!!
  7. Graph Question

    Looks like you have it adjusted in that picture really well. 2-D is the hardest to get that return that you want from the bottom. For separation down imagine is your best bet. The only problem with di and si is that to give you a good image is you have to be moving. I use mainly 2-d all the time. Just about the only time I use the other is just scanning for bait or if I’m not seeing bait anywhere, so I switch to di assuming the bait and the fish are on the bottom. I’m a really simple fisherman I don’t take 100 rods and thousands of baits with me. Right now if I’m fishing a tournament or prefishing for one I can fit everything I need in a 8x8 tackle warehouse cardboard box.
  8. Graph Question

    What units do you have and how do you set them up. There are lots of little tweaks you can do to try to see those fish. Si/Di/2-D all are different. I know a guy that has about the most inexpensive units you can use and and he still catches a plenty.
  9. Good Friday Bass

    Out on the lake at 7:45 fished till 4:30pm. Took one rod and made myself fish a swim bait all day. Caught 19 with 11 keepers. Chasing wind all day.
  10. Good Friday Bass

    I’ve fished the swim bait several times in the past. But it’s always been one of those back up things to see if maybe I could entice a larger fish in the school. Yesterday the wind was on and off. In areas with less wind I threw a 4” bait with 1/4oz head and with more wind a 6” bait with 1/2oz head. Should of brought 2 rods,switching back and forth was a pain.
  11. Good Friday Bass

    Out on the lake at 7:45 fished till 4:30pm. Took one rod and made myself fish a swim bait all day. Caught 19 with 11 keepers. Chasing wind all day. This post has been promoted to an article
  12. Big Girls

    Thanks for the compliments. I wish I could of taken off work all week to hunt them hogs but wife said she didn’t think that would be a good idea.🤬 Its just because she couldn’t go!!🤫
  13. Big Girls

    We caught a ton of fish Sunday. We were culling oz’s at 1o’clock, for a small limit of about 12-13lbs. Ran to a bank that we caught some big fish before. Culled every fish we had in about 20 min
  14. Big Girls

    Fish a tournament out of old state park Sunday. Big girls are coming out of their winter haunts FINALLY!! 3 over 8lbs caught. We finished 2nd with a little over 20lbs and 1st had almost 26. They had 2 of the 8 lbers.
  15. Thank You

    I think I might of talked to you and your wife Sunday. I was giving the ol boy in front of the boat the business for front ending his wife.

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