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  1. Bigfishscott

    Used Boats for Sale

    What price range are you looking for?
  2. Bigfishscott

    Thougher than a boot

    I’ve been trying!! GREAT BIG NADDA!!!!
  3. Bigfishscott

    Thougher than a boot

    I’m feeling the same way!!!👎👎👎👎 I keep telling myself their somewhere and they are eating!!! Stockton not the only place that’s bad right now!! But I have to give the ol’👍 To the boys at the Rock their catching em. I guess it’s time for us to cry the blues for a few years like they have and we’ll be blessed!!
  4. Bigfishscott

    Sad Sight

    That’s the funny thing most places Down where the fish are dying the thermocline is somewhere in the 40 ft range but most of the deeper part of the lake is in the 26-28ft range. Wish I had a D/O meter to find out at depth. Bass fishing is off bad right now so somethings going on.
  5. Bigfishscott

    Sad Sight

    I’ve seen several big muskies. Some 40 inches, several eyes in the 20-24” range and lots of drum they were everywhere today
  6. Bigfishscott

    Friday bass and rendering lard

    It was fun posted over on Stockton forum
  7. Bigfishscott

    Fireworks and spinnerbaits

    Watched fire works in Stockton and launched the boat for a little fishing. Launched the boat around 10:30pm and fished till 5:00am. Wife and I threw spinnerbaits and nothing else. We caught a bunch of fish but nothing bigger that 3lbs. Fished around the dam area. At one point we were catching fish at a rate of 1 for every 10 cast from about 1am to 3am which lines up with the lunar table for last night. We just covered water staying in 15ft throwing to the bank or down the bank depending on how steep it was. It was a fun night and love fishing with my wife and one of my daughters. Hailey usually gets tired of fishing pretty quickly and turns into the serenading DJ.
  8. Bigfishscott

    Friday bass and rendering lard

    We are getting ready to do a little night fishing at Stockton. Fireworks are over!! Heading to the lake!!
  9. Bigfishscott

    Friday bass and rendering lard

    Yep, she’s mean!! I didn’t say that!! Lol
  10. Bigfishscott

    Friday bass and rendering lard

    I don’t fish much at night anymore. My wife and I usually make 1-2 trips to Stockton every year July-August full moon. She likes to throw a spinnerbait. We might just go tonight!!! She can catch’em. I used to have a jet boat and we would fish the Osage river below Bagnell dam in the summer. And it just about caused a divorce when I sold it.
  11. Out at 6am off at 4pm. I don’t fish much at night anymore so I go out and render some fat in the heat. I knew it was going to be tough with the full moon and with that the best times were going to be in the hottest part of the day. But with the wind blowing pretty good across 85 degrees water it wasn’t so bad, but get out of the wind woooh it was scorching and that’s when the rendering began!!!! Started off the morning fishing and graphing structure. Caught 3 decent fish in the 21/2 -3lb range. Then it shut down I maybe caught 1 fish an hour. And they were just skinny little keeps. Somewhere close to 11 I started running piles throwing a 12” worm. Same result, small keeps. Then at 2pm 20 min of fun caught 6 all 31/2-4lbs then over again. All fish caught were in 20ft or so. I would pull up to a pile throw 5-6 cast then off to the next. Fish would bite on first 2 cast.
  12. Bigfishscott

    Ozark Anglers Challenge Thread

    Wow!!! Good play!!👌🏻 What’s a Ned!! LMAO!!! Hey Ketchup 👋 I wanna play!!!
  13. Bigfishscott

    Day 2 short trip.

    Structure is the bottom Contour. Such as a ditch, long point that drops sharply into a channel or a rapid change in depth .Cover is brush piles,standing timber, big rocks,stumps or boulders. Transitions are change in bottom hardness. Big rock to pea gravel or hard to soft bottom. When I go out looking with my graphs to find bass #1-hard bottom #2- change of depth close by( ditch, channel, humps,points) 3# food ( the most important) I could really care less if there is brush piles. If there are piles then someone else knows the spot. Any time you find big shad you can bet somewhere close there are bass. Sometimes that’s all you see are the shad.
  14. Bigfishscott

    Bass and trash!!!

    Back at it again today. Bass seemed kinda scattered. I’m not sure we caught more than one on every spot we hit except for one and I caught both on a Crankbait at the same time and one got off at the boat. Most of the fish were 16-20ft big crank and jig. Had one big wally about 5lbs sorry no pic. And a TOAD BUFFALO!!! It weighed 45lbs 9oz took me 30min to land on 10lb test line and a 6XD. I’m not really sure if the fish were moving around a lot and we just weren’t connecting with the school or they just didn’t want to fire up. All in all not a bad day. Best 5 probably weight 17-18lbs. Tight lines!! God Bless!!
  15. Bigfishscott

    Day 2 short trip.

    We were in the pomme arm yesterday. This time of year I normally start doing my looking around at night. You can see your graphs real well and your not bouncing around all over the place. At night your just looking over the structure to find the high % places. Where the fish can set up and ambush shad. I clear my graphs of all way points every year except for the spots I regularly catch fish over 5lbs. Most people fish spots and may miss the fish by 100ft or so by just fishing waypoints from the past. I don’t buy expensive graphs to look good hanging on the boat. They are your best tool learn to use and trust them.

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