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  1. Wilderness Systems Ride 115 - $500 Up for grabs today is a Ride 115. Purchased in 2013 or 2014 (can't remember exactly). Used no more than 5 times. Mint condition. Comes with two Scotty rod holders and a 240cm Werner Skagit paddle. Located in Shrewsbury, MO. Accept cash, Paypal, or Google Wallet. Picture attached. Jeff three-one-four-540-four-seven-seven-four
  2. you hear any turkeys gobbing in that area? probably too early still.
  3. Seems like prospective fish poachers have less reason to fear getting caught than prospective deer poachers. Even though it's probably easier to get away with poaching deer (way more acreage to work with)..and the herd is a less fragile thing than fish populations. But deer poaching carries the heavier stigma. Some deer busts have been made recently where the offender's lives have been seriously F'd up by the punishment. Not sure fish busts are treated with the same seriousness; for a more fragile resource. Would like to get opinion of someone who knows the legalese behind it all.
  4. Pretty sure this will generate some interesting commentary. I maintain a neutral stance on gigging. http://mdc.mo.gov/newsroom/mdc-offers-fish-gigging-clinic-jan-23-oregon-county
  5. If you have a fish on and a bear moves in, cut the line. Post a couple pictures on here when you get back.
  6. Called these off the roost this morning with no more than 10 soft clucks. I dropped the first one from about 33 yards. Brother used both rounds in his double-barrel to take down the second one. Two Toms in the bag by 6:40A opening morning. Hard to beat that.
  7. Pretty cool that big pike swam way up a tributary like that; maybe 100's of miles; and way to represent the state of MO
  8. Is there still like 100 active horse crossings?
  9. Chouinard is certainly a visionary. Can't say I agree with everything I've heard from him, but he definitely advocates minimizing human impact on the planet which is commendable. Dams and fish ladders can really stir up emotions. If you want to get pissed off, go watch "Into the Tsangpo Gorge" which documents an amazing kayak expedition in 2002, then read about how China is currently daming the hell out of that river in the name of big hydro. They're actually diverting it north in to Chia where it would normally flow south to India. I remember watching something about the Lake Powell dam and its constant leaks / seeps / risk of failure. The guy being interviewed said (paraphrasing) "It is the river's way of telling the dam; I was here long before you and I'll be here long after you."
  10. Jeff Behrns


    Guy's name is Donnie Vincent. He's got sponsors / money behind him and produces videos of AK / NWT trips. The footage is great, but you can watch all the videos you want and you'll still be floored once actually up there.
  11. A true fisherman; more concerned with the poison ivy than the rattlesnakes. Don't have any useful fishing info for you but SD is outstanding country; not just the Black Hills, but the badlands and grasslands too; want to get back there.
  12. Friend working commercial boat reports significantly better haul than average this year.
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