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  1. Nice crappie. Congrats!
  2. They probably have made at least one COVID christmas movie and probably aired them around the 4th of July🙄.
  3. Pretty sure that we went over this last Xmas since I thought that I posted this video but could be 2 yrs ago.
  4. Actually one of my favorites. I mentioned to Sue that we should soon be seeing the Little Drummer boy discussion on the forum 😉
  5. Some words of wisdom. For you 80s folks How I feel about my favorite fishing spot during the pandemic Tired of being inside. Corona wisdom There's hope for all of us. Done with 2020 Not a truer statement than this
  6. We had a great holiday and hope that others on this forum did as well!. This forum and the folks on here are a big part of what is great about this country!
  7. Congrats to that deerslayer! Any time that we get kids involved in the outdoors is a win for us all.
  8. @laker67 sounds like a good time regardless of the rude folks. There is a lack of respect in a lot of public areas. Sucks. Glad that a couple of lunkers came to hand.
  9. All I can think about is the old gypsy saying "Whoever is bitten by a werewolf and lives, becomes a werewolf himself!"
  10. Did have a crush on her as a teen. I probably would have laid my money down 😉
  11. Yep she either cursed you or knew you really well 😁😉
  12. So would this happen today? In 7th grade we had a Halloween costume dance. I made my own costume and went as an Iron City Beer can that was cracked open and with cotton "foam" coming out of the top. I actually won best costume and the prize was the 45 of this song. Though the song is pretty tame compared to today's music. Still seems like a kid wearing a beer can outfit winning a song about losing you virginity would probably be frowned upon in most schools now.
  13. I agree. I typically fish trout from Oct to April. Love overcast days since they bite well usually throughout the day. @fishinwrench I have been out a few times when storms have come through.. fortunately I am usually wearing waders and water resistant hunting jackets when I fish in Jan or Feb. May have to hunker down if I am more than an hours hike back to the vehicle. May even get a few more bites after the front passes.
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