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  1. Just funny stuff

    Mitch that's a beautiful veil and shawl that you are wearing☺!
  2. Missing pectoral fins

    BH don't tell us that the Mrs needs to get you one of those special helmets to keep you safe☺!
  3. A little research / who is fishing

    Very nice bumch of bass! Congrats on figuring them out!
  4. A little research / who is fishing

    That's a great looking crappie! Love the pattern.
  5. Dry Run Creek - 18Aug17

    I was/am really proud of her on this trip. She ended up catching 6 more brook trout than I have in my lifetime☺! She beat herself up a bit for missing fish and not catching a bigger brown trout. She did great in my opinion. Well worth getting down to Norfork.
  6. 2017 garden thread

    We planted cukes late and are still getting some small ones. Peppers still producing a couple at a time. Most everything else is dying back or done producing.
  7. Eclipse photo

    laker67 glad you got out and were successful on trout prior to and during the eclipse. Great job! You should remember where You were when there was the last total eclipse in the US☺!
  8. Eclipse fish campbell point 8/21 report

    Still sounds like you had a great trip. Much better than having to work! Always good to catch some 3+lb fish. Thanks for posting.
  9. Eclipse

    The cicadas went nuts here as well. Our chickens did not know what to do. The hummingbirds even stopped chasing each other around and stopped chittering for at least the two minutes of Totality. I have seen partial eclipses before, but this one was spectacular seeing a total eclipse! I agree about the weird light.
  10. Farm pond action...

    With bass I prefer beer battered onion rings! Put some cajun spice in the flour or bread crumbs on the fish and you got a fine meal!
  11. Farm pond action...

    Sounds like you had a great time! Panfishing farm ponds is a close second on my favorite places to fish. Just behind small creeks with loads of smallmouth, largemouth, and rock bass or hungry trout! Also a great fish fry! Small ponds need selective harvest or else you get stunted fish. Though I do prefer to keep the 10 to 11.75" if there is a slot or up to 14" if no slot for eating purposes.
  12. What's Cooking?

    Should it be Barefoot CantNessa! Well you know that he won't be prancing barefoot around on that deck☺!
  13. Just funny stuff

    Feel free to pass these along Daryk☺! Livie keeps firing more at me every day. I have to show some restraint, but I feel that the dam may break.... Soon.
  14. Sounds like a great time of fishing! not overly complicated. Just react to what the fish want and how they want the bait. Then just reel them in!
  15. Missing pectoral fins

    First off that type of research would have to be done by paying biologists and we wouldn't want that☺! Hatchery fish particularly salmon in many states get the adipose fin clipped so that fisherman can tell the hatchery fish from wild caught fish. There may be anecdotal observations of these hatchery fish not being able to find their "home" waters. That may have more to do with them living in confinement part of their lives in poor or nondescript water sources and that they would not be able to imprint on that water source to allow them to travel back to that sources location. Besides the Sampson effect that BH experiences☺ I doubt that losing that little fatty fin affects the fish ar all.

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