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  1. Johnsfolly

    Cast iron

    Would definitely apply to stinkhorns. Wouldn't have thought about calling small morels by that name.
  2. Great day of snagging! Congrats guys! Only been once and snagged a blue cat. Bumped fish but no hookups. Love to catch one.
  3. Only in a figurative sense . Hey I gave @Quillback a pass on saying that he wanted to go catch some bream on a different thread. I'm mellowing in my age .
  4. Being German I could treat this statement as hate mongering , but I won't cause I know it was not the intention buddy
  5. Technically this was your first bass of the day. First sunfish of the day taxonomically speaking .
  6. Not sure, but that was my personal progression.
  7. I went from Sluggo to banjo minnow to flukes. BM still had the greatest action. Still have some Sluggos around. Maybe even a BM in a less than effective color. Have to clean out the old tackle. If I was actually stay at home, I might get through all of that gear. But still working every day at the office.
  8. Now bring back episodes of "The fishing Hole with Jerry McKinnis" and I am there . Loved that show!
  9. I have a couple of those in one of my tackle boxes. Got them from a friend and never used them . I did really like using the Banjo minnows. Great action, but would get shredded after only a couple of fish.
  10. Maryland and Delaware both have waived license renewals through the middle of April. Maryland is an annual from the date of purchase (mine is due for renewal April 4th) and Delaware is from Jan1 to Dec 31st only (I already have that purchased). I believe that most states will follow suit if they have not already.
  11. I knew that but was too late seeing this post to respond before you gave up the answer 😌!
  12. looks like they had fun. Sure beats Video games at the house!
  13. @Dock-in-it those are some fat fish. Congrats on a great day of pre-spawners! Surprised that the spot wasn't dumping eggs or tossing up shad with that belly.
  14. A wealthy blonde woman walks into a New York city bank and asked for a $5000 short term loan. When asked what she wanted the loan for she replied that she was going to be travelling for two weeks and needed the money. The banker asked her how she would secure the loan. She said that she would use her $120K Mercedes as collateral. The banker agreed and said that they would need to impound the car until she repaid the loan and its interest. They completed the transaction. Two weeks later the woman returned to the bank and repaid the loan plus the $120 of interest. The banker laughed and said that she is a blonde and how dumb it was for her to pay $120 to borrow $5K for two weeks. Nonplussed the woman stated where else could she park her car in NY city for two weeks and only pay $120!
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