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  1. Johnsfolly


    Plants typically respond to injury by sending out more shoots. Stimulating the growth of new shoots should lead to more flowers and fruit. You will get a thicker lawn by routinely cutting the grass and stimulating side shoots. Deadheading flowering plants usually results in multiple flushes of flowers. Fruit trees and vines throw out more flowers and then more fruit.
  2. Lots of data are misleading especially when there are so few positive cases. When you go from 10 cases to 20. It's not a lot of people that are positive but the number of cases doubled! Ness we must have brought it with us to KS . We had no issues going out to MO and KS since there really are so few cases in comparison to what is going on out this way. I am now of the mindset that the states and areas with low numbers of cases just simply have not really been exposed to the virus and not to anything that has been done by the lockdowns or other programs.
  3. Good luck Pete. Hope that it is something else.
  4. The hard decision to make is to cull the deer. Snipers would cost far less or better yet sell tags to bowhunters and actually make money. Still having 2000 deer castrated or not will still result in collisions.
  5. DVR everything and skip commercials😉. I can't watch live sports after a couple of years watching games on fast forward or 30 sec jumps. Under most circumstances there is 30 sec between football plays. Jump 30 sec and eliminate that down time. Pass through commercials and you cut down the time you sit and watch it by almost half.
  6. That looks great Marty! I will keep an eye out for a lid. I haven't seen a hammered piece before, but I do dig around looking for iron. So maybe I will stumble across one.
  7. I always liked the last two weeks of Aug as prime time hunting the hickory stands. Favorite times to get a mess of squirrels🙂
  8. Johnsfolly


    All of this is BS and pandering to the participation award generation. No hurt feelings. I guess the saying sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me has be rejected😒.
  9. I have an honorable mention; not real a goal per se. I want to get a photo of all of the fish species that I have caught. After a couple of tries that failed mainly due to moving to MD and flooding, I pulled off a hail Mary and caught and photographed an Ozark bass. I used information provided to me from fellow OAF folks and picked a likely spot on Finley creek to give it another try. I was fishing a John Deere microjig about 14 inches under a float. I caught two green sunfish before getting an Ozark to bite and be photographed. Now if I can catch a Roanoke bass. May have to be a 2021 goal .
  10. It's been years over 5 or 6 yrs since I last fished the CA and Z3. Impressions were that the bedrock sections of ghe stream in the CA we slicker than ice and held few if any fish. The browns that I encountered were very skittish and more often ran when anything disturbed the water. I was spin fishing. May be better with flies. Some productive holes were nothing more than deeper water runs and not a true hole. I thought that there was some signage when you get to Z3 but can't remember. I remember a cabin that is easier to see going downstream from the park than upstream from the CA that was near the border. Definitely less bedrock sections in Z3. Good luck.
  11. Thats a pig! Girth must be 1.5 times its length. With their coloration you should be able to id individuals.. Have you caught all of them from that pond?
  12. The fishing trips in Kansas continue. I am really focused on trying to catch a new darter. Looking at maps Deep Creek below Manhattan KS looks promising. We tried a bridge access that actually had a deep pool and nice riffles below the pool. The water was very clear and I saw lots of fish when looking from the bridge. Got my gear and Livie came along. She was fishing a Trout magnet minijig head with a piece of redworm below a small float. I had on a #26 Tanago hook with a single split shot above the hook and a tiny piece of worm. There were lots of micros in the riffles and shallow pools. Livie hooked up first and she landed a green sunfish then another. Then she caught a longear sunfish as well. So she had probably 5 to 6 fish before I landed my first micro. I was thinking that this might have been a sand shiner which is common in KS streams. With a dark stripe and a dark spot on the tail. I caught another small one and then a larger minnow. All with the same markings. Looking at my guides I determined that these abundant minnow were bluntnose minnows. While I was working on those micros, Livie began catching minnows as well with catches of common shiners and creek chubs. I was getting closer to the deeper water that Livie was catching fish after fish when she called "Madtom! Madtom!" as a large madtom came swimming somewhat erratically downstream towards me. I put my bait in front of this fish several times and it avoided the bait each time. I watched where it went. I got Livie in position to get a bait under the large rock where it swam. She pulled out another longear and a green sunfish, but no madtom. We saw either the same fish three different times or three different fish that all swam erratically and as if it was injured. Livie eventually caught it by hand. Looked to be a stonecat, but neither of us caught it on our hooks. I saw and even smaller madtom that Livie also caught by hand. It was a slender madtom, which we both have caught previously. I did see a single minnow amongst the many minnows but it had orange dorsal, pectoral, and anal fins. It stood out from all the others. I even think that I had it on my bait, but I could not land it. After looking at the guides, this fish may actually have been a Topeka shiner a very rare species. I never got another chance at that fish. After catching quite a few more commons shiners and sunfish it was time to move to our last fishing spot in KS. Back to where it all began for Livie to try for some green fish and a few that would give her a big tug on the line !
  13. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Looks Great Ness! Do like the clams and linguini!
  14. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Double DANG!!! Looks great buddy!
  15. Once you get over 20 its a tedious labor of love. Rarely keep more than 8 to 12 for a family fry.
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