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  1. @Ham Jealous of those cool darters. Did catch my PB American shad this morning with this doe. Close to 3.5 lbs. Still have to measure the mark on my rod. di land what I thought was a hickory, but couldn't get a photo so counting it as an American. Did get the stink (with shad most things get a stink on them ) on Livie's rod by landing one out of three hookups.
  2. Non-native brook trout are even better. Out west folks should keep and eat as many as the law allows
  3. Sounds like a great trip. Congrats!
  4. Congrats on a couple dinner walleye @Quillback! Did you catch them trolling or casting?
  5. 10) American (white) shad, Alosa sapidissima. Caught only three this morning.
  6. Livie 8 ) White Perch, Morone americana caught in Northeast Creek near Cary NC
  7. 8 ) White Perch, Morone americana caught in Northeast Creek near Cary NC
  8. Sounds like great memories @rps. Thanks for adding some perspective as well. About those UK guys many places you have to pay for a spot just to soak those maggots. You often don't have the ability to move to a better location if there are few fish in your spot. Even worse when you try river fishing.
  9. I have to look but I don't think that the Airstream have the exposed threading on the handle behind the reel. That just looks uncomfortable to me. I wouldn't mind spending the money if it is a good rod but if it's not comfortable to fish then I'm out.
  10. Ouch on getting yourself stuck. Nice bass catching!
  11. I agree but this was a stocker. With the waters out here you take what you can get. Was good with the crabmeat stuffing. The blackfish filets were a whole lot better.
  12. Congrats! Looks like fun tangling with those beasts.
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