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  1. Nice! Congrats buddy on getting some creek bass! That spot looks like natural colored crappie jigs would get a lot of bites as well. Can't wait to see what you catch today if get back after them!
  2. I love seeing multiple wakes going after my top water bait in shallow creeks. Always exciting to see who hits it first😀. I fished the pool beneath a briidge on a similar skinny creek. Had ten wakes go after my bait. Caught five on the top water and three others on a fluke. That was fun😀.
  3. On a creek like that you will need to carry a backdrop so that folks don't recognize the spots by looking at the background of your photos 😜! Would love to be fishing out there with you.
  4. I have fished a creek that had vanishing sections some summers. There may have been 50 feet or more between spots of water. I did find that the fish were ultra aggressive in the actual pools. Also that they would stack up at the heads of those pools in the water that was cooled by running under the gravel.
  5. Great looking bass! Congrats! Looks like a lot of fun. Quite jealous from here in Maryland😌.
  6. That very likely the reason for folks to get a divorce!
  7. I want to catch more stinkin bass. So I'll have to get me a block of wood 😀!
  8. I had looked at the Skunk river when I was in Iowa. Since we were staying in Marshalltown, I was looking for spots near Rt 65 north of I-80. As I mentioned it was rolling chocolate milk and only a few feet below the bridge at that time. Nice Shirt!
  9. Surprised that they weren't vomiting up shad with that full belly.
  10. I've only fished in Iowa once. We were around Newton for the Indycar race back in 2018. I had looked at maps and found a few likely river and creek spots to try on that trip. Did not check the previous week's weather or USGS gages. Everything was flooded. Did manage three small LMB from a small pond north of Newton.
  11. That don't appreciate the finer things in life and are not properly appareled for proper piscatorial endeavors.
  12. Is that the worm container that flips over to open so that the worms all end up near the opening instead of on the bottom of the container? My buddy has one of those. He thinks that it makes him cool. to me it looks like those old coin dispensers .
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