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  1. Johnsfolly

    Lyric's heard wrong

    He's a secret asian man! Secret asian man! Instead of secret agent man ๐Ÿ˜! I'm a cowboy, on a stale horse I ride.
  2. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    It's all ball-bearings these days... maybe you need a refresher course!
  3. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    A biologist could tell you why that is !
  4. I will be back in Missouri the following week and likely to go to the park that weekend. Should be good unless there is flooding. Haven't looked out that far in the weather.
  5. @OzarkFishman you are definitely doing it right buddy making memories with your kids! Glad to hear about his enthusiasm. He got a great buck and should be proud. Also some fine bass as well. Congrats again!
  6. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Took advantage of the Maryland groceries that Livie provided. Venison heart (followed Hank Shaw heart and pepper/onions recipe in Buck Buck Moose) and a small roast from her back straps. Roasted Brussel sprouts and oven baked potatoes.
  7. I've been travelling and still have a hectic schedule for the rest of the year. So I have decided that I just won't be able to make it to Jigfest. I hope that you all have a great time. I have enjoyed fishing with you guys and know that I'll be missing an awesome time. Maybe some of you guys may consider a March trip. I may be able to make that work. Of course @LittleRedFisherman is going to film some more this year๐Ÿ˜Ÿ. Good luck to all of you. Will be bittersweet seeing the photos but can't wait to see them all.
  8. Congrats on your limit of mallards! Definitely worth heading out into the cold! Bonus that you didn't have to stay out too long either .
  9. "Welcome to Bass Pro shops! Can I be of any assistance?"
  10. Looks like a great spot to be in the late spring/early summer. Glad that you had some outdoor scenery and activity even if it was a bit cold .
  11. Congrats on some nice bass and crappie! Sounds like winter is trying to show up. Still having fall weather here in MD. Currently in low 60s. I want it to drop to get the deer moving again ๐Ÿ˜’.
  12. It seems almost clichรฉ now to thank veterans and active service members. I know that the folks on here are genuine in their thanks and praise. So thank you servicemen and women that have served to keep us free in this great nation!
  13. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Made onion soup stuffed chicken. Carmelized 3 med onions in butter. Salt and pepper and dried thyme. After 5 to 6 on med high dropped to medium heat. Added 1/4 cup beef stock to the onions. Cooked about 15 to 18 mins. Added 2tbsp of sherry and twi minced garlic cloves. Cooked about 2 mins then let it cool. Greased a ceramic pan. Cut a pocket into two boneless and skinless chicken breasts. Seasoned chicken inside and out with S&P, garlic powder, and thyme. Added about 2 tbsp of the onions and a mix of shredded swiss and mozzarella cheeses. Tooth picked the chicken. The rest of the onion was added to the pan. I cooked the chicken to brown each side for about 4 mins each side. Place chicken in pan covered with more onions. Deglazed the skillet with 1/4 cup beef stock and sherry and poured that over the chicken. Cooked at 400 deg for 18 mins. Served with steamed cauliflower. We liked this a lot ๐Ÿ˜€!
  14. Congrats on some fine eating birds! Definitely a decent start of the season!
  15. Congrats on her first deer! They're all trophies!
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