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  1. Just have to love brown trout!
  2. @Quillback I keep seeeing "The Goal" photo of Bobby Orr the lastime the Bruins played and beat the Blues in the cup finals. To get over that I had to watch highlights of the 85 basketball finals😜
  3. Great fishing guys! Definitely some nice looking bass. I really like that flathead. Congrats!
  4. Nice walleye! Great trip for you and your son! Congrats!
  5. I was in Connecticut when they put in the helmet rule watching a lot of Whalers hockey when I could not get the Pens games. I remember Ron Duguay from the Rangers refusing to wear a helmet since he wanted the wind going through his hair. He was grandfathered in to not have to wear a helmet. I agree with you there QB. Sporting events are so much better now on TV than back in the day.
  6. The greatest thing about hockey is that it is the only sport where play speeds up as the clock winds down. This statement is especially true in playoff hockey. Overtime for Game 7 in the Stanley Cup finals is chaos in the making ! Only thing that can better is the play by play announcers trying to keep up with the action. That's the bench.
  7. I'm happy for the delay, hoping that it cools off your goalie ! Rask has been a wall in the net. His play worries me the most at this point. On a side note I love the walrus goalie GEICO commercial. Just makes me laugh .
  8. It's that Massachusetts bias. Just because you lived there is no excuse buddy .
  9. Lots of guys here fish for snakeheads. Haven't tried for them this year. Will try to get my daughter to catch one. Supposed to be good to eat. Will have to report if and when we catch a couple. Honestly I would prefer to not have another invasive moving into Missouri waters.
  10. I would tend to agree with you, but have not tried it there. I do prefer Guinness in Ireland over any place else I have ever had a pint of the stout !
  11. Thanks for taking us along DJ! I'm not sure exactly when, but expect to be in Germany either later this year or early next year. Will be in a small town near Stuttgart. Not sure if I will visit as many breweries, but you never know .
  12. QB those are the fishing stories that we remember. Great hybrid buddy!
  13. Left the girls at home this morning. Maybe it was the 5:30 departure time that kept them from going with me. Headed back for another shot at those shad. I tried the same tandem dart setup and got nothing. There were terns feeding in the seams of the heavy current. Switched to a 2 oz chartreuse and silver slab spoon. Stil not much going on. After nearly 25 casts actually had a hit and hooked a bluefish. Lost it right at the rocks. Couple casts later landed a shad then nothing. Saw guys down the inlet hooking fish. Found that they were slamming the blues by drifting what looked to be 1 oz jig heads with plastic bodies. Saw that they were silver or white with chartreuse tails. I left and headed to a local tackle store to see if I could find something similar. Found 3/4 oz pearl bucktail jigs and 7" ribbontail pearl colored worm bodies. I never could get into the middle of the action but did hook and land two 16 to 19 inch bluefish before they dispersed with the tide. No photos. Did see a guy land a chopper (5 to 8 lb) blue and another guy get nearly spooled when he hooked one to the boats 😂.
  14. Congrats @Mitch f and @Hog Wally! Water has been terrible for bank river fishing here in MD. Haven't tried for river bass yet. Hope to catch some on your baits in the future.
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