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  1. What's Cooking?

    I'll give that a DANG!
  2. Norm M

    Thanks for posting this information. I was thinking about Norm M the other day and was wondering how he was doing with his treatments. We will keep him in our thoughts.
  3. 10/20/17 Night

    Great job on a nice night of bows and a white! Got to love catching a trout that hardly fits in your net☺! That was a real nice PB rainbow! My plans changed this weekend and I won't be out at Taney tonight. So seeing fish like yours ratchets that yearning to net a nice trout to a much higher level.
  4. Sat evening

    Sounds like a great couple of hours fishing! Congrats on catching a few rainbows!

    That doesn't even look like a real fish. More like an over stuffed sausage with gills and fins !
  6. What's Cooking?

    Well we culled two of our older layers this morning. I skinned the one and into the pot, The other I plucked and kept the skin. I split it in half and roasted for about 20 minutes at 425 deg to get some crispy skin. Then it went into the stock pot and covered with water. Also added cut onions, carrots, garlic, black pepper corns. and a little worchestershire sauce and cooked the stock on medium. Still cooking.
  7. What's Cooking?

    Looking good Mitch. Definitely need to wipe a little drool from my lips !
  8. Roaring River- Table Rock Lake

    We enjoy trout. I don't keep any brown trout but stocker rainbows are a diffferent story. The trout parks and urban trout programs fit the bill if we want fresh fish and no crappie/bluegill are biting☺.
  9. Air Rifle

    I'm very interested in getting one for small game becuase I have heard about how fun they are to shoot - pretty good evidence throughout this thread. Also to save what is left of my hearing☺ while still enjoying the bounty of small game around us. Also likely to thin the bushytails in our yard without distirbing the neighbors ☺.
  10. Huge Crowds

    I would advocate that you should fish it at least once. Then again I would advocate fishing all of the trout parks as well as the wild trout streams to appreciate these different places and the fish that can be caught there.
  11. Fall Turkey 2017

    Good Luck buddy. Can't wait to hear about the hunt and see the photos! I appreciate the tip and remember where and when to fish. However, ever changing plans may nix any Taney trip. I hope to get it worked out this afternoon. If still around home for the weekend, will either try to get back out for another turkey or stick it out in a tree with the bow.
  12. 10-18-17

    Great job on your predator control! As BH said most if not all critters need to be managed. Getting it with a bow makes that even more special.
  13. 28-inch Spawning Colors Rainbow

    Phil Great fish! For many of us that is a trout of a lifetime. Congrats!
  14. Small Game 2017-2018

    Thank you sir. Still haven't picked up the bow for hunting, yet! Hope that you are still on those bucks that you had on camera. I had a friend show me a 200+" non-typical that he had on his cameras several days during shooting light that he will be going after this weekend. Just put some perspective on that last mushroom photo, look at the barbed wire in this photo
  15. What's Cooking?

    We have had times when feral cats were a problem around our house. I was cage trapping them. Over an 18 month period I caught 22 cats, 13 raccoons, and 9 opossums. Of those cats only caught 2 neighbor cats and 3 domestic cats (would meow when approached). The rest were nasty snarling ferals. That was 4to5 yrs ago. Now we are seeing an increase in cats around our neighborhood. Started trapping again and have been catching mostly raccoons.

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