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  1. What's Cooking?

    Looks good buddy! You two are killing my betterhalf with the morel photos. Is keeeping her out looking for them. Got some rain in Columbia yesterday. Hope that she finds some before I get home this weekend.
  2. White River

    Couple of nice fish! Good luck when you go out today.
  3. Opening day 2018

    Griz - congrarts on your turkey buddy! Now you can really put in a hunt for your second bird .
  4. I have suggested, prodded, (other OAF members have prodded as well0, but Livie would not write this post herself. Because I anted to showcase another life list species for her, here is the last post from when she and my betterhalf were in Maryland visiting me back in March/early April. We did get a break with a little better weather and the right tide, that allowed us to try for some schoolie stripers. With the long cold weather this was a crap shoot at best. I have had success fishing blade baits, like Johnson Thinfishers, etc., in this location in the past. I put on small black/chrome Thinfisher on Livie's rod and a silver XPS Lazer blade on my line. The wind made it difficult for Livie to get her bait out far enough to reach the edge of the channel where the fish were likely to be located. I made a few casts and no bites. I made a cast across the channel near the bridge and got a solid bite. I was able to land a 13 to 14" striper, my first of the year. I handed the rod to Livie. She was having trouble getting near the spot where I got bit. So I made the cast, she reeled and jigged the bait and got bit. She was shocked at the fight at first and then made up ground on the fish. She landed a nice 15" striper, which was a new life list fish for her ! I could not have been happier. Not only did she catch the bass, but got a small bonus anemone . We fished for another 15 to 20 minutes until it started getting dark. Did not get another bite. Was thinking about MOCarp on our next trip that was planned for Easter Sunday. I crumbled cheerios and raisin bran then mixed that with water and some cut worms. I put that in a bag and we drove down to a spot that I had seen carp and maybe some suckers last year. We pulled up to the access and I tossed out the chum mixture. We went and saw a movie to let the fish get into that area before we fished it. After the movie I set up the rods with a slip sinker fish finder rig. We loaded the hooks with worms. I got the first bite, but missed the hook set. Livie got a strong bite and hooked into the first fish of the day. Unlike last year when dad did not land her fish, I got the fish netted and Livie got a picture of her and a carp. As you could tell we were well hidden ! I missed a couple more fish. Livie blamed those lost strike on the OAFers that were texting me at the time (you both know who you are). She alos hooked into a larger carp that pulled the hook near the bank. She did catch a couple of white perch and I ended up with a goose egg on the day. As I state many times on this forum, I never have a problem with my daughters, son, or my betterhalf catching more or bigger fish (except when we are fighting for the catfish trophy), because if they have a good time I get to fish more ! Can't wait to get her back out to get back on the stripers when they are really thick.
  5. More Maryland catches

    Thanks Gavin. I have them on my radar. Planning on giving them a shot over the weekend.
  6. This is what a 50#er looks like

    I do like the oddball looks of mirror and leather carp!
  7. More Maryland catches

    I will be back there n the next couple of weeks to try for snakeheads. Caught my first one on the other side of the street last year. Though Livie did blame you for me missing at least one fish. Sure you could guess the OAFer that accounted for the other lost fish.
  8. Spring Creek Shiners

    Last week I was back in Missouri. Came back to bad weather, but it got better later in the week. On Thursday I left work early to take Livie down to Spring creek, a tributary of the Gasconade river south of Vienna. I have fished this creek in the past and caught some spawning shiners. We were also planning on staying into the evening/night to be armed with headlamps to target madtoms. I always set yearly goals. This year my goals are fairly modest (mainly targeting some new species and not really numbers). My main driver for the year is to help others meet some of their goals. Livie set a goal of catching 40 different species this year. Prior to this trip she had not caught more than 40 species in her whole life. Since we are going to be in Maryland after this summer, I felt that I could get Livie plenty of new species out in the briny water. With microfishing, you need to be able to see the fish respond to the bait. That means clear water and relatively calm conditions. Well the water was clear, but the winds were brutal. We started fishing a spot that I had caught my very first greenside darter. Between the wind gusts we did get to see some different minnows and began catching darters. Mostly were female orangethroat darters. Livie caught the first male orangethroat (her first of the year and her 11th species since March 1). He was a nice fish. Soon after I caught my personal best orangethroat darter (in terms of coloration and condition ). We never did find any greenside or other darters on this trip. So we focused on minnows. I caught a northern studfish and a couple of bleeding shiners. She and I kept switching off with the #26 Tanago hook rig. She and I both caught several new fish for the year including our first longear sunfish for the year. Some of her memorable catches of the day. Blackspotted topminnow A bigeye shiner (new lifer). Northern studfish Striped shiner (new lifer) It was starting to get dark and we headed north to fish a spot where Livie last caught a madtom by hand (Daryk would recognize the spot). Now it was time with a hook and line. The wind was still going to be a problem. We did not find any madtoms early on. At one time we got hit with what seemed to be thousands of mayflies(?). It wasn't until we got to a section of the creek that had some chunk rock and gravel and it was dark enough that we began to see some madtoms. I have fished for madtoms a couple of time before and they can be a real challenge. First they shy away from the light. Then they spook easily when you walk the stream. Lastly for some reason they are difficult to get a good hookset and that if you miss you won't get that fish to bite again. The good things are that they are pretty plentiful and if you can get a bait near the fish they can be aggressive. For us to be successful we needed several strikes to get one hook up. Just to prove a point Livie had three strikes and pulled two of those fish well out of the water but they were not hooked and dropped back into the water. I missed at least three myself. Then Livie broke the ice and landed her very first hook and line slender madtom ! She and I both lost another one or two. Then I finally caught my only slender madtom of the night. The worse part of the evening as that as we headed back downstream towards the car we passed a large hole around a large tree/rootwad and there were at least four or five madtoms in the hole ! Livie ended up the night with seven new species on the day and three new lifers. It was a great evening! She is close to halfway to her goal. We will keep at it.
  9. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    Glad that you enjoyed your catch. I remember triggers having that super thick skin but it was not hard to pull that skin away from the meat. Nice firm flesh. Bet they would have made a nice cerviche.
  10. Tennesee Tiny Fish

    One of the great things about being an obsessive multispecies angler and a micro-fisherman is that no creek, tributary, drainage ditch is too small to potentially hold some new species. it also helps when you have a partner in crime, in this case my daughter, to convince your wife that a quick side trip to find a small creek is a good way to split the long trip. My wife and daughter stayed out in Maryland with me and we decided to drive to Memphis (that's another story) instead of a direct route back to Columbia. Suggesting the Memphis trip was primarily to visit the Bass Pro shops in the Pyramid, but a secondary motivation was to catch some of the diverse species found in Tennessee. We decided to drive through the night. I picked up driving after 3 am and was scanning every river, creek and stream as soon as it got light enough to see. After we passed the Duck River just outside of Bucksnort, TN, I pulled off at the next exit and tried to find any access to a tributary or the river itself. We did find a boat access and saw that the river was cold and colored up from the recent rains. We didn't wet a line. However, we found a small clear water creek going into the river. Below the culvert was a plunge pool followed by a series of riffles and pools. The pools held fish that neither Livie or I had ever seen before. I had on a long shank #20 hook and a small piece of worm that I put on the hook at the car. I dropped the bait into the school of minnows and caught my first rosyside dace. As elated as I was with this new life list species and the first fish that I ever caught in Tennessee, I was just as disappointed that the fish took my bait with the remaining piece of worm back in the car. Livie did not want to go back to the car to get another worm. So she dug around the creek and found a couple of small worms. With those worms, we got into a few other fish. Livie caught the first darter and we were not able to get a photo since it ended up back in the water after she got it unhooked. She did find a couple of more and even with the poor picture we were able to id this one as a buffalo darter based upon the humped back and the anal fin rays differentiating this species from the orangethroat darter. I had to get one as well and landed this buffalo darter, another life list species. I tried to catch a different looking darter in a deeper pool, but failed to get a good hook set and could not get it interested again after taking the bait once. There were a number of minnows and a couple of large ones with obvious nuptial tubercles. The small minnow kept taking the bait. Livie and I caught a couple of southern redbelly dace, a new species for her, but she could not hook and land one of the rosyside dace. The larger fish eventually left that pool or hid under the larger rocks/logs and we never did get a chance to hook one. Livie was determined to catch a rosyside dace and finally caught one in the pool where I hooked my first one. Then she hooked this fish. The body shape and mouth size would indicate that it might be just another rosyside dace, which I am inclined to go with. It's just that the coloration is just off a bit. I have not been able to get a good id on it and am open to suggestions by anyone familiar with Tennessee minnows . It was then that I got a text from my wife that we should head back on the highway. I'll leave this photo of a Luna moth near the road as a parting shot.
  11. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    Very Nice DJ! I've caught bonito and triggers, but never landed an amberjack. Thought that I may have one or two on previously but ended up with pulled hooks. Great fight while it lasted. Used to spearfish (don't tell anyone) triggers. I really like eating them . I agree with DNJ21 - keep the reports coming!
  12. Opening day 2018

    Congrats buddy! Benefit from years of experience. You'll never guesss where I am..... An airport! No turkey for me until maybe the last week of the season. Living vicariously from fellow OAFers!
  13. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    That a Folly approved catch! Congrats on your hand fishing!
  14. Hola from mexico. Charter on tuesday

    A man has got to fish. Give us a string and a safety pin, water, and fish and its all good. Glad to see that I am not the only one that brings along bad weather when they travel ! Good luck buddy when you get out in the blue. Hopefully they let you catch bait. Got to add to the life list.
  15. What's Cooking?

    Where are the step by step photos?!?
  16. Spring Time Double, Two Seven Pounders.

    JD that's awesone! Congrats on your grandkids! Very good day indeed!
  17. NHL playoffs

    Tampa is a good team. But I have to admit that Boston is a team that worries me if they face the Pens.
  18. How about this lure ??

    Again with the postage?!?
  19. How about this lure ??

    These lures are literally flying off the shelf!!!! Get yours now!
  20. Cheapskates at MDC!

    I'll go $2.50 and would drive it to Milo for some sichuan goose and a jar of white gold! Delivery may be delayed until May 15th and if does I get to shoot a bushytail from the recliner!
  21. NHL playoffs

    Quill Can't give you a like since I'm a Pens fan. They skated all over the Flyers last night. Fun to watch, but I expect the Flyers to get back in the series the next game or two.. Do agree about watching hockey in HD. That's a great deaI. Las Vegas came out fast with a win over LA last night. Interested to see how far they go in the playoffs. Love playoff hockey.
  22. Cheapskates at MDC!

    I'd go $2.10 but you'll have to pay postage to send it to me .
  23. How about this lure ??

    I'm sure that it will fool a bass or two. Some fish just can't help themselves. But it doesn't look good enough to catch fishermen.
  24. A windy trip

    Nice trip report Marty. Glad that you guys got into some quality fish! Those walleye should have been a nice dinner if you kept them. Also wish that you had a photo of that sucker's mouth. I might be able to ID that fish. Can't say that I am not a bit jealous especially when I'm stuck dealing with budgets, staffing issues, work quotes, etc. and missing opportunities to fish in the great weather yesterday .
  25. Mar 30-Apr 8

    Looks like you had great success and sounds like you had a great time together! Congrats on both!

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