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  1. Johnsfolly

    Eagle Rock 2/16/19

    That is great to hear. Hopefully he is an OAF member and begins posting on the forum for all of us to get to know him as well.
  2. Johnsfolly

    Eagle Rock 2/16/19

    Very Nice. Great that you are helping out! I'm sure that he enjoyed learning from you on this trip.
  3. Johnsfolly

    Your first fish of 2019

    Livie got on the board with a Fallfish caught in a local lake on Saturday. Not only her first fish of 2019 but also the first of this species that she has ever caught.
  4. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    I've always have gone the othef way... Sear then into the oven until medium rare.
  5. Johnsfolly

    Opening march 1st 2019

    @timsfly thanks for the information. Should help a lot of guys catch some fish on the opener and beyond. Glad to see your post. It's been awhile. I've caught quite a few trout including my first RR brown on the Okuma reel that I bought from you a few years ago.
  6. Johnsfolly

    MDC Rant

    Likely giving away more information by being on this forum or buying airguns and materials on line than the MDC is getting from your farm tags.
  7. Johnsfolly

    MDC Rant

    The antler restrictions along with the liberal antlerless tags created a more effective tool to manage the herds. They limited the harvest of young bucks by guys that wanted meat over antlers which shifted meat hunting to does. Kill one doe and you effectively remove three deer out of next years herd size. Possibly 5 to 6 out of the following year and so on. One buck only takes out one buck. In many places that signficantly dropped the population where the MDC has shifted the nimber of tags that you can purchase in those areas to prevent possible overharvest. For those ranting on this thread about overpopulation of deer are glossing over tthe fact that the MDC are not the ones deciding to pull the trigger or not. They only set the regulations. Wrench your neighbors and yourself are the ones to blame for the abundant deer in your area. With all the farming in MO there is an artificially high carrying capacity.. As JDW stated disease is always a way to vastly rebalamce a population. We just don't like seeing it. Its a similar issue with bass size in many impoundments. If folks all advocate catch and release there is the potential to have abundant but stunted bass. Slot limits that allow harvest of small bass are only effective if people harvest those small bass.
  8. Johnsfolly

    Help wanted.

    Get up there and do your part buddy ๐Ÿ˜!
  9. Johnsfolly

    Help wanted.

    Only if it was catch and keep rainbow feast ๐Ÿ˜. Smokers need to be used to process those rainbows to get everyone to eat those fish. I'll eat stocker or nonnative rainbows.
  10. Johnsfolly

    Big Fish of 2019

    Nice variety! Decent fish in both regards.
  11. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Very nice Ness! Hoped that she enjoyed the dinner.
  12. Johnsfolly

    Big Fish of 2019

    Nice bass. Congrats!
  13. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    I was hoping to have a oist that puts this over 800 pages. But no photos nor step by step for tonight. Had three shark steaks from this summer. My Betterhalf found a broccoli and garlic pizza that we would use as a side. I seasoned the shark with Kickin Chicken spice blend. Cooked with a little oil. Once each side had cooked a bit drizzled with teriyaki sauce and quick heat to carmelize the sauce then squeezed fresh lime juice. The crust of the pizza was a head of broccoli, a couple garlic cloves, and some red onion then processed into a paste. Spread the pasta "dough" onto parchment paper and onto a stone. Cooked at 425 until it started to crisp up. Topped the crust with mozzarella and artichoke hearts and back into the oven until the cheese melted. Back out and topped with avocado slices, arugula, and drizzle of olive oil.
  14. Johnsfolly

    Paddlefish poaching article

    @FlysmallieJust saw your next post with the episode that I was thinking about.
  15. Johnsfolly

    Paddlefish poaching article

    I think that you're right. I've watched a lot of those shows.
  16. Johnsfolly

    Paddlefish poaching article

    I remember a show about making caviar, maybe a dirty jobs show. I just looked up a Hank Shaw recipe to make steelhead caviar. Seems easy to do but not simple. Have to separate the eggs from the membranes and cure them in a brine. How to separate them from the membranes is tricky. The dirty jobs show used a sieve. Also the saltiness of and the time in the brine can be tricky as well. I have had flying fish and salmon caviar. Not bad. Never paddlefish ot sturgeon.
  17. Johnsfolly

    Hi my name is mark

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of information given freely. Only need you to reciprocate with posts of your trips and photos of your catches.
  18. Johnsfolly

    Kim City - Feb 13, A-Rig bite

    @Dock-in-it congrats! Definitely some fine bass.
  19. Johnsfolly

    Blown River Backup

    Very nice video. Better to be out on the water fishing than doing much of anything else.
  20. Johnsfolly

    Opening Day '19

    If you can throw a weighted egg pattern especially a tan pellet colored egg with 2# line with your spin gear that should work well. As well as white microjigs. I have never fished opening day in any trout park. Have fished RR at other times and besides weighted eggs have done well with white, white/pink, olive, and tan maribou jigs and white, cream, or olive microjigs. I like to see the fish respond to the bait. Once the fish even looks like it is going to strike I will set the hook. Usually they will follow the bait on the drop and a slight flare of the gills before they inhale then exhale the bait. Good luck! Can't wait to see your report and photos!
  21. Johnsfolly

    Our new Foxy yard pet....

    I enjoy seeing them. We had only one in our yard once when living in Columbia. At least that we know about. Have one running around behind our house here in Maryland. Seen one a few times and also tracks in the snow. That's a bigger concern since we now have our chickens. I won't move them into the yard until I can build a predator fence for their coop. Foxes are good climbers and diggers. Makes it a challenge keeping the ladies safe.
  22. Johnsfolly

    Just funny stuff

    Wrestling - the sport were men with no pants fight for a belt๐Ÿ˜!
  23. Johnsfolly

    Spring JigFest - March 1-2

    Will miss seeing you Rick. didn't get a chance to meet up with you at the last get together. Have always enjoyed fishing, cooking, BS'ing with you. Get well buddy. Try to catch up with you the next time I am in town.
  24. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Had thin pork loin pieces. Wanted to make moo shu pork. Not great Asian markets near us and could not find wood ear mushrooms. So went with a moo shu inspired dish with rice. Julienned pork, shredded napa cabbage, minced garlic, minced fresh ginger, thinly sliced baby portabella mushrooms, sliced bamboo shoots, and lightly beat three Folly farm eggs. I added oil to a pan and put a quick cook on the pork. Removed the pork and then did a slight scramble on the eggs and removed the eggs as well. I added a little more oil to the pan and cooked the ginger, garlic, and the mushrooms. Cooked a couple of mins then added the cabbage and bamboo shoots. Once the cabbage got a little wilted, I added about half cup of hoisin sauce and half cup of plum sauce. Salt and pepper then added the meat and eggs into the pan to warm and mix the flavors. Served over rice.
  25. Johnsfolly

    Trout opener article in the St Louis Post

    That was a great time! We caught a lot of fish even without having to resort to bait at least for the two of us spincasters.

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