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  1. Water looks great. I do like RRSP. Sounds like a good time getting back to trout fishing. I noticed that you didn't mention Maramec Springs in the list of trout parks. Maybe since that one is not state run. I never fished that park much myself even though it was closer to our house in Columbia. Didn't like paying the extra money for stockers.
  2. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    No time to edit photo. Maryland steamed crabs (two caught by my Betterhalf😁), local corn, and potatoes. Added gulf shrimp. Lots of Old Bay. Stole @rps melon caprese salad for thus meal. Did crisp up the prosciutto. Ate too much but it was delicious.
  3. Go with the dehydrator. They are pretty inexpensive and control the heat better than an oven. We haven't done tomatoes just because we haven't had any bumper crop years. But usually do mushrooms, apples, and herbs
  4. I know that they are thick if you just stopped fishing for them. Only a couple of times when I have had the thought that I just didn't want to bother with taking another fish off the hook (insert name here😁). Lately it has been longear sunfish for me. They don't shred your thumbs like those rockfish😌! A bit jealous of your trip but I'll live. Congrats buddy!
  5. Thats another cool looking rockfish. Congrats buddy!
  6. Weren't as many tomatoes at the farmer's market as you harvested this last couple of days😁. @BilletHead dehydrates a lot of his tomatoes. You might like to try that with your surplus.
  7. African pompano are on the east coast from West Palm and south. Permit can be found along the coast but typically in the Keys.
  8. Nice Mitch! Even though not a big snook sure that it was a blast to catch. You have already mentioned how fun that jack was to fight. That size would have made great goliath grouper bait. Imagine what a 20 lb permit or african pompano would be like😁.
  9. There is a lot of good information and some other stuff on this thread so far. There is a difference in do you just want to catch fish versus do you want to catch fish particularly bass in Stockton or the James or Fellows.... If you really just want to catch fish my suggestion is similar to Dan's go wade some small rivers or sections of rivers or big creeks. Use finese baits like small jigs, crappie sliders, etc. Even live bait will get you fish. Around you there will be waters that have largemouth, smallmouth, sunfish, etc... Now if you want walleye or bass on Stockton go hire a guide and learn from them. Your baits of choice target aggressive and active fish. May not be the best baits on pressured lakes or rivers.
  10. They are the bears of the sea. Worse than sharks in my opinion.
  11. That's a pretty one. Congrats!
  12. Good luck on catching more new guys. Need 15 more!
  13. I would try to get those last two kings and if the tide is right go find tide pools to fish for gobies or other micros.
  14. That sucks! As SIO3 mentioned someone walked off one of my fishing rods while I was fishing two weekends ago.
  15. Awesome Buddy. I would love to catch a BIG halibut - Once! Got you at 42 year to date. Go get some more species!
  16. Pretty fish buddy! Keep the fish photos coming!
  17. Good Luck buddy! Wish that I could fish down there with you. On the last couple of trips that I have made to MO, I have been fixated upon the other side of the state. So the burning image that I have from my last trip to Crane, is a 12+ inch McCloud hitting my microjig and not getting a hookset . So have to live vicariously through your posts on thoughts of catching more McClouds in Crane.
  18. I thought that the little viagra was to keep you from peeing on your shoe😁.
  19. Ouch!! Glad that you got medical attention buddy. That could have been brutal to deal with on your own. Nice salmon, can't wait to see more from your trip!
  20. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    That looks great! Starting to feel like teal season...hot and buggy😁.
  21. Mitch gave you a like for just posting. Not a big fan of much besides 60 and 70 classic rock.
  22. I don't think that Marty got any love on dry flies either. They didn't even seem to look up at all. Some of our caught fish wanted to chase. Others even dug into the bottom for those meat jigs and eggs. So some definitely wanted to eat.
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