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  1. @BilletHead would call that the killing field😉. Looks like squirrel and dumplings to me.
  2. Oh and I would recommend leather work gloves when handling a full cage. Especially when the critters knock off the plate below the trap handle. Or if they pull the handle off and you have to hold the front of the cage to carry it.
  3. We had a big feral cat problem many years ago. I started trapping them back then. Used the dog food and always placed the bait well in the back of the trap. Would position the cage front in a spot where they usually walked. Often would block the back to keep them from digging behind the cage.. Caught lots of those darn cats actually 22 in about 18 months. Raccoons were an issue with our chickens. To catch them only I would take some wire and make a spiral that I would smear with peanut butter and twist the wire.to the top of the trap again behind the trigger plate. Caught nine raccoons while trapping those cats. Using dog food also caught seven opossums. They are nasty critters. Stink and full of worms. The raccoons and opossums would take along ride and I released them live. The coons would snarl and hiss a lot but always ran straight away once let go. Stopped trapping for a year or so until a raccoon killed my silkie hen. At that time MDC allowed lethal control on raccoons affecting our chickens. I would set the trap on Thurs since Friday was our trash pick up. Caught another seven raccoons before we left for MD. Good luck on catching a few.
  4. Johnsfolly

    Cast iron

    A couple more soaks with the oven cleaner got rid of the last bit of carbon off the no name #7 skillet. Seasoned with four coats of vegetable shortening. Now we just need to use it and build its seasoning for years to come.
  5. We hope that folks are enjoying the one bass challenge so far. As Pete pointed out, we really need to be able to see those markings. Also fish from any of the border lakes are eligible regardless of what side of the lake you are fishing.. Good luck and keep sending in photos.
  6. Still sounds like a good trip. Getting that thump on the line is addictive. Thanks for the report.
  7. Congrats Jim! Nice fish. We found some spotty redears locally. Also using microjigs. They weren't at the spots that we caught them previously.
  8. As always a great report and a couple of fists of crappie. Congrats! Jealous of the gar😉!
  9. Even with the googans sounds like a great time. Congrats on a fine guided trip buddy!
  10. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    That looks great! Bet that it tasted as good as it looks.
  11. A couple of healthy looking stripers buddy! Congrats on packing a couple for the fridge. Sorry about the cut. I hate it when the fish get back at us. Still we seem to end up on the better end of the deal.
  12. I tend not to get sea sick. But have been on a Miami to Bahamas crossing with 10 to 15 ft swells. Absolutely wanted to die. Since then I tend to always take an insurance Bonine pill or two. With as little or as much as you tend to pay for the trip sea sickness doesn't need to be an issue.
  13. Speaking of water snakes. Here's a triple from this afternoon's fishing trip. A fourth small male hit the water before the photo op.
  14. You have the luxury to be able to do just that. Many in this country cannot afford to sit and wait. Some of us may be in the high risk group do to genetics and life-style choices, but still have to go to work nearly everyday and have been doing so throughout the pandemic. We also have to manage our teams to remain productive while setting up processes that allow our workers to be as safe as possible.
  15. Awesome day @MNtransplant! Congrats and welcome to Missouri fishing! (and catching)!
  16. If this beast mutates like they think that they have seen, there may never be one Rick. Flu shot has been around a long time and still thousands die from the flu every year. Here is what I would love to hear, what does the science say. "Listen to the science" has become nothing more than a catch phrase to either support of refute someone else's argument. Listen to the science and continue the lockdown until.... Listen to the science that provides evidence that the curve has flattened and we can ease the restrictions. There is really a lot of concern from a bunch of guys that live in areas where you have a 0.2% chance of contracting covid and in a country that doesn't have a death rate greater than 10% for confirmed cases like most of the EU. That's even if you didn't wear a mask. That is what the data says. Maybe that's due to not really being exposed to COVID or already being sick at a lesser grade. Regardless take the necessary precautions and go back to living your life without much trepidation. Also be thankful you don't live in an area that still has hundreds of new cases a day.
  17. This reminds me of Billy Madison. All this talk and you only mentioned two ambiguous action items. Fill the cupboards and make a plan. What were you going to put in those cupboards? What was your plan? We may actually be dumber after reading this. Glad that you aren't in charge.
  18. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Rick tonight my wife made two small ham steaks, asparagus, fried mashed potatoes and a blooming Vidalia onion. It was delicious.
  19. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    I would live that😁. My default flavor profile is Asian flavors. My wife's is Mexican flavors.
  20. If you do the number 6 you'll need a sh@#load of dimes to make that plan work.
  21. I'm at home watching my daughter use a pair of scissors on her new jeans. It's distressing😢! When I asked if she was happy with what she was doing. She told me that she was torn up about it🤭!
  22. Will do buddy. I know that she is waiting to see your daughter with a deer or turkey.
  23. Thanks @JestersHK for taking us along through your posts! Wish that I could have been there in person, maybe next year !
  24. Looks like I am right on time with this prediction, especially if they are able to run the first bear season in 2021. If you are for or opposed give the MDC your feedback. MDC wants public comments on proposed bear-hunting season Learn more through May 27 webcast and comment online by June 5 at mdc.mo.gov/bears. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is seeking initial public input on a proposed limited and highly regulated hunting season for black bears, which would be open only to Missouri residents. If approved by the Missouri Conservation Commission, a season could occur as soon as the fall of 2021. MDC is asking for initial public comments through June 5. According to MDC, over the last 50 years bear numbers in the Missouri Ozarks have increased significantly and today Missouri is home to between 540 – 840 black bears. Bear numbers are currently increasing each year and bear range in the state is expanding. “With Missouri’s growing black bear population, MDC is proposing the development of a limited and highly regulated bear hunting season,” said MDC Furbearer Biologist Laura Conlee. “The hunting season would provide Missouri residents with the opportunity to participate in the sustainable harvest of a valuable natural resource. The timing and length of the season, restrictive methods, and permit allocation coupled with a harvest quota will initially be limited to ensure a sustainable harvest of our growing black bear population.” Conlee added that limited black bear hunting will be an essential part of population management in the future as Missouri’s bear numbers continue to grow. Learn more about Missouri’s black-bear population, MDC bear research, how to “Be Bear Aware,” and the potential black bear hunting season through the MDC Wild Webcast on Missouri Black Bears with Conlee on Wednesday, May 27, at 10 a.m. Register in advance at short.mdc.mo.gov/Zh8 and then join the webcast live on May 27 at 10 a.m. Learn more about a potential black bear hunting season in Missouri through this brief video at youtube.com/watch?v=LWy76Dt0cDs&feature=youtu.be. Learn more about a potential black bear hunting season in Missouri online and submit comments through June 5 at mdc.mo.gov/bears. Details on Proposed Black Bear Season Most of Missouri’s estimated 540-840 black bears are found south of the Missouri River, and primarily south of Interstate 44. With this in mind, MDC proposes to establish three Bear Management Zones (BMZ) in southern Missouri. MDC is proposing a limited hunting season for black bears in Missouri that would begin each year on the third Monday in October and run for 10 days or until BMZ-specific quotas are reached, whichever comes first. Hunting hours would be a half-hour before sunrise to a half-hour hour after sunset. The proposal would limit black bear hunting to Missouri residents. Harvest quotas for each of the three BMZs would be determined annually each spring by the Conservation Commission based on recommendations by MDC. Quotas have not yet been established for the future season. Once the specific harvest quotas are filled for each BMZ, the season for that BMZ would be closed. Hunters would need to call in each morning they intend to hunt to determine if the BMZ-specific quota has been reached. If harvest quotas are not reached, the season would close at the end of the 10 designated hunting days. Hunters would be allowed to use both archery and firearms equipment with allowable methods being the same as those for deer and elk, except the use of an atlatl. Baiting and the use of dogs would not be allowed at this time but may be considered in the future. MDC proposes to offer an annual online permit-application period each spring with a fee of $10 per applicant. Individuals must be Missouri residents and would only be allowed to apply once per year to hunt in one of the three designated BMZs. Permit selection would be determined each summer through a random drawing of all eligible applicants. There would be no “sit-out” period for those selected to receive permits. There would be no preference points given, such as with managed deer hunts. To ensure resident landowners within a BMZ have an opportunity to participate in the hunt, MDC would propose that a minimum of 10 percent of BMZ-specific black bear hunting permits are awarded to qualifying landowners. To be eligible, landowners would have to have submitted their Landowner Permit Application, would need to meet the same eligibility requirements for deer and turkey landowner permits, and would need have at least 20 contiguous acres within the BMZ for which they are applying. MDC would issue a limited number of hunting permits for each of the three BMZs. Each permit would be for a specific BMZ and could be used on public or private property within the BMZ. Those selected would be eligible to buy a permit at a cost of $25. A person would need to be 11 years of age or older and have completed hunter education (or be exempt) by the time of the hunt to purchase a permit. The harvest limit would be one bear per permit. Bears eligible for harvest would be limited to single bears only. Hunters would not be allowed to disturb, pursue, or harvest any bear that has taken refuge in a den. All harvested bears would need to be telechecked by 10 p.m. on the day of harvest. Harvested bears would need to remain intact as a field-dressed carcass or quartered until the bear has been telechecked. MDC would also require the submission of a tooth from each harvested bear within 10 days of harvest. This would help MDC staff with black-bear research and management. Next Steps MDC will collect initial public comments through June 5. Online comments can be submitted at mdc.mo.gov/bears. Written comments can be mailed to: Missouri Department of Conservation, Attention Michele Baumer, PO Box 180, Jefferson City MO 65102. MDC will then review all public input and finalize recommendations for the proposed bear-hunting season for submission to MDC’s Regulations Committee in July. Those recommendations would then move forward to the Conservation Commission for consideration in early September. If approved, the proposed rulemakings will be published in the Oct. 15 edition of the Missouri Register and open for public comments through Nov. 15. Comments received will then be summarized and presented for final consideration at the Commission’s December meeting. If approved, the new rules would become effective March 1, 2021, for the fall hunting season. Background on Missouri Black Bears The black bear is one of the largest and heaviest wild mammals in Missouri with some reaching up to 500 pounds. Black bears were historically abundant throughout the forested areas of Missouri prior to European settlement but were nearly eliminated by unregulated killing in the late 1800s, as well as from habitat loss when Ozark forests were logged. However, a small number of Missouri black bears survived and reintroduction efforts in Arkansas also helped to increase their numbers in southern Missouri. Over the last 50 years, bear numbers in the Missouri Ozarks have been increasing. Today Missouri is home to between 540 – 840 black bears. Bear numbers are currently increasing each year and bear range is expanding. Learn more about black bears in Missouri and MDC management efforts at mdc.mo.gov/bears. MDC is seeking public comments on a proposed hunting season for black bears in Missouri. Hunting would be limited to Missouri residents. Learn more and submit comments at mdc.mo.gov/bears.
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