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  1. You have any luck yet with the deer? I’ve been at it for 5 days now and have only seen 1. Could've shot it but I feel better if I give the first one a pass. Nothing more for me yet, since seeing that one late Tuesday.

    1. Johnsfolly


      Not yet. I saw four Sat morning, three does and a small buck. I'm not picky and would have shot any of them if provided a good shot. Two of the does would not stop and I have had bad luck with walking deer. The buck gave me a quartering away shot, but the sun filled my scope obscuring the image enough for me not to pull the trigger. He didn't wait long enough for me to cover the scope or move slightly. Went out on Monday and sat watching squirrels.

      I plan on going out again this weekend. Good luck if you get out!

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