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  1. 7 hours ago, ness said:

    Been trying to reverse engineer a recipe from our favorite local Chinese place they simply call Chicken and Snow Peas. I've had it at other places, so I know it's not a one off. Web searches were all over the board and none seemed very close. So I struck out on my own and got it very close.

    First step was to 'velvet' the chicken. Sliced chicken thinly and marinated them in a mixture of cornstarch and sherry. Lotsa velvet recipes I saw included vinegar, egg white and other stuff. I figured the cornstarch was the key so I kept it simple. Mixed that in with the chicken and marinated for about 15 minutes. Then I dropped the chicken pieces into boiling water for a couple minutes to get the cooking started then removed. It was very soft, juicy, slightly underdone chicken at this point.

    Then it was a pretty basic stir fry -- chicken, thinly sliced onion, snap peas (I had a bunch from the garden so I used them instead of snow peas) and garlic. Done quickly -- no browning. 

    Then the sauce. I couldn't find anything that sounded right so I winged it. The ones we've had are pale, almost white, savory, thin sauces. I remember savory, wine, garlic, chick broth flavors. So I went with sherry, a touch of soy sauce, a little chicken bouillon, water and a little corn starch. Threw all that in the hot skillet and let it go a a minute or two to pick up flavors and thicken slightly. Turned out very good -- it's a keeper.



    Looks great Ness. I used to velvet chicken all the time, then just stopped doing it. Not sure now why, maybe due to the extra pot to clean or time. I would make something similar to this dish, but have straw mushrooms in the mix. Was one of my daughter's favorites.

  2. As much as I complain about work or not being able to fish for over a month back when we were locked down in MD, my wife still is by ny side.

    My daughter still fishes with me on a regular basis.

    Finally have been able to see our granddaughter here in KS. Though she isn't  sure about grandpa yet.

    Slowly completing a few of my fishing goals this year. More will be posted about those endeavors.

  3. 1 hour ago, oneshot 1 said:

    Shed is coming. My wife just told me she bought 10 Laying Hens $2 apiece.


    If it's the two of you 10 layers should keep you in eggs all the time. We have four layers and get over a dozen eggs a week. We eat only about 4 to 6 eggs a week for the three of us. If they weren't  more like pets, a couple would be stock 🤔.

  4. 35 minutes ago, ness said:

    The bacteria won’t know the difference 😄 Salt water-filled baggie on top to keep out the air works dandy.

    I’ve got one of the ceramic crocks with the water lock on the top. I see it every time I go in the basement. Did kraut a couple times and fermented pickles. Liked the pickles best. 

    That's the style fermenter we use.  Sue wants to stop at Zanesville pottery on way back to MD for a bigger size. Still just making kraut. Looked into kimchi but didn't  have the cabbage we wanted at that time.

  5. 7 hours ago, ness said:

    A whole lotta cookin’ goin’ on. 

    Birfday party yesterday for daughter and her boyfriend. Started with a ‘Sharkeatery’ platter. Plus bruschetta with diced tomato, parm, garlic, garden basil, olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. Then a pan of lasagna, grilled chicken Alfredo, salad, vino. Lotsa cheese and garlic and food and fun. 


    Finished with tiramisu. Dang.  


    Great looking Tiramisu. It's  how I rate Italian restaurants. Dumplings used to be my rating system for Chinese restaurants but most no longer make their own.

  6. 21 hours ago, trythisonemv said:

    Late July or the first part of October are good for me . July 26 or october 1 and 2nd . ...

    Sounds great. Unfortunately we are in MO the next two weeks. Won''t  be able to be back at end of July. Oct might be tough as we'll. Would love to fish with some of the Taney regulars. Fished a couple times with @JestersHK which is always fun. Also fishing with @duckydoty is a great time ss well.

  7. 9 hours ago, Jerkbait1 said:

    Two of us just got back from couple days fishing.   River was a little high/fast but we did pretty good on rainbows.  Not many wading opportunities drifted mainly from boat.  Fished between turner and riverton caught a few below Halls Bay which was a first for me.  Went down below hwy 160 bridge several miles smallmouth scattered in big water it seems.   If water drops more fishing should be real good.   Lots of people canoeing and enjoying river 

    Sounds like good times! See any skipjack herring chasing your baits in the higher water?

  8. 7 hours ago, Gavin said:

    Blue crab might be in, might order some and have em shipped.

    We have been doing better the last two weeks on numbers, but we only keep a dozen of do when we go out. Size hasn't  been great with most just meeting or over limit. Lots of pots out in the bay lately. Processing houses are having issues getting crabs processed due to deep cuts in worker visas. 

  9. 1 hour ago, ness said:

    Preacher: Do you, Kipling Robert Dynamite, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?

    Kip: You know I do. :D 

    Maybe I have to see it again. I just don't remember much about it other than getting hit with meat :rolleyes:.

  10. 3 hours ago, SpoonDog said:

    I just don’t think all protestors, or even most of them, are violent.   And I think the folks writing all protestors off as violent thugs and all police as guiltless heroes would be well served going to a couple protests and seeing for themselves.

    I agree!

  11. 17 hours ago, FishnDave said:

    Since you've caught Browns, I certainly appreciate your take on them.   Its possible I've caught browns many years ago, but I don't have any pictures of them to look at.

    The distributions on Fishmap.org shows that browns are distributed north (in MN and WI), east of the Mississippi, and on the West coast, but not really in the midwest. There appears that where you are Dave that historically may have had brown bullhead. What I don't see is many collections of brown bullheads in the Midwest as compared to those in the east or west coast where there are hundreds of cited collections points. There are a few collections of brown bullheads in AR back in the 80's in the west SW half of the state. There was one modern collection point (2015) in MO in the Mingo NWR. Now it's possible that there just hasn't been much interest in doing comprehensive surveys for this species. Again as @Ham can attest with a redbreast sunfish that he caught in Toledo Bend, some times you will catch a fish or two outside of those ranges.

  12. 8 hours ago, SpoonDog said:

    Oh.  I'm supposed to take secondhand accounts of violent protestors seriously, just not secondhand accounts of police brutality.  The evidence is acceptable, so long as it doesn't challenge our worldview. 


    Got it.

    No. Simply calling you a hypocrite. You made the argument that you can only accept firsthand knowledge to support your argument about non-violent protestors and then tout secondhand information to support your argument about police violence. Can't have it both ways, but that's just your worldview.

    Got it.

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