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  1. carpsucker.jpg

    So I pulled out the Fishes of Missouri 2nd edition to look over this guy again.

    The first pair was between the quillback and the other carpsuckers (i.e., highfin and river).

    The features for the quillback were:

    A lack of a projection on the lower lip - well we can't see the lower lip

    The upper jaw does not extend beyond the front of the eye - hard to tell from the photo but looks like it might not extend beyond the front of the eye.

    Quillback had 36 or 37 lateral line scales - this fish appears to have 36 again hard to tell from the photo; the other carpsuckers have from 34 to 36 lateral line scales

    The length of the snout is about equal to the distance from the back of the eye to the upper end of the gill opening - on this fish the snout is much shorter than the distance from the back of the eye to the gill opening

    Based upon that last feature, I went to the pairing for the highfin and river carpsuckers.

    For a highfin the primary dorsal ray is approximately as long or longer than the length of the dorsal fin - it does not appear that on this fish that the dorsal ray is that long

    For a highfin the standard length (length from tip of snout to the base of the tail (caudal peduncle)) is les than 2.6 times the body depth (distance from belly to top of the back)  - for this fish its standard length is 2.26 times its depth

    The river carpsuckers does not have a long primary dorsal ray and its length is at last 2.6 times its body depth.

    To me the weight of evidence is that @Al Agnew is correct about this fish being a highfin carpsucker.






  2. 3 hours ago, Quillback said:

    This guy did swim away, but of course you never know if they eventually die - didn't bring any ice with me as I didn't expect to catch any stripers.  Had I had some ice with me I probably would've kept it, my frozen fish stash is now at zero.  ☹️

    I'm talking about out here in the Chesapeake. we have really bad water quality here in the summer. Also people around here think that fish are indestructible.

    I have been really bad at catching any eaters this year. Only had a meal of catfish this year. I'm slacking for sure.

  3. 1 hour ago, Quillback said:


    Healthy looking fish Jeff!  Last year there was really high catch and release mortality in the summer from the recreational fisheries. So we are being asked to refrain from any striper fishing if the water temp gets too hot to hold adequate O2 levels.That may be most afternoons in the shallower waters near the banks.

  4. 1 hour ago, moguy1973 said:

    I'm going to say it's a river carp sucker.  Dorsal fin isn't long enough for the other two species.

    the three species of carpsuckers with a dialogue bubble saying "we don't suck!"

    Looks like more investigation is needed :D! I'll dig thru some keys and see if there are identifying features in the original photo possibly those that have been discussed already or others that will help with this id.

  5. 53 minutes ago, Sam Hargrove said:

    There do exist summer rainbows and brows in the Meramec around Cardiac Hill. Looks like they both had gig marks though, not cool. 

    Meramec Brown.jpg


    Congrats! It's been a while since I have seen that nice of a brown trout from that river.

  6. Plants typically respond to injury by sending out more shoots. Stimulating the growth of new shoots should lead to more flowers and fruit. You will get a thicker lawn by routinely cutting the grass and stimulating side shoots. Deadheading flowering plants usually results in multiple flushes of flowers. Fruit trees and vines throw out more flowers and then more fruit.

  7. All of this is BS and pandering to the participation award generation. No hurt feelings. I guess the saying sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me has be rejected😒.

  8. I have an honorable mention; not real a goal per se. I want to get a photo of all of the fish species that I have caught. After a couple of tries that failed mainly due to moving to MD and flooding, I pulled off a hail Mary and caught and photographed an Ozark bass. I used information provided to me from fellow OAF folks and picked a likely spot on Finley creek to give it another try. I was fishing a John Deere microjig about 14 inches under a float. I caught two green sunfish before getting an Ozark to bite and be photographed.

    Green Sunfish - Finley Crk - 07Jul20.jpg

    Ozark Bass (2) - Finley Crk - 07Jul20.jpg

    Now if I can catch a Roanoke bass. May have to be a 2021 goal :rolleyes:.

  9. It's  been years over 5 or 6 yrs since I last fished the CA and Z3. Impressions were that the bedrock sections of ghe stream in the CA we slicker than ice and held few if any fish. The browns that I encountered were very skittish and more often ran when anything disturbed the water. I was spin fishing. May be better with flies. Some productive holes were nothing more than deeper water runs and not a true hole. I thought that there was some signage when you get to Z3 but can't remember. I remember a cabin that is easier to see going downstream from the park than upstream from the CA that was near the border. Definitely less bedrock sections in Z3. 

    Good luck.

  10. The fishing trips in Kansas continue. I am really focused on trying to catch a new darter. Looking at maps Deep Creek below Manhattan KS looks promising. We tried a bridge access that actually had a deep pool and nice riffles below the pool. The water was very clear and I saw lots of fish when looking from the bridge. Got my gear and Livie came along. She was fishing a Trout magnet minijig head with a piece of redworm below a small float. I had on a #26 Tanago hook with a single split shot above the hook and a tiny piece of worm.

    There were lots of micros in the riffles and shallow pools. Livie hooked up first and she landed a green sunfish then another.

    Livie Green Sunfish - Deep Creek - 05Jul20.jpeg

    Then she caught a longear sunfish as well.

    Livie Longear Sunfish - Deep Creek - 05Jul20.jpeg

    So she had probably 5 to 6 fish before I landed my first micro. I was thinking that this might have been a sand shiner which is common in KS streams. With a dark stripe and a dark spot on the tail. I caught another small one and then a larger minnow. All with the same markings. Looking at my guides I determined that these abundant minnow were bluntnose minnows.

    Bluntnose minnow - Deep Creek - 05Jul20.jpeg

    While I was working on those micros, Livie began catching minnows as well with catches of common shiners and creek chubs.

    Livie Common Shiner - Deep Creek - 05Jul20.jpeg

    Livie Creek Chub - Deep Creek - 05Jul20.jpeg

    I was getting closer to the deeper water that Livie was catching fish after fish when she called "Madtom! Madtom!" as a large madtom came swimming somewhat erratically downstream towards me. I put my bait in front of this fish several times and it avoided the bait each time. I watched where it went. I got Livie in position to get a bait under the large rock where it swam. She pulled out another longear and a green sunfish, but no madtom. We saw either the same fish three different times or three different fish that all swam erratically and as if it was injured. Livie eventually caught it by hand.


    Looked to be a stonecat, but neither of us caught it on our hooks. I saw and even smaller madtom that Livie also caught by hand. It was a slender madtom, which we both have caught previously.

    Livie HC Slender Madtom - Deep Creek - 05Jul20.jpeg

    I did see a single minnow amongst the many minnows but it had orange dorsal, pectoral, and anal fins. It stood out from all the others. I even think that I had it on my bait, but I could not land it. After looking at the guides, this fish may actually have been a Topeka shiner a very rare species. I never got another chance at that fish. After catching quite a few more commons shiners and sunfish it was time to move to our last fishing spot in KS. Back to where it all began for Livie to try for some green fish and a few that would give her a big tug on the line :D!


  11. On ‎7‎/‎8‎/‎2020 at 7:37 PM, ness said:

    Here's the last couple nights. 

    Linguine with clams last night:


    Lettuce wraps tonight:



    Looks Great Ness! Do like the clams and linguini!

  12. 35 minutes ago, BilletHead said:

                Lets do a bundle post.

                     This is just from today. Pat's day off. Went to town for some business. Ended up at the Amish market out in the country. I can think of at least three within 20 miles. We hit one that usually has a good selection. Got a watermelon some nice big jalepenos and a couple tomatoes some blackberries some sweet corn too. When we got home Pat got a burr in her rear I think and started going berserk in the kitchen. First off she got to work on the blackberries and a cobbler was created.0709201258_HDR.jpg

    Oven still hot she went to work on a brownie recipe. She started shouting orders get me four #3 skillets. I did and next thing you know out come these beauties obey gooey on the inside. 

    0709201301.jpg         Time to think about the main meal. Thawed some venison burger and bacon was cooked for stuffed peppers as Pat went to work on the jalapenos.0709201312_HDR.jpgBurger thawed and I got that cooked for tacos.0709201312a_HDR.jpg I fired up the charcoal grill as Pat filled the tortillas with the taco meat and tooth picked them shut. 0709201400_HDR.jpg0709201345.jpg   Six separated out and the rest laid out on cookie sheet in freezer for another day. Those will be put in a zip lock and as we need some just pulled out.  Coals ready on went the peppers to grill and smoke,

    0709201349_HDR.jpg0709201421.jpg    Taco condiments ready,0709201400.jpg   While all this was going on even got to do some texting with Ness!

        Oil hot the taco shells filled with meat took a bath,0709201411_HDR.jpg    Peppers done and brought in. Taco shells unpinned and filled with goodies. plated up it was time to feed our faces,0709201431.jpg     Dang it was good. A couple hours later this happened. Yes there is warm brownie under the ice cream :) ,




    Double DANG!!! Looks great buddy!

  13. 19 hours ago, Dksmitht3 said:

    I am looking for some remote areas in the Ozarks for my son and I to do some trout fishing for a few days.  We have fished several different states over the last several years and really enjoy getting away.  The farther in the woods the better.  We have always tried to get away from others and fish the smaller creeks and holes.   I am not really familiar with the mountains of Arkansas but I'm sure there would be some great places to hike in and camp / fish.   Looking to spend 3 - 5 days in the woods this next month if possible before he goes back to school.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  


    Look into the MDC Blue Ribbon trout stream slam. That will show you which creeks have stream bred trout. Some spots can meet your expectations of a wilderness fishing trip. A few other folks on OAF have been posting some of their catches towards their slams.

    Good luck and report back.

  14. On ‎3‎/‎17‎/‎2020 at 12:03 PM, Johnsfolly said:

    i know that some guys like @laker67 and @Ham are working on their fishing goals. Hopefully everyone else is getting a chance to fish.

    Near the end of March I thought that I would revisit my 2020 goals. I had a bad cold that put me out of commission for close to three weeks in Jan/Feb, but I have been able to bounce back and catch some fish lately :D!

    I am questioning whether we would be able to make it out to the White/Norfork area in Mar/Apr due to COVID-19. We did do a charter in SC that was unexpected.

    Caught four new species so far in 2020, which puts me at 25% of accomplishing that goal.

    Little Skate from DE beach

    Little Skate (2) - Indian Rvr Inlt - 11Jan20.jpg

    Black Drum from South Carolina - checks off catching a black drum and is included as a new fish for the lifelist.

    Dad first black drum - 08Mar20.jpg

    American (white) shad in North Carolina - also checks off catching this shad and is included as a new fish.

    American Shad (1) - Tar River 10Mar20.jpg

    Caught a flier sunfish this last weekend which covers one new sunfish as well as a new lifelist fish.

    Flier (1) - 14Mar20.jpg

    Good luck to all of you guys!

    Now that 2020 is half over time to revisit again goals for 2020. Even with COVID-19 slowing things down, I got back on track somewhat. Willing to run the gauntlet of COVID across the country has helped my goals.

    Catch a fish in 1 new state -

    I have fished in Maryland, Delaware (pre- post-COVID outbreak (PRC and PSTC)), North Carolina (PC), South Carolina (PC), Missouri (PSTC), Kansas (PSTC), and Nebraska (PSTC) but it was only NE that was a new state. I only had a few hours to fish and waited nearly an hours for a monsoon to pass before fishing. I landed four green sunfish from a small lake and lost a couple of micros on that trip. Still got State #29 in the books.


    Catch a MD native brook trout or stripers on fly rod (BH flies)

    Catch 12 Lifelist species - Including: - caught 4 new life list species

    Added two more since March - now hallway to my 2020 goal

    Margined madtom from MD

    Margined Madtom - Ltl Patuxent - 14Jun20.jpg

    Caught an orangespotted sunfish in KS that was both a new lifer as well as my second new sunfish of the year!

    Orangespotted Sunfish -cp - Mill Creek - 02Jul20.jpg

    New lifer darter and/or sculpin

    Found and fished for Prairie Orangethroat darters in KS but no luck. Missed an opportunity for tessellated darters in MD. Getting close.

    American Shad - Accomplished - caught in Tar River NC

    Northern Kingfish or Black Drum - Caught Black Drum in SC

    Three new sunfish sp. - Caught flier sunfish in MD; Orangespotted sunfish in KS

    Two shark species including dogfish sp.

      - White River/Norfork River - March/April - COVID Cancelled
      - NJ/DE for Black Drum - May/June  - COVID Cancelled
      - Lake Erie - May  - COVID Cancelled
      - Chincoteague Island July-Sept
      - spadefish trip June-Aug
      - Flathead/Blue catfish in Potomac or Susquehanna
      - Pike or Musky trip

    Hope that others are getting along towards whatever goals that you might have had for 2020.

  15. We have risked COVID and been out in MO and KS to see our kids and granddaughter. Of course I am going to fish somewhere :rolleyes:! If you didn't know I am a multispecies angler and keep up a lifelist of species that I have caught on hook and line. As I have done more research I am beginning to work on trying to catch specific species and particularly trying to catch all species within a certain genus of fish. I have been working on the Lepomis genus which currently has 13 species. I know from my research that the orangespotted sunfish, Lepomis humilis, is common throughout KS. After @FishnDaveposted one that he caught in Iowa, I really needed to catch one. So I dug into some blogs and forum discussions about this species and found a creek in KS that looked to be a promising location and it was on the way to get to my son, who is stationed in Ft Riley. My wife puts up with my obsessions thankfully as she and my daughter were in the car as I was trying to catch an orangespotted sunfish. I will say to any one that uses Google maps that you really don't know what to expect once you get to a location in an attempt to fish. I went to a spot that looked on the map to be a slight grade spillway that emptied into the creek. Well it was a much steeper drop and coated with algae, which would have made for a very bad fall. So this spot was not going to work. Did see our first collared lizard.

    Collard Lizard - Lake Wabaunsee - 02Jul20.jpg

    I went to my second spot, which was a pool below a highway bridge downstream from the spillway. The spot was a plunge pool approximately 20 by 15 feet and looked to have a depth of 3 to 4 feet. The water was very clear and there were lots and lots of fish, from largemouth bass, carp, bluegill, longear sunfish, green sunfish, micros, and even some drum. I have only seen pictures of orangespotted sunfish from the side and not from above. That made it challenging to say the least. Also the other sunfish were really aggressive. I was fishing a Trout magnet minijig with a piece of worm. Caught a green sunfish as soon as the bait hit the water. This happened over and over again. I kept casting to likely targets. If it wasn't a green sunfish, then it might have been a bluegill or longear sunfish :angry:. Don't get me wrong I love catching fish, but this was getting ridiculous.

    Bluegill - Mill Creek - 02Jul20.jpg

    Longear Sunfish - Mill Creek - 02Jul20.jpg

    I moved to the outfall of the pool and actually saw my first orangespotted sunfish. I could tell by his coloration as well as his red eyes. Now all that I had to do was to get a bait down through the gauntlet of other sunfish, not spook the fish and get him to bite. Oh and I only saw two amongst the hoards. I tried tossing worm pieces to distract the other fish. I tried reeling up on the line and pushing the bait down to the fish. None of that worked real well. Fortunately these fish were easy to spot now that I knew what they looked like and they kept coming back to the same locations. After landing and releasing 32 other sunfish not counting those that I pulled out of the water but not setting the hook, I got the bait to the bottom, did not spook the fish and he bit!!! I got and bagged my first orangespotted sunfish!!!

    Success :=D:

    Orangespotted Sunfish - Mill Creek - 02Jul20.jpg

     By this time my wife and daughter were out and exploring the creek downstream of the pool. I had seen some logperch and Prairie Orangethroat darters in the pool and they were looking downstream for more. They didn't find any but they let me fish downstream. I caught a common shiner and my first central stoneroller of the year, which can be a hard species to get to bite.

    Central Stoneroller - Mill Creek - 05Jul20.jpg

    I saw a hole further down stream that looked like it had some promise for bass or larger species. I went down and saw several bass swimming along with some larger green and bluegill sunfish. But what really caught my eye was a group of 8 to 10 large common carp, with one or two that may be 8 to 10 lbs. I tied on a 1/16 oz olive and black marabou jig and tipped it with some worm. I made a cast into the deeper part of the pool and it got smoked by a large drum. Even in a small pool this drum put up several runs before I was able to beach it and get it unhooked. I haven't estimated its size, but it might be a personal best for drum :D.

    Drum - Mill Creek - 02Jul20.jpg

    That was the last fish I caught before heading back to the car to finish our travel to the hotel near the base. What a successful day of catching in KS. I did think about going back, but it was my daughter that pushed that issue since she wanted to catch some bigger fish. But that will be another post.


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