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  1. At the end of last year I made it a goal to catch a trout on each of the designated trout waters in Missouri. I finally made it down to the Eleven Point on Friday the 2nd. I don't have a boat. So I took the hail Mary approach and hoped that I could land a couple from the bank or as deep as I could wade. Once I had a good look at the river, I now know why most folks say that this is best fished from a boat. I like to fish a lot of very light jigs and the amount of weeds and the heights of the banks made it impractical to use light baits. I did get a couple of short strikes from trout in the boat access at Greer bridge using 1/32 oz white maribou jigs. They were just pulling feathers, but I would try them later using some microjigs. I caught a 16 inch chain pickerel downstream from the launch area where I could reach some deeper water. I fished a couple of other spots downstream, but the bank kept getting higher and the wading was too difficult. I went back up to the bridge. I switched to a Rapala countdown crankbait in a brown trout pattern and caught my first rainbow just under the bridge.



    Behind the bridge pilings I caught a 10" smallmouth. At the confluence below the bridge, I caught this 14" smallmouth.


    I went back to the boat access and switched to a reel loaded with 2 Lb fluorocarbon P-line and fished a 1/125 oz microjig and caught another rainbow. Due to an untimely dip in the water, I decided to head down to the Turner Mill access to try to catch a couple of trout in the white ribbon section of the river. At the access I found this tree and was able to catch a couple of rainbows on a 1/64 oz tan maribou jig in the deep water running above and next to the snag.


    After I landed my second trout, it began to rain again and with my waders and rain gear soaked from my dip up at Greer I decided to cut the trip short. I'm looking forward to a return trip and with a boat. With a 400 mile round trip, I will probably try to stay down in that area instead of making another day trip.

    Now it's on to the North fork of the White to attempt to finish my goal.

  2. I would suggest the clear line. That way you can fish any trout water without having to change lines.I prefer 2 lb line, but if you want to fish any small cranks or roostertail spinners go with the 4 lb. Trout magnet and microtrout magnet jigs fished 14 to 22" below a float will work well for the community ponds. I prefer pink, pink white, orange and yellow jig bodies. Good luck.

  3. I have had bats hit my line, but have never hooked one. When I was living in Florida, I did hook a brown pelican. Anytime you threw out your bait or tried to land a fish this bird would dive on it in the water. I tried to pull out my bait as it opened its mouth and must have set the hook. It took 5 minutes or so to get the bird close. I eventually had to cut the line to keep from getting beaten by its wings. It went right back to the railing that it was sitting on when I made my cast. After meeting with me that bird now had four lines coming out of its beak.

  4. Here's a giant longear that I caught on the Maries river. I didn't have to resort to any fake hero shots to show just how big this fish was. I just have a hard time bending my right arm at times.


    Ham I agree with you that these guys are one ot the prettiest fish in our streams. I would love to set up a fish tank with them if I could figure out how to keep their coloration.

  5. My folks live in Georgia and I found out that at least 6 bass species lived in the state. So in the summer of 2009 I fished all over the state to catch a bunch of new species. Here is a shoal bass that I caught on an Excalibur Spit'n Image topwater while fishing the Upper Ocmulgee River in Jasper CO, Georgia.


    Here is what the river looked like.


    I also caught several redeye bass on the Spit'n image topwater in Amicalola Creek in Dawson CO, GA.


    Above the bridge was a recognized GA trout fishing area to give you an idea of the habitat for these bass. The Amicalola falls is the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi river.


    I fished the Wakulla River south of Tallahasee Florida that summer as well using 3" flukes and lost two Suwannee bass right at the boat. It appeared that they were just holding the bait with a closer mouth until the got near the boat. They were both less than 10" long. I just couldn't get them to bite on any smaller lures to get a good hookset. So I still have to go back to FL to try for them again.

    My wife is going to hate me going onto roughfish.com. She supports my obsessive goals about fishing and hunting until I get to 85+% of the goal. Then I get really obsessed and she is tired of me talking about or planning the next trip. I'm currently trying to catch a trout at each Missouri recognized trout streams by the MDC designations. I have two sections of the North Fork of the White rvier and same on the Eleven point river as well as the section of Lake Taneycomo below the trophy management area to complete the task. I cannot think about anything else at this point. Living in Columbia, I have to plan to stay down that way. So that adds additional costs to the trips. She is ready for me to move onto the next goal.

    have you caught a grass pickerel? Crane creek in Crane, MO has a fair number of them. I caught my first one back in March on that creek.

  6. Ham. Were you fishing the Current in Mo or in Arkansas? Are you tracking how many different species you catch in a year? I track every fish that I catch and love to catch new species. I'm up to 86 different freshwater and saltwater fish species over my fishing career. I need to catch the guadeloupe and the Suwannee river bass to finish catching all of the black bass species.

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