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  1. 10 hours ago, ness said:



    9 hours ago, Mitch f said:

    I’m shaking in anticipation as well

    Both are considered to be authentic to their ethnicity, ciopinno as an Italian dish and fortune cookies an Asian dish. However both were recipes that were developed in the US.

  2. 2 hours ago, ollie said:

    Water level was fine, it doesn't effect that creek much at all unless Monett gets it really hard. The wind was more of an issue however!


    2 hours ago, trythisonemv said:

    Wind was horrific 

    When is there ever a time on Capp's that wind is not an issue?

  3.  I'm in charge of the turkey and will spatchcock it again this year. This is the third year cooking it this way. Love the even cooking of the breast and thighs. Thanks RPS! 

    Standard fare the rest if the way. Green bean casserole and homemade cranberry sauce from my wife. Also one homemade pumpkin pie that we roasted and cleaned the pumpkin not can pumpkin.


  4. I'm posting this post here to protect a secret location. I'm back in MO for a couple of days and over this last weekend. I had a trip planned for Sunday but not Sat. Most of this year I have focused on catching a bunch of new species but not really on trying to push the number if species that I will catch this year. That changed when I went to Texas with @Ham. After I got back I was close to catching at least 75 different species. I was at 74 species when I got to Missouri. My buddy from Columbia sent me a photo with him holding up a stringer of whites and hybrids. I called him and got details on where he was and what he was using. Jigging spoons was the deal. I had planned on going to Truman but they weren't going to run water. So I went to the spot recommended by my friend. Picked up some spoons in chartreuse/white, blue, black and white and silver chrome. The weather was sketchy and was snowing when I got to the access. I had warm gear so was good to go!

    I got to where my buddy suggested and started with a chart/white 1 oz spoon. First cast I get bumped then bit. Heavy fish. Not much fight. Still took time to land this asian carp. It was hooked in the roof of the mouth so a solid catch for my 75th species. I'm inclined to consider this a silver carp.

    20191123_074747 edited.jpg

    My next cast into that same current stream. Again bumped them hooked up to fish that had my reel screaming until I could start back reeling. Fish made three or four hard runs then just ran out of steam. Had a lot of line out so took time to get this heavy fish in. This was another asian carp and likely a bighead carp. I hooked its tail and the hook pulled as I was beaching the fish. So no photo. 

    I moved further upstream and switched baits. Guys were catching whites on swim baits. I put on a 1/4 oz orange jig head and a pearl grub with a chartreuse paddletail. I shortened the bait to be about 2.5 to 3 inches long. I cast across the current and was slowly reeling in the bait. I gave it a slight jerk and got a solid hit. Landed my first white bass of the year No. 76.


    Not much bigger than the white perch back in MD. I got good at geel that tick on the line when a white grabbed the bait and caught a few more and this one was my 1000th fish for the year 👍!


    I had success using a chartreuse 1/4 oz head with the same grub combo. The guys up closer to the heavier current were landing decent hybrids. Around 9:30 most guys caught enough and left. I fished up there with a 1 oz chrome spoon and landed a couple more whites and my first hybrid of the day. I do count known hybrids so this was No. 77 for the year.


    Just to keep this location a secret to just me and the 15 to 20 guys fishing with me and the 10 to 15 that were there on Sunday I won't say where was able to Bag these Dam fish😀.

    Here are baits that worked.


    Tight Lines everyone!

  5. There are lots of bands that weakly build a song around a catchy refrain. Kiss' Rock and Roll All Nite has less than 50 actual words in the song. I was listening and the radio played "Come" on feel the noize by Quiet Riot and that song has maybe 40 words at most. "I don't know why! I don't know why! anymore!"

  6. I will say I was more entrenched in 60s, 70s with so.e 80s bands - AC/DC, the Who, Led Zepellin, Kansas, Pink Floyd, Creedence, America, Billy Joel,  Joe Cocker, Eddie Money, CSN, Cream, yardbirds, the Animals, Blue Oyster Cult, Boston, Rolling Stones, Joe Walsh, Eagles, Outlaws, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith.... Oh and throw in Little River Band and Leo Sayer as guilty pleasures😌.

    I did Wang Chung one night. My girlfriend bought the tix. Saw them with the Cars. WC was much more entertaining.

  7. 12 minutes ago, Chief Grey Bear said:

    Dang you boys have been busy!!! This thread just won't die and it shouldn't! 

    Heres my meek contribution. A simple bacon wrapped grilled cheese. I made them many times with some crispy, fried bacon on the inside, but this time I put the crispy bacon on the outside. 




    Looks delicious!

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