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  1. 1 hour ago, MOPanfisher said:

    She likes to fry the stuff, 6 slices were 1.25 lbs, couldn't being myself to take a photo of boloney, but she was sure excited.

    I actually really like pan-fried bologna, but prefer thinner slices. As a kid that was one of the few things that my dad would make us - fried baloney sandwiches :D.

  2. 19 minutes ago, Mitch f said:

    Patiently waiting


    I'll admit I'm not a big fan of Jeff Bridges and thus have never seen the Big Lebowski :rolleyes:. Against my prejudice I actually liked his reboot of True Grit and R.I.P.D. is kind of a guilty pleasure movie for us.

    Other "classic" movies that I have never seen are the Big Chill and St Elmo's Fire. Or Kingpin (another bowling movie)

  3. 44 minutes ago, Travis Swift said:

    Drifting scuds on a drift rig is still dynamite.  Our best bite today was from fall creek down all the way to lilleys.  I put a drift rig on my daughters little spin cast rod and she caught quite a few drifting an orange and a pink scud. Hate to admit it but she was out fishing me pretty good while there was cloud cover but once the sun got up the grey scud shined again today. I'm using a size 12.  Here favorite part of the day was stopping by Lilleys and meeting Jackson though :)



    Looks like a great time. Congratulations to you both!

  4. 45 minutes ago, billym100 said:

    Barren Fork was a tricky one for me as well, was fortunate enough to luck into a really nice colored up rainbow to achieve my silver on the slam. Seems we have a lot in common, as I am headed to college this fall and I also only have the NFOW and the Eleven Point to go. Best of luck to you, maybe we will run into eachother on the water. 


    Awesome rainbow! Congrats and good luck on the rest of your Slam! The hardest parts are over. 11pt is by far more accessible to waders than the NFOW. For the NFOW if you don't have a canoe or kayak, I would look into Sunburst ranch or canoe/kayak rentals or shuttles.

  5. 1 minute ago, Devan S. said:

    I had read your report @Johnsfolly but your trek looks like a doozy coming down CC

    It was, but I felt that there would be less pressured fish in that area due to the difficulty of getting to the creek. Trying not to spook fish for one guy can be bad enough, but two on those little streams may just not work as you are seeing already. Good luck!

  6. 9 hours ago, FishnDave said:

    Wanted one of these on the fly rod for quite some time. Finally happened. Beautiful spawning male Orangespotted Sunfish!

    Also caught a small Redear Sunfish while flyfishing today:

    Congrats on the orangespotted sunfish! Great looking fish! Now I'm jealous. Been trying for them and just haven't  caught one yet. And I'm  not even trying to catch one with a fly🙄. Congrats again!

  7. 17 hours ago, Terrierman said:

    OAF is one of the best things about the internet.  Scratch that.  It's the best thing.

    Agreed my friend. Now we need to get out and fish safely.

    @MNtransplant keep this a great community by continuing to share your experiences and help others on the site. Looking forward to your adventures.

  8. @Danielbauman congrats on a nice Barren fork rainbow! I could have given you some info if I had seen this thread earlier. Not sure if you were fishing your previous spot, PM me if you want some more info. Good luck finishing out your slam!

    @Devan S. good luck on your slam. If you haven't  go a find my 2014 posts about Barren fork. May be something in that trip that could help you on your slam attempt.

  9. 31 minutes ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

    I always thought they are kind of interested in the bead and when they refuse it take the scud because it's right there.  Or the bead attracts their attention and they see the scud and eat it.

    I catch quite a few trout that are attracted to the indicator first then drop down and eat the fly. I would think that a colored bead would work the same way.

  10. 1 hour ago, evilcatfish said:

    I don't agree with a catch and weigh in tournament that targets smallmouth on any creek or small river. Reading through the comments, it looks like Dillon Gross is the organizer. He does state that they are going to make attempts to keep the fish safe and be released after the tourney. He also stated that they have 90 lbs of catfish for the fry. If your fish die, then you could take them home or contribute to the fish fry. Still not a good idea in my opinion.

  11. 52 minutes ago, Quillback said:

    Neat deal there Marty - I love peanut butter and honey sandwiches!  

    Got my first brussels sprouts today.  Snap peas are coming on strong, but the broccoli is fading.  Got a mix to sauté in olive oil, butter and garlic.



    Looks like a nice saute in the making buddy! We have only picked lettuce from our patio plants. Mostly geared towards summer harvests.

  12. 1 hour ago, olfishead said:

     Not as good as walleye on the table but definitely edible. Colorado social distancing!


    Congrats on your CO social distancing! If they have been in the river a long time, trout are fine table fare. Stocker trout are a taste challenge at times.

  13. 10 minutes ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

    My wife is from Olney IL home of the white squirrel.  I think they are true albino.  What's weird is they are all over inside the city limits but if you get out of the city it's all greys and reds. 



    I could imagine a Ying/Yang but with a white and black squirrel mount. I know I'm a sick guy :rolleyes:.

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