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  1. .22 ammo for sale

    ok deal I will take it
  2. .22 ammo for sale

    Still have the ammo for sale make offer
  3. .22 ammo for sale

    90 rounds of cci mini magas and most are federal rounds also some other knock off brands
  4. .22 ammo for sale

    springfield mo
  5. .22 ammo for sale

    I have for sale 855 rounds of. 22 ammo.. Will let it go for 100 bucks... Also habe a desk for sale for 50... Hate to get rid of if but need the money for my car payment... Also have some shotgun shells also I would part with... If interested call or text me 417-633-9645 or message me on here
  6. Anybody fishing?

    I always use jro... Great service... But I don't like fishing below keer... Cox to keer is a.good float
  7. Anybody fishing?

    I need to go fishing the James again haven't been since I went in June to overnight it.... Been way too busy with work and getting hay made and food plots planted and trail cameras up..
  8. Anybody fishing?

    I would recommend floating from kk to linden.or from linden down to the park in Ozark or from the park in Ozark to were it meets the James are all good fishing
  9. Anybody fishing?

    Slab slinger I was above linden... Like way up river near the kk bridge.caught all.of my smallies in the current
  10. Anybody fishing?

    Fishing and floating the finely today catching some smallies and googeleye but that's about it.... Using a ned rig and rebel crawldad
  11. Guide help

    I recommend midlakes guide service.. Chris is a good guide and knows that Lake very well
  12. Summer Patterns?

    I use the ned in 1/15th Oz with coppertruce might work as well
  13. Flat Creek

    Lol some parts suck but I know of a few good holes between Jenkins and Stubblefield that are good that I have permission to be on some people's property to get to those spots
  14. Flat Creek

    Fished flat Creek Sunday morning for a bit wad at the Stubblefield access.. I caught a bunch of googel eye and a few smallmouth biggest smallmouth was 14in... But it was a good morning to be out... I was using a rebel crawl and a strike king bitsi minnow

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