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  1. I haven’t posted in a long time, and truth be told, 3 of my best friends reached out to me on this forum to fish in the dark. Sunday night chefofthesea and I braved the cold, dark conditions. Weather man said 38 for a low, I can handle that. When I noticed the ice forming on my rod I realized I’d been had again. So we slung buggers with the eyelets freezing up. Brought some rainbows to hand and after proclaiming that I was done at nearly 1 am I made one more half posterior cast back out......BAM!
  2. Amery

    Night fishing whites

    ^^^that all sounds fine to me.
  3. Amery

    Night fishing whites

    We went to lake fort smith during the last full moon, before the rain. I am familiar with that white bass run and was able to locate large numbers. On a fly rod. Also has anyone else caught a walleye from lake ft smith?
  4. Amery

    Looks like min. flow?

    Well I swear I saw it but now I don't. Maybe I'm loosing it from lack of fishing.
  5. Amery

    Looks like min. flow?

    What are ya gonna throw at them?? A buzz bait?
  6. I tried them a little last year below beaver at night. They were obviously in full spawn mode and wouldn't bite. Sounds like an early run technique.
  7. Amery

    Looks like min. flow?

    I'm starting to see zeros under the bull shoals column. Has anyone wade fished since? Also they have been doing the min. flow for a couple years now and of that time there hasn't been that much min. flow. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience night fishing with the min. flow conditions. State park area, or cotter.
  8. Amery

    River Below the Park

    We fished it Friday night. Parked at the conservation lot. Found a few fish.
  9. Amery

    PB at Crane Creek

    Sounds like a fly rod would be more effective. Seeing how you are fishing flies.
  10. well I'm all sorts of pumped up now. Thanks everyone.
  11. Amery

    Beaver master plan

    Here's the link with the info on the meeting. http://www.swl.usace.army.mil/Missions/Planning/BeaverLakeMasterPlan.aspx
  12. My father is an authentic hillbilly from Winslow Arkansas. He goes to Walmart bare footed and the employees don't mess with him. I do my best to escape from that lifestyle but it sneaks out every so often. em=them in hillbilly.
  13. Amery

    Monday afternoon river report

    They are drawing down the lake for the next two weeks.
  14. Nice. I will definitely be giving it a whirl. Do you go with a slower retrieve at night?

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