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  1. A kayak is my only boat, its gotta be better than bank fishing right? And yeah yeah, i knew as soon as i tied it on i was gonna get crap for the rooster tail, but i only had rooster tails and crankbaits to fish near the top. What would you recomend tossing at schools of baitfish when you start to see surface strikes? Or is that not worth casting at?
  2. So I went back out to Stockton last night after work, equipped with all I have learned in the last week or so and the confidence of success on the Piney over the weekend. And I got skunked. Let me tell you all what I did, and if you could tell me if I did anything wrong, or did everything by the book but they just weren't biting? So attached is a picture of the route I took, it is just south east of the Ruark campground. I headed strait for the closest point and fished all over the point and slightly down both sides. At first a used a Ned Rig with the zman plastic that mimics a shad. I cast near the shore and retrieved out to where the water gets to be about 15 feet deep. No bites. I moved to the next point, did the same. Eventually I got snagged on the bottom and swapped out for a ned rig with the hula plastic that kinda mimics a crawfish. Same tactic on the next point. No bites. I moved out to where my fishing map shows a submerged attractor and used the Ned all around that. At this point I started to notice a surface bite picking up, it was maybe 7:15pm or so, so I switched to rooster tails and shallow diving crank baits just to try and get in on some of that action near the surface, but nothing bit. I worked my way back to where I launched, casting into bait balls as I saw them. Now with the ned, I am still a little unclear on how to properly retrieve the Ned. Some folks are saying to basically not move it, or move it very little, others are saying that just letting it sit there and soak is a waste of time, cause if there is a fish near it'll get it within about 30 seconds or its not going to.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the spots. That Creighton Access to 65 float, about how long does that take? It doesn't look that long, but James River flows pretty slow. I've wade-fished a few holes down from the Kinser Bridge, only caught greedy panfish, but I didn't go down that far.
  4. So I went down and floated the Big Piney this weekend, just to restore a bit of confidence and remind myself that I can actually catch a fish. There was a lot of action, nothing that big, but still a lot of bites. I landed 3 Smallies, largest 13 inches, and 10 or so Rock Bass. That was all in about the first 2 hours, so a really good pace. After that it got really hot, the bite died down, and I was eager to get off the water cause I was roasting. But still a good trip. Now I was practicing some of the advice I've been given here. See I've always used "cast and retrieve" bass lures, crankbaits, spinners, rooster tails, things like that where you toss it at a likely spot and reel it right in. But on this trip I only used a flipping jig (when fishing around fallen trees and stuff with lots of snags) and a ned rig around the rocks with more slow hop and wait or slow drag type retrieval. Seemed to work pretty well until it got really hot.
  5. I am familiar with that area. That big weird C in the field is an old horse racing track. There used to be a livestock auction and horse racing operation on that land a long time ago. A few summers ago i bank fished and wade fished all through there. Caught a number of little guys and in a hole near the rivercut golf course parking lot i caught the biggest smallie ive ever caught.
  6. I dont mind if the advice comes with a side of salt and pepper, ya know, that's fine, just some seem to be pure mockery, which i guess i also dont mind, no skin off my back, just the assumption that i am joking/trolling? That's weird. But I have already gotten some good advice here and put some of it into practice this afternoon. I didnt get anything, but i did try three new techniques and fished vegetation beds for the first time ever. I am trying. Now hiring a guide is something ive been thinking about doing. But they dont have guides for, ya know, lake springfield or rhe random pond or creek or river i might find myself at who knows when. I feel like my basic bottom layer of fishing skills and knowkedge is so lacking that a guide would be a waste right now. I dunno.
  7. BS? I mean most people always ask me "when are you fishing, what are you using, what how are you retriving" etc, So I just got all that out of the way right off the bat. Its not BS, it's just preemptive. And I don't want a fish with a hook already in it's mount waiting for me to paddle up and reel it in. I just want more than an average of one fish per 4 or 5 hours on the water. I don't think that's crazy.
  8. I have a hard time catching fish in the Ozarks and came to the Ozark Anglers forum for advice and guidance. I dunno what part of that seems like trolling to you, but I assure you it's not.
  9. I dont really fish at night, since my kayak is not equipped with lights or anything, but i do often fish until dark. I might try tablerock. Ive just heard Stockton was great fishing and figured if i keep gettinf skunked there, no other lake is really gonna be much better.
  10. Ive never heard that wind advice before, ill havs to keep that in mind. In a kayak you are very much at the mercy of the wind and current, so i suspect if i fished a windy bank i would wuickly be blown up on the bank and essentially be bank fishing, but the kayak is less about mobility and more about accessibility anyway. Now maybe you can give me some Ned Rig advice. I fished with one for three hours today from about 6pm to just before dark. About 8:45, and didnt get one bite. I tried every retrieval i could think of, Nothing bit. I tried up in a plant choked inlet, casting from the middle towards the shore, from the shore toward the middle, all in amd around sumberhed trees and flooded bushes, then on the rip rap near a bridge, pilings under a bridge. Nothing happening at all.
  11. "Fishing during summer just kinda sucks" seems to be what everyone is saying. Which is so weird cause growing up i always associated fishing with summer. It was always a summer activity in my family. But how much attention do kids really pay to the big picture.
  12. Well, then in my case i should have found what im really after by now, cause im sure as heck not finding fish.
  13. Well Jesus dude, that seems kind of smug. Not, I dont think that costs to much. I river float maybe 3 to 5 times a summer and hire and outfitter everytime, but when i have a free morning or a long lazy afternoon, or just a few hours after work, and feel the itch to go fishing, I'd like some advice or guidance on how to get better at doing so. It's not like wanting a good way to fish that is a BIT less of an investment than a weekend float trip makes me some kind of mook, espeically when we have such an abundance of fishable waters on our doorstep.
  14. So I've been trout fishing 2 times in my life, both times at Montauk, both times waking up crazy early to be there when the whistle blows, and both times I got skunked. I spent the whole day staring at a stream full of trout, literally bouncing my bait off thier faces, and nothing took. Those 10 collective hours of putting scores of casts right in the faces of score of fish that didnt seem to even notice REALLY turned me off of trout fishing. And my buddy that convinced me to try it out only caught 2 one time and 3 the other, which seemed terrible to me given that the stream was choked with fish you could almost just grab, but he seemed thrilled with that haul. Now if trout fishing isnt normally like that, then no i am not opposed, i love to eat trout.
  15. Howdy All, I am a bad angler who lives in Springfield. I say I am a bad angler cause I almost never catch fish, despite spending a heck of a lot of time on the water. I made a seperate post for Lake Stockton, but this post applies to general fishing anywhere within about an hour of Springfield. I have fished Lake Springfield and James River up as far as the 60 Bridge from a kayak many times. I usually cast crankbaits and rooster tails around structure and up under overhanging trees or as close to vegetation as I can get. I've caught one decent bass in probably 10 or so hours on the water doing this, and a dozen or so little panfish or occasionally a small crappie. I have sat under the south Campbell bridge and north of the Kinser bridge late at night with chicken livers sitting on the bottom for hours trying to catch catfish, and have never caught a single one. The only catfish I cause was once while using a ned rig to try and get bass. I have sat for many many hours at Fellows lake with chicken livers soaking on the bottom at night and never caught a catfish there. I feel like I've spent at least 9 hours on fellows and seriously don't think I ever even got a bite, but that was like 4 years ago and I gave up on that lake. I almost always fish in the summer. Now I know fishing is very hit and miss, very feast and famine. Sometimes they just don't bite, sometimes they do, but I have a hell of a time trying to get on to fish. The majority of my fishing trips result in me getting skunked, or maybe if I am lucky one fish. In years of trying I have literally NEVER had a "good" fishing trip where I "catch my limit of keepers" or even get more than one or two decent fish. I feel like the only time I can get some decent fishing is if I pack up and make the longer trip to the Gasconade or Jack's Fork or Piney or Northfork, but then I have the added expense of having to hire and outfitter to shuttle me. Now, I am going to assume that the rivers and lakes within an hour of Springfield aren't just devoid of fish, and that in fact I am just a terrible angler. But I read articles and watch videos about what kind of bait to use and what kind of water to put it in, and I feel like I follow that basics, but I just cannot seem to catch any fish. So, if anyone has any advice of just, ya know, how to catch some fish in the Springfield area, what I could be doing better or different, I would dearly appreciate it. I understand getting skunked happens, but it's gotten to the point that I go out expecting to get skunked and am pleasantly surprised when I occasionally catch one fish.
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