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  1. Long time OA "lurker" that reads most every post and usually keeps to myself, but I have a little fish story to tell. I know...I know...and I was by myself to boot, but I lost a BIG brownie at the boat yesterday. Big for me anyway. I have a 7 1/2 lb rainbow on my wall caught just below fall creek a number of years ago and this one was quite a bit bigger, I'd guess in the neighborhood of 12 pounds. Had him on the side of the boat, net in hand and snap. At least I have the memory and the satisfaction of watching him swim leisurely off after a 10 minute battle. He's still lurking somewhere just above the narrows if you catch one with a white jig and a couple of feet of green 4# test hanging from his lip! What a fun couple of days. Caught a ton and great sized, too. Can't believe how hungry they remain with all they have to eat up there right now. Maybe next time...
  2. Awesome, thanks for the info. These reports are definitely relative... We had a terrible day with very few bites Thursday. But I stood next to a lady who caught 20 fish in an hour! Thankfully I've been on the other end of that equation once in a while, too.
  3. decoded

    Short Report

    Finally had a couple of days off...spent one at Bennett standing in the cold water and a few hours yesterday on Truman. Didn't get skunked, but it was a little tough. We put in at Longshoal about 9:00 and ran up to G8-ish to hit a few cedar trees. We caught about a dozen crappie right off the bat so we thought it was going to be great. Didn't seem to matter what color jig. But after a half hour or so it shut completely off. The water was definitely more stained that I thought it would be. We went back around to Sugar Camp area and didn't get a bite. Next we decided to see if we could find a white bass at G4 and caught a nice hybrid in the first 100' of trolling a while grub. But that was that and nothing else seemed interested there so we ran up to the dam. At least there we were successful in catching fish and in good numbers. Those Truman Lake Redfish (drum) sure do hit hard! We could have caught them all day I'm sure but we had enough and headed back home. Beautiful day on the lake without question. Got a little warm after lunch with not much breeze. We'll try again in the morning...
  4. Great report...love the pictures! What part of the lake were you on?
  5. I agree. I know many of us on here fishTruman at least occasionally... My oldest son works at Everharts and is active on Crappie.com. I'll ask him to post some of what he hears/she's here.
  6. Not Fristoe, but my sons went out Tues while I was slaving away providing for them and brought home a mess of crappie and white bass. They caught them all between G8 & G10 in Cedar trees 15' down in 20' of water. They "claimed" they caught most of them on 2" blue & chartreuse jigs, along with some on minnows, but they sometimes even keep their secrets from me! Ungrateful as they are, lol.
  7. My son fished Longshoal a couple of times this week and caught a bunch of (little) crappie. No luck with the largemouth... He's been fishing G8 in 20-25 feet of water. Thinking about playing in the kayak's today and slowing it down some. Maybe we can entice a bass or two. I'll let you know!
  8. Thanks for the report (not sure about that ugly guy with ya though, he looks a little sketchy!), I was just thinking about running down there tomorrow. I'm afraid my boat thinks it's been abandoned!
  9. Thanks for the update Brad. My son fished there last week with his grandpa and said from the looks of the water, he thought he was on Stockton! Holler next time and I'll meet up with you on the water...
  10. When the weir gets too crazy, the G4 and G10 points are great too. I Troll sassy shad or white grubs on heavy enough jig heads to get down deep. You can find those points on any map and get to either easy from Longshoal, State Park, or Shawnee Bend ramps. No funner way to spend the day!
  11. Ran down to Bucksaw for a couple hours last evening. The water was stained a funky green color. Wasn't awfully muddy, just that odd deep green color. Never seen it like that before... Caught 5 keeper crappie, couple short ones, a little channel cat and the obligatory drum. All on my same ole white slider on a road runner I've been using all spring. Bass fished for a while with no luck on a worm or spinner bait...
  12. We got a little over 1/2" of rain here just west of Clinton today. Forecast is for more tomorrow. Guess we'll see! I was really surprised at how pretty the water looked yesterday. Could probably see the jig down 2 feet...
  13. Put in at Bucksaw about 9:30. Most folks were heading further upstream, past the bridge, but we stayed pretty much across from the campground. My son and I cleaned 12 nice crappie and 4 keeper white bass (I love to eat them!) and were home before lunch. Water was right at 65 and surprisingly clear...well, not muddy anyway. Tried a few things, but I think every fish came off of a slider. Looks like a rainy weekend, so I'm glad I took the day off!
  14. It got as high as 64... There was another round of rain this morning, so who knows now.
  15. Only fished for about an hour, but the crappie are definitely on the bank around Bucksaw. But they shut off like a light when the sun went behind the clouds and started to get low late in the afternoon. Managed to catch 6 keepers in a just few minutes, plus a largemouth, a bluegill, a channel cat and a Truman Lake Redfish (drum) on a single white slider all in about 100 yards. Don't know what will happen after the heavy rain this morning. Guess we'll just have to see...
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