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  1. Anyone catching any stripers yet? I'm sure water hasn't been running much. Just wondering what's been going on.
  2. We both love making trips to the White River. Always a good time no matter what. Such a awesome fishery.
  3. After the rain had pushed through and the lightning had quit, me and my son got out on the water about 10:30. We put in at Wildcat Resort. What appeared to be 1-2 units running for the day, we jetted up to just below Gaston's. With 1/16 oz jigs and 2lb line on are rods, we started are drift. We fished back and fourth down to wildcat shoals for the day. With the wind blowing anywhere from 10-15 mph, we managed to put 50 fish in the boat under tough conditions. It was a quiet and nice time on the water with hardly any traffic. Great time spent with the youngster on the water.
  4. Striper are biting good as of two weeks ago. I took my dad and son out on a trip and guided them around. We found shad down towards the mouth of the river. We fished with 2 generators flowing. I wouldn't even bother fishing with no generation, unless you fish early morning with a kayak. Can't really get around much in a boat unless you fish from Gore landing and down. Also the bite is really tough. The stripers love it when the generators are on. I've noticed a few guys doing well on big articulated streamers. Shad or rainbow colored. I run a Shawnee trout boat with a short shaft Evinrude.
  5. Finally got back to the White River for some much needed trout fishing. We fished half a day Thursday and all day Friday and Saturday. For being the holiday weekend, the water wasn't crowded at all. Water generation for Thursday and Friday was low generation early (2 units) and higher generation in the afternoon(5 units). Saturday they only generated two units for the day. We fished marabou jigs with 2lb line. Black/olive and tri olive were the colors. I did pick up my fly rod on a few drifts each day to change it up a bit. Managing to catch some trout on size 12-16 Hares ear nymphs with a
  6. Thanks for the info. Gonna get out there soon.
  7. Anybody been out lately chasing stripers? Just wondering what the bite and water situation is like. Thanks
  8. That was the first thing my brother said. They were really colored up brightly.
  9. Made the 7 hour round trip to the White River on Friday. Pulled up to the boat ramp at White Hole about 8:30. Six units rolling with didymo blowing all through the river and gusty winds. Not great conditions. Made the trip straight up to the damn to get ahead of the trash. When we arrived, they shut off three units, leaving on three. We fished 1/16 and 3/32 oz jigs all day, fishing from the damn to Gaston's most of the day. Wind was bad further down u went. Some parts of the river were white capping. Fishing was tough for us jig fisherman, but we managed to catch fish. No big numbers, think w
  10. Something like this? I was just playing around one night and tied this up.
  11. I couldn't smile cause I, "put a good dip in."
  12. Just to add. I made the trip with Jamie Friday to the White, but fished with my brother out of my boat. Below the catch and release area to Gaston's we got on the white jig bite. My first hook up was a 19 inch brown. Didn't see any shad, but white was the color in that area. The fishing is really good on the White right now.
  13. I broke out the cutting torch and some welding rods and this is what I came up with. Very pleased.
  14. Ham, I've been thinking about mounting one on my Shawnee for some time. I haven't heard anything about them and would like to know something before spending the money. I did find this.Found a few other brands as well. Lot cheaper since its manual. Around $170 for both the mount and the fiberglass pole. I'm kinda leaning towards this idea.
  15. Ccox1982

    Jerk baits

    When I'm chunking jerkbaits for browns, I like something in the 4-5 inch range. Black and white is always a good color. As well as black and gold. I've done well on rainbow trout Rapalas. White with purple bellys and black with red bellys have been my best choices for brown trout. With the flood gates open right now, I'd be chunking something mostly white. Might be some shad coming through the gates. I'm mainly a jig fisherman myself, but I still like to throw a big ole jerkbait here and there. Good luck.
  16. U better save some of those white jigs for next month. We gotta make a trip to the Little Red one day so u can show me the layout.
  17. Just a quick report. Fished both Friday and Saturday. Two units were running both days. Fished the stretch from Wildcat Shoals up to White Hole Resort. Fishing was good both days with Saturday being the best since it was overcast. Didn't catch big numbers, but we caught enough. Lot of stocker rainbows were caught. Had a few rainbows in the 15-16 inch range. Think we had 6 brown trout in the 17-18 inch range. All nice and thick males. Fished marabou jigs and 2 lb line. Brown and orange was the hot color. Also straight ginger and brown and olive worked as well. River was also quiet all weekend.
  18. I put a 25 hp E-Tec on my 2013 Shawnee in August. I was running a 20 hp Mercury. I love that I made the switch. The E-Tec has less moving parts then a four stroke and less maintenance to be done. I believe it's every 300 hrs or 3 years. It gets up out of the hole much quicker and to me runs quieter and smoother then my Mercury did. Don't have to choke or prime it either. Starts right up. I like how it's got a good sized tiller handle on it with the start, kill switch and forward and reverse handle on it. Seems to burn about the same amount of gas as my Mercury did. Only cons I can think of is
  19. Nice report. Sounds like you guys had to work for the fish. I'm hoping to hit the river next month for a few days. Hoping the bite will be better.
  20. 15 will work no problem. I personally run a 25 hp, but I like to make long runs at times and want to get there ASAP. Some resorts on the river even run 9.9 hp on Shawnee boats. Your good to go.
  21. I was thinking about one more trip to the LIR to chase some stripers. Only if they will be generating. I know the water is a little dingy and the trout are no longer for now. I haven't been since July. I was just wondering if anyone has been or heard anything lately about the bite?
  22. Fished early August and did really good, considering the high water. We mainly fished 1/8 oz jigs, 1/16 in some spots. The hot color for us was sculpin and orange. We fished whatever sloughs and slack water we could find from the state park all the way down to The Sportsmans. Good luck.
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