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  1. Travis is correct. Nice white meat. Kind of like me......not very a very pretty face.
  2. Gunsmoke reruns. What else? Matt must have looked like a bee hive. Google says he got shot 56 times. Also says he shot somewhere between 138 and 300 or so men and women. He and Chester always seemed to have a shovel to bury someone.
  3. Dutch....try8702045355. they are open.
  4. Not sure either. I'll try to check and get back with you on that. Don't know what you want but there is a sporting goods called big Creek trading Post in Bellefonte 8707437296. You might check there. Allen can get about anything if he doesn't have it.
  5. They did the rock thing on Bull Shoals and at Tucker there was practically no room to pull up your boat to bank if by yourself except on rocks. I got the number of the guy in charge and called him. He was real proud they had spent 1/2 million on rocks to "cut down on erosion" at different ramps on the lake. I explained they pretty well stopped a guy going by himself to tucker and the bank they were protecting was basically a rock slab anyway. If erosion was a problem then why not do the whole lake shore. This was before there was a ramp at tucker. Someone put in a ramp and they then took out the rocks on the south side. You can't guess what they will do. Not sure what they did to other ramps. I do know they put some in at diamond city that were dangerous to lower units if you couldn't see them when water got high. Have you ever tried to use the high water ramp at diamond city? It's terrible esp. at night. I how this table Rock' s forum side but their engineers must be going to same school.
  6. Mitch is right. Use to make a crappie lure for about a penny or less for raw material. Packaging, excise tax, shipping, promotion, labor and whatever else got retail price around 18 cents each and still couldn't make much profit. Sold out! Good luck to anyone who wants to try it...
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