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  1. Has anyone tried swimming a jig through the same stuff that everyone is flipping?
  2. It's good to see a great shallow bite. I haven't posted as much as I probably should but the deep bite up the white is starting to get good. I've caught some big spots out deep on a spoon and drop shot with some nice large mouths showing up as of Sunday morning. For some reason I don't fair too well chasing fish in all the "flooded jungle" so a couple weeks ago I did the opposite and went looking deep. I've caught some of the biggest, meanest kentuckies I've ever seen to date on table rock just by thinking outside the box.
  3. The white lines down the side of it's mouth and white underneath it's head is a dead giveaway. Triangular head and floating high on the water surface is key clues too. I'd say it would bite.
  4. I'm gonna Try and get after them tomorrow as well. Start out covering a lot of water and possibly find some sort of pattern. Dutch if you find some fish, let me know😁!
  5. Last Sunday I fished from hawker to the darn and didn't see thing big at all.
  6. Thanks guys for all the help. Me and a friend ended up putting in at hawker point. Took us a while to find some fish but we did end up having a great day. Found lots of whites suspended. Ended up catching them on a white jigging spoon and swimbait. Caught several crappie there as well but only 2 keeps plus a short walleye. Also caught some big bluegill drop shotting night crawlers as well.
  7. Where is the best place to put in at that has plenty of parking?
  8. Ugh I haven't been fishing in one month. It's really starting to bring me down...
  9. Thanks Dutch. With table rock being so high, I though I'd give stockton a try.
  10. I don't fish stockton much but thought about giving it a try. Any info on water clarity or where the cleaner water is would be much appreciated.
  11. Good luck to you and fish smart.
  12. When there is good wind on that bank, you can catch them pretty good on the 'old wiggle wart.
  13. That to me looks like one of the barges you see up around holiday island in the winter time jigging down the river channel.
  14. I fished a week ago and noticed the same thing. I would reel up my jig only to have fish chase it back to the boat. I switched to a 1 oz. football jig and kept it moving along the bottom just like you would fish a wobble head.
  15. The upper White around the big m area down to Campbell point is just crazy with big boats and boat traffic in general. The lake narrows up that way and besides it's a long run from kim city. Just my opinion.