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  1. Nice grub work. Bill B. touched on the topic the other day on keeping that swimmer right in their face and if you can reel it at their depth its killer right now. Great pictures too.
  2. Lews has them in stock at their store in Springfield.
  3. Easy to recognize by the lack of power poles😃
  4. I checked a few roll offs Sunday morning in the big m area. Could only catch them early in the morning and it got more sporadic as the sun came up. But as the gravel starts to taper off and you hit the 30 ft mark there is tons of 3/4inch shad on the bottom in those areas with sparse fish activity working the shad. When the thermocline goes away for good and the water cools off, it should be game on. Just like Bill B., I will be strolling a tube and jig real soon.
  5. That's good to know, will definitely have to check that out.
  6. I gotta say this sounds like fun!
  7. We were catching them good put in the channel swings the other day
  8. I was fishing the big m area the other day and was catching a lot of fish that are suspended between 20-30 feet. Most fish I caught was on the jigging spoon and a drop shot. Noticed a lot of fish that were on the bottom and would streak up if I dropped my drop shot down past the fish that i was targeting sitting in 45 feet of water and they didn't hesitate to eat it either.
  9. This one i caught 2 weeks ago in the same location. 27" long also on the stickbait
  10. No Bill it wasnt me. We have been fishing the same stuff you pretty much fished the other day though. None of those fish even bit a crawler, all were caught on the "stick". Its just one of those spots fish stage up this time of year.
  11. Took me a bit to get a pic downloaded but i had to share it especially after the day we had.
  12. Alot of these fish up the white as of lately had been laying right off the bottom, but still visible on the lowrance. Later in the day you will see them rise up in the water column but for me, have been tougher to catch later in the day. Big football jig had been catching some descent fish dragging it out deep as well as the a rig. Gonna take my son out tomorrow and drop some crawlers on top of a few and hope to find us some walleye for dinner.
  13. Has anyone tried swimming a jig through the same stuff that everyone is flipping?
  14. It's good to see a great shallow bite. I haven't posted as much as I probably should but the deep bite up the white is starting to get good. I've caught some big spots out deep on a spoon and drop shot with some nice large mouths showing up as of Sunday morning. For some reason I don't fair too well chasing fish in all the "flooded jungle" so a couple weeks ago I did the opposite and went looking deep. I've caught some of the biggest, meanest kentuckies I've ever seen to date on table rock just by thinking outside the box.
  15. The white lines down the side of it's mouth and white underneath it's head is a dead giveaway. Triangular head and floating high on the water surface is key clues too. I'd say it would bite.
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