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  1. They won’t be backing off, the more the water cools the better it will get!! Then the bite will be pretty steady and they will be in a feeding frenzy until the water dips below 45 degrees and that’s when they will migrate to to their “winter pattern” from what I’ve experienced over the years. And the majority will be in or around deep structure near channel swings and drop offs with easy access to deep and shallow water in the winter
  2. Appreciate it!! Went last weekend to do some scanning and marking stuff. It was little over 45 last weekend and figure it would be 47/50 by this weekend. Going to go out Saturday and Try and locate a few slabs!
  3. Does anyone know the water temps up around flat creek area?
  4. 48 degrees??? In what? 1 foot of water?
  5. Went today lightfoot area. Yeah water was little dingy but it was pretty clear. Could see the fish coming out from 8-10 feet. There was a good amount of HUGE logs/trees floating though in spots. Water is up decently high. It was covering the concrete dividers on the boat ramp
  6. Thank you for your reply, here in Springfield the only place we’ve found to work on ours is sport boats but they usually have to order what we need. Thanks for not being a prick with your reply.
  7. Well it’s harder to get parts for an older one I do know that. Just like any vehicle, there becomes a time when they get older and you have to do some shopping to find what you need...
  8. They are great motors! Can be little harder to find parts on them. This one is a 1992 stratos with a 150 (1992) Evinrude. Only have had to do basic matience on it replacing carbs, and basic tune ups. I’d probably go mercury with the next one because of the parts being more readily available but Evinrude is a good motor too
  9. Fishing way too deep I think! Not saying they aren't that deep but that's not where I would try. Thanks for the report! Not knocking your tactics just saying I would try little shallower. Beautiful day to be out that's for sure!!
  10. Find trees and brush with your sonar and back off of it and just cast those sliders and keep throwing until you locate the brush. Then just keep throwing at it and reel really slow and when you feel it kind of pull it through it and then let the jig fall and they will thump it pretty hard!
  11. Dude I thought the exact same thing!! And still so even though I've caught tons of crappie on them! Just started using them last year, I had always passed the crappie sliders at bass pro and was like man those things look weird I wonder if they work so last year I bought some sliders and some slider jig heads and that's 90% what I throw now. It's Incrediable how you can get in the brush and structure and pull right through it. Just make sure the hook point isn't exposed at all and if you do that you can literally get right down in that stuff and just pull it through and let it fall and most the time you will get a huge thump! And you just set the hook like you usually would and it will get em!
  12. No not yet, I would still say they are 2-3 weeks away from spawning. People that said they spawned in February are crazy. Think the females are staging out just waiting for everything to be perfect to head up to spawn.
  13. Yeah I love that color! That does good and the white with chartreuse tail and June bug and chartreuse are my favorites. I use the orange slider heads mainly in 1/16th oz. hadn't ever used slider heads or jigs before but that's all I will use from now on. They rarely get snagged in brush and stuff unless the hook is exposed. You can get right down in the cover and just pull it through and let it fall and BOOM!
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