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  1. 2019 Merc. 4 stroke. So far I really like it but I've only been on LOZ and really haven't opened it up for long yet. Price on the 2011 is going down. I dont need two boats in my garage.
  2. I promise that if this is close to what someone is looking for and they look and drive this boat they will want to take it home! I've had this boat for 8 years and it has been awesome. I replaced it with a '19 puma because I was so happy with this '11.
  3. Sorry. I thought I had price on there. $37,000
  4. 2011 Basscat puma. Always garage kept. 2018 Minn Kota Ultrex. 1197 SI hummingbird at console. Helix 10 mega SI at bow. 2011 mercury pro XS. 2 yrs warranty on power head. I can answer questions or send pics via text. (417)718-3077
  5. I have an 8' talon in the box that I've never opened. $1,000
  6. What is water clarity on the lower end?
  7. I think Watson bombed out his next round. Couldn't duplicate his spoon bite. I took my little boy to see them and get a few autographs after the fishing was done. It was awesome how nice they were to him. Chris Lane signed and gave my boy a rod that he broke while fishing that day.
  8. I know they fish at least one day out of Larry Gale. I think it's the last day they are there.
  9. From the radar it looks like another round of storms about to hit again. I'm taking my son to pomme next Saturday. Does it look like all the rain is going to drastically affect the water level and clarity?
  10. I carry a concealed weapon with me ALL the time. I would never pull my weapon unless it was it was a life or death situation. I'm sure I'll never have a reason to pull my weapon but I'd hate to think that if I was ever in a restaurant and some lunatic started shooting that my best plan to save my family would be to hide under a table and HOPE he didn't come to us. I have the mental and physical ability that I refuse to be a victim without at least trying to protect my family. There is definitely a lot of people who should not carry but if you are a qualified and responsible adult I feel it is a disservice to society not to CC. Every time I hear of some crazy that shoots multiple people I always think that if the person next to him would have been carrying that some lives could have been saved. Like I said it's definitely not for everyone but it is for me. Jmo
  11. RickF. Nice report. I thought like you did that most everyone here would be pretty much like minded since this is a fishing forum and we all love fishing. Boy was I WRONG! When I first came across this forum I thought it was awesome. But over the last 6 mo. I have lost a lot of respect for this forum. Between the personnel attacks and the belief that " if you don't do it like i do then your a no good s o b." This place reminds me of a bunch of girls squabbling over who has the best hairdo.
  12. I've seen this lots of times. It's when the fish is dropped or banged off the side of the live well when it's dropped in. It bruises the meat and leaves the bloody spots on the filets.
  13. It says on the box that it has hardware to mount directly to the jackplate. But I've never opened it.
  14. I have an 8' black talon. I've never opened the box. For what it's worth it does say factory reconditioned on the box. It says it comes with hardware to mount directly to the jackplate and 2 remotes. $1000 cash is my bottom dollar.
  15. That is so awesome that you take your boys. A lot of dad's won't take the time and extra effort to take them along. I use to be very competitive in tournament fishing but now I realize that it's not about me anymore but my kids. I have one son who is grown and gone and fishing tournaments on his own. And one that's not quite ready yet. 5bites I think we'd get along just fine, I haven't seen one thing that you've posted here that I didn't agree with. Keep those boys on the water.
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