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  1. Had a fun time on the Current last week. Never had been to the area before. Floated Thursday-Saturday, Cedargrove-Pulltite. Stayed at Reeds in the state park. More of a fun float with several other couples, but took the fishing poles Thurs and Fri. Several SM and a few trout in the usual river hangouts. Assume fishing would be great early in the week and maybe even further down river. How far down before you deal with powerboat traffic?? The crowds were building as the weekend approached. Similar to the country fair on water by Saturday. Got lots of new tattoo ideas and learned s
  2. Looking forward to a report as well. Heading in myself on the 14th for two weeks. Great time of year to be in canoe country.
  3. Probably should have reported back, but didn't have much to report. The resort we launched from was way down river, almost to Powersite Dam. That far from TR dam is basically lake fishing and we weren't totally prepared for those conditions. Due to a few different circumstances we only fished up river about a mile. We were fishing for trout with powerbait and live worms and having no success, when I noticed many of the docked boats had kicker motors and the few folks that were fishing that day were basically trolling. I had a few baits we were able to troll with and caught a coupl
  4. My in-laws have asked me to run up and take them fishing for the day in two weeks. They are staying at a river resort in Forsyth for a few days. I have never been on any part of Taneycomo and am not sure what to expect. They are older and their only plan is to enjoy the day with their wonderful son-in-law and hopefully catch a few fish to stay busy during a morning or afternoon trip. We will be fishing from a Supreme river boat with trolling motor. What should we target for quantity not necessarily quality? Should we stay below 65 for various species or head up river and trout fi
  5. Contact Ernie at Kings River Outfitters. As of a few weeks ago, you still needed to be escorted by a KRO employee. We don't float that section often, so I'm not sure if/how access will change.
  6. Thanks for clearing up any misinformation on the conservancy. I have no ill feelings toward them whatsoever, and have noticed no real impact on the river as far as what they have or have not done so far. I hope they are able to secure more properties along the river, particularly access points. So far, they appear to have "be and let be" type motives. I am only able to visit 10-15 times a year. My comments about the Waltons was based on every single, and I mean every single conservancy conversation with anyone associated with the Kings. Those conversations always include mentio
  7. Floated the Kings last week and talked with Ernie for a few minutes. Seems there are always new and bigger rumors a each year. The Nature Conservatory is constantly acquiring new land along the river. Just recently purchased a big section at the McMillan Farm takeout below TriggerGap. Cows are gone and all gates are open. Looks like their mission is to acquire as much river land as possible. This is making the accesses more public than just parking along a dirt road and hoping your vehicle is there when you return. Kings is slowly becoming more commercialized like it or not. E
  8. I'm willing to give the Flex bar a try. Which color- strength did you choose? I mentioned my soreness to my doctor last visit and was told to just put on a forearm band every time I was going to use my arm. I'd have to wear it at all times because I never know what activities are going to cause problems.
  9. Noticed generation was slowing down for a few days. Beginning of the end or just a blip in the schedule?
  10. I get the whole keep it quiet concept. But are there really that many stretches of water left that are true secrets? We mainly talk about Kings, Buffalo, Crooked Creek, and a few others. Many on here have been on almost every mile of each of these waters, not many honey holes yet to be discovered. I enjoy a decent report (good or bad) from others. Be as vague as you wish. In this case, the OP was fairly specific, but most know that's the main milk run of the local outfitter. No stretch gets floated more or fished harder. Many of those complaining the loudest are the very ones that a
  11. Floated / fished / camped last two days on the Kings. Marble to Marshall Ford. First time ever on that stretch of the Kings. Water seemed about right, everything looks fishy on this stretch. Fished semi-hard and caught several both days. No giants , but some good quality smallmouth. Everything seemed to be working well - craws, jigs, spinnerbaits, flukes. No one bait stood out over the others.
  12. So... Between the two, Lews (which model) and the President 6930, which one is most recommended? Used as an all-around creek fishing canoe/kayak reel.
  13. Found another nice Coosa finally. Needing something for the wife now. I'll start a new thread. Thanks for everyone's help.
  14. Thanks for being on the look-out for me. I actually bought the one mentioned above a while back. Not sure why he hasn't taken ad down. Still needing another one for the family. Just to clarify, I would consider any year model Coosa, but prefer the upgrades in the newer versions. Just getting started in stream fishing and have enjoyed reading this website. Thanks again and pass the word.
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