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  1. Going for a camp and kayak float this weekend. Anyone been out lately for a good report? A few years ago in early May me and some buddies floated NRO to leadmine over a couple days. Had the best river trip ever! Started off catching several decent trout, then changed to Smallmouth about 5-6 miles down stream with the occasional bow still getting caught even as far as 15 miles down stream from NRO! Once we got into the smallies real good it was a banner weekend. Between 3 of us we caught over 250 smallies (all catch and release- Free. The. Fighter!). Hoping to get into that again this weekend. We intend to float 7-8 miles in one day; maybe One Eyed Willies to OldHam's?
  2. Plateau getting ready to kick off their Carp tournament....
  3. thank you for this report! headed down tomorrow to try my hand with a fly rod for the first time. I've had my casting lessons, and have been catching brim from the James River for "practice" (but it was still fun as heck!)
  4. Hey guys- I have a pair of Costa Fantail glasses with 580 G lenses for sale. I bought them this winter just because i like the color. They are clear with a silver back on the frame itself- not sure it shows up in the pics as good as they look... the lenses are glass with blue mirror. I have the original box, case, and literature. Only reason I'm selling is I never wear them- they just don't fit my head right. I have a pair of Costa Corbina's and I choose to wear them 9.5 times out of 10. These glasses have no scratches and no evidence of wear on them anywhere. Original price on them is $249 I'd be happy to get $200. I am also interested in partial or even whole trades for good fishing rods and/or reels (reels must be left hand) preferably Lew's, TFO, St Croix, Shimano, Abu Garcia, etc Please text me if you are interested as I may not receive notifications here. 573-380-9719 Chris I am located in Nixa Thanks! .
  5. where can you put in at rivercut? I would like to try that float early next week
  6. were you fishing from the bank or in a boat of some kind? took my Kayak there on wednesday and paddled up to the riffle, then floated down to almost the bridge. Caught a couple little smallies and one goggle eye. I was using a texas rigged 3.5" senko in smoke purple flake.
  7. Fin and Feather on Campbell in Springfield keeps lots of Gamma in stock- it is his best selling line. I have recently switched and understand why! Really like the 12lb (breaks at 20lb) on my baitcaster. Price is very reasonable too.
  8. what section did you float? we were out there too- we went on Saturday between 10:00-5:00 Kerr to Galena float.
  9. Hello everyone- I'm new to the forum and have been living in Nixa for about a year. After seeing that several of my neighbors had Kayaks, I asked one of them about the where's and how's of it. Purchased 4 kayaks for the whole family and love it! Spent lots of time on the James River this season fishing for Small mouth and Spots...really anything that would bite! Floated and fished every section from Wilson Creek (paddled up from Delaware Town) to Blunk Rd some sections numerous times already and even did a 2 day camp/float trip. Caught lots of fish and several 2+ pounders! Have done some wading on the Finley too. Loving it so far and looking forward to trying some new waters this fall and next year! May try my hand at some fly fishing as well. I have spent some time poking around this site before and finally joined today. Super nice layout and informational links and forums- Glad to be here!
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