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  1. Hopefully I can squeeze a Ranger R198P corner to corner and get rid of the ole Tracker...
  2. Im looking at the Ranger RT198P and by the dimensions it should fit corner to corner with the motor trimmed and the swing tongue. I think it will be tight in a 19x20 but thats big investment to leave outside.
  3. Im looking at upgrading my current fishing rig... 2009 Bass Tracker PT175. I have 19W x 20D cookie cutter garage and my boat fits straight with the motor trimmed and the swing tongue. I would like to find something bigger and I'm not against parking diagonal. Does anyone have experience with storing a large bass boat in a small garage 19x20 or similar?
  4. Last week I fished Cape Fair PT14 area and was targeting bass, throwing the A-rig and football jig. I managed to pickup 10 decent largemouth/spot mix and one nice walleye in the back of Wooly Creek. Most of the bass were around 2-3lb range and caught in 8-10ft of water. The walleye was caught in the back of wooly on football jig in about 15ft. I didn't get a chance to weight the walleye but it was around 22" and very fat. Water temp was 52 and muddy.
  5. When I'm fishing spoons and ice jigs, i normally use 8 or 10ib mono with med/light 7'2 spinning rod.... set the drag and hold on!!
  6. Yeah I agree I've caught 3 or 4 this year like that. Wonder what causes that?
  7. Thank you, another fun day on the water. Until the party toon barges came out
  8. Got on the water at 730am just after the big down pour. The bite was good using shaky head, casting close or into the brush. Also caught a few on square bill close to brush. All fish caught in less than 10ft. Off the water at noon.
  9. I like watermelon purple, but any color like pumpkin flake, green, browns, black. Any natural color. I throw shaky head all year, seems to always get the bite when nothing else will.
  10. Thanks, it was definitely a great day on the water.
  11. Dhunter1


    Sunday I was around the Aunts Creek and Mill Creek area, the water was dark green to chocolate milk colored but no debre or floaters.
  12. Great looking fish, what part of the lake?
  13. Started at Aunts Creek about 10. All fish came on 3/16 shaky head with Zoom Trick worm. Worked old shore lines, had to get off the water because lightning and rain. Put the boat on the trailer and headed to Mill Creek after it cleared. Fished the old shore lines and same bait with better success. Mostly smallmouth and spots, lots of short fish only 1 largemouth all day.
  14. Saturday I seen two guys that parked there boat across from Virgin Bluff looking for lures or something.
  15. Launched at 8 from the marina fished till dark. The morning bite was awesome with three in the boat, there was times we all hooked up. After 11ish bite was dead and we went 3hrs without a bite. Fished Carney Hollow to Bear Den water temp ranged 46-50 all fished came on Jerk baits, Swim bait, Shaky head, Spinners
  16. A senko cut down works well on a jig as low profile trailer.
  17. Sunday was tough for us. We fished between the marina and Buzzard Branch.
  18. What part of Cape Fair did you fish? I usually fish Cape, its the closest drive for me. If you ever see a little red tracker.. say hello
  19. Launched from Cape Fair marina about 8:00 and fished 3:30. Stayed close to pt.14. Water temp ranged from 51-53. In the morning we tried spinnerbait, ned, wart, spoon all with very little success. Finally found a decent bite on deep bluffs with jigs caught lots of 12-14in spots, best 5 would maybe go 8lbs LOL. Still a great trip. Seen a lot of boats tossing A-rigs.. not my thing. Seems they may of had some luck with it.
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