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  1. Welcome Talking to the wife about moving to mt home or branson area when she retires.
  2. I'm not exactly sure what you're looking to do. I've got a 1985 lund that I've been working on and have found this site to be very helpful. https://www.tinboats.net/forum/
  3. How did you like norfork? I'll be down there next week.
  4. Nice. Trolling jig/minnow or crawler?
  5. It just started a few days ago for me. I'm not much of a tech type. Wonder if it could be a setting on my av that triggers it. Hasn't done it since i added oaf as a trusted site.
  6. Under> tools > internet options>security I added OAF as a trusted site. I'll see if that works.
  7. I keep getting this pop up when I go to OAF. When I click yes to proceed it pops up two ore times before I can get in. Is this at my end or the sites?
  8. Garmin wants $20 for the shield. When i questioned why i should pay for something to fix a problem with there product they agreed to send me one as a courtesy. They said the warehouse is out of stock but should have more by mid april. BTW i was very polite with the lady. Old post sorry
  9. God knows your dad and the situation . Prayers have been said
  10. Thanks for sending them to me yesterday. After having a long discussion with myself I decided not to quit my job lol. At work again today so I uploaded them into the garmin homeport prog. I've been adding some humps. drop-offs into channel swings, submerged timber etc.
  11. This old dog can learn new tricks. Remembering them is a whole other story tho.
  12. BassMaster#1; i have one of those mounts without the top bar. I'm still working on my old tin so currently don't have one on the water. When we go to lilleys or another lake we rent a boat. When fishing here i'm on a friends jon. If and when i get my boat done then the transducer will be mounted on it.
  13. I'm looking at getting a garmin 73sv also. I was looking at ram mounts and they suggest 2.5" diameter ball for depth finders. This seems like overkill for a unit that weighs 1.7lbs. I was thinking a 1.5" ball would be enough. I also have to fab a removable mount clamp to use on rental boats and jon boats that i use at different times. I am looking at the tite loc clamp(s). You guys have any other ideas? http://www.titelok.com/product-p/cl-5608.htm.
  14. Can't answer that. If your unit has a usb port I don't see why not. Whether you would be able to navigate to your map card or not is another question. I've never used insight planner. Just passing on the info I got from lowrance. I believe insight planner is about $30.00. I would like to see if it workd so I could mark some structure I see on Navionics wep app on my lake insight chip. I know I would have to find it on lake insight and mark a waypoint of each one manually. I know you can download a user manual for insight planner. That may help you out. Manual http://www.lowrance.com/Root/Lowrance-Documents/InsightPlannerGuide.pdf
  15. Kramr from what I've been told the south end in the spring north end in late fall. Places to stay on the Big Creek arm are Handcove resort and Jordan marina. Some guys are staying at blackburns resort and going down lake to fish the first couple of wks of April
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