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  1. Sorry to keep bugging

    We had club tourney last Sat. 11.71 won shallow fish, we got second with 10.85 shallow fish. these fish cam off of bluffs with stick-ups or brush right on bank. soon as your bait hit water around wood you may get a bite. Or fish all the way to back to boat and get a few more bites. Fishing 40-50 ft deep is not for me. tends to hurt fish.
  2. KC oct 14-16

    go to bassmaster.com for results
  3. Tournaments galore

    If you do want to fish a cheep tourney, on Oct 21 His House is having their 2nd annual. Its from 7-3 out of Viola, $60 to enter including big bass. This benefit tourney is for a good cause and helps feed families.
  4. Tournaments galore

    I agree with Champ. For example, the Homer Sloan tourney used to be a tourney you wouldn't miss. But now look at the payback, $120 to enter, 50 plus boats, and you can't even get your money back for 4th and 5th place. $750 to win.
  5. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    I know the government will never get rid of the oversize boats on TR. So they should at least meet us halfway and have a no wake law at night for these tuna rigs so we fisherman can also enjoy the lake. Last week I almost got got thrown out of a 21 foot ranger twice at about 10:30 at night. This is nuts when you can't see the wakes coming at you. If you where in a jon boat you would have capsized and no one would known.
  6. dead bass

    Well said Quillback.
  7. dead bass

    Smithville Steve, I am so glad you are a saint. Never killed a fish. But, do you cut down a apple tree because there are a few bad apples in the tree? Yes there are some bad tourney fisherman, but there also some bad pleaser fisherman that kill fish.
  8. COE Private Boat Dock regulation change

    Some dock owners, BUT NOT ALL, think they own the shore and water around their dock. So maybe this is a wake up call from the government saying they own it. When in reality the American people who pay taxes own it. I think, well maybe, who knows.
  9. It's time!

    how deep where they
  10. Accessible Boat Ramp

    might want to go to stockton. Its not as bad
  11. Shell Knob Area Question

    if we get all this rain, I bet they will close the lake like they did a few years ago. Its at 919 now without the rain coming and beaver is full already
  12. FLW Co-Angler - What Would You Do?

    Drag a jig behind him is about all you can do
  13. This is great.

  14. This is great.

    The best I've seen yet. Now we need to get our PRO Teams to do the same. It's so selfish to see people disgrace our veterns.
  15. Bass Pro Shops buying Cabela's...

    I didn't mean to start a argument, but I know what I would do. When it's all done I would go to the store and pick me out a boat, load it up with rods and reels, and say "See you next year boys".

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