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  1. If you got eight years out of them I would stay with them. Never had any brand last that long.
  2. I'm a Lews man. Let me tell you why. I bought a couple of reels from them last summer (been with Lews for years now). After a few nights of using one of these orange crush reels it started to have a problem with grinding (its the only time I have had a issue with a Lews). Well with Lews being local in Springfield I decided to take it back to see if there was anything that could be done with it. Jim at the Sportsman Outlet took it next door to Lews. Lews took the reel and replaced parts and made sure it was in good shape within 15 minutes of being there, no questions asked, no charge. This is great service and an easy way to get things done. No shipping back or waiting a few weeks for returns.
  3. Plan on fishing the Rock this weekend. Noticed lake up around 3 foot. Does anyone know if the is any mud coming from the rivers?
  4. I hate to say it, but with the way that deer acted and the way is body looks he may have that wasting disease
  5. I figured you were anti tourney fishinwrench by your posts but I'm glad you have done some and that shows you know what your talking about. But when it comes to cheating, it comes in all forms of life no matter what it is. You have people who steal, rob, and lie everywhere. It's gonna happen. It happened a while back in the BASS. So now can someone tell me more about measuring style of scoring, how does the tail lay, pinched or wide open, and so on.
  6. Hey Quillback, or anyone. On Sept 22 I'm gonna Bass Fish out of Prairie Creek ramp. Can you please give me some pointers? I have never bass fished Beaver lake. Thank You
  7. Hey Quillback, or anyone. On Sept 22 I'm gonna Bass Fish out of Prairie Creek ramp. Can you please give me some pointers? I have never bass fished Beaver lake. Thank You
  8. He used to be the editor and writer at the Republic Monitor years ago. Now you know why they got rid of him.
  9. This topic can be argued for ever. Blame the tournament fisherman, blame the pleaser fisherman. The truth is that there are always some bad apples in the tree. We all need to take care of our catch. If there's one person on this forum that can say he has never killed a fish while fishing is a lair. Back in the good old days there was no such thing as G-Juice or stay alive, ice in live wells and so on. They killed many fish back then. More than now. The best thing we can do is keep up the awareness and help each other with solutions. Some fisherman try real hard at keeping fish healthy, while others don't care. That's the world we live in, jerks are among us. It's like driving down the road, how many dead animals (hit by cars) you see because us humans are to DAM lazy to slow down or pay attention.
  10. The Ned rig did it. I seen more fish die from that bait due to the fact the fish can eat it so fast and swallow it.
  11. We are the intruders. WE moved into their territory years ago. Nice to see nature coming back
  12. yea the bass tourneys probably do kill a few fish. But lets not mention how many crappie are taking from the lake in a day. And some full of eggs. We are all in the same boat. We all fish cause we like it and species should break us apart.
  13. use windex to get it off the next day. works great
  14. If you need more info PM me and I can help you. I help with that tourny
  15. I have seen a few around Shell Knob area. Not really sick fish but long and skinny. But with the fishing pressure on this lake I bet every fish has been caught two or three times, making them scared to eat thinking there may be a hook in their meal. Fish are getting smart.
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