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  1. Campbell point Friday night tournaments?

    If you need more info PM me and I can help you. I help with that tourny
  2. 2017 MDC Table Rock Fish Survey

    I have seen a few around Shell Knob area. Not really sick fish but long and skinny. But with the fishing pressure on this lake I bet every fish has been caught two or three times, making them scared to eat thinking there may be a hook in their meal. Fish are getting smart.
  3. Fizzing instructions from BASS

    You are absolutely right. The river is a great place to fish. No you can't have it to yourself. lol I just thought I would change the subject cause I for one get tiered of seeing tournys getting bashed all the time. The James does seem to hold bigger fish though.
  4. Fizzing instructions from BASS

    Like i said, its just my opinion, I maybe wrong
  5. Fizzing instructions from BASS

    If there is something that needs to be complained about, lets start at the beginning. What keeps the fish thriving? GOOD WATER CONDITIONS. Table Rock is getting so much like the Lake of the Ozarks. Big boats, human trash along the bank including dock parts, and all the dirty nasty water that comes from the James that Springfield provides. Also, the next time you see that ugly green moss and alga running down from the top of a bluff, LOOK UP !!!!!! I bet you will see a house or someones septic tank not working right. Someone tell me how rocks can obsorb laterall line runoff. These issues are just as important (if not more) to many off us. But harder to do anything about. There are few of us on this form compared to how many fish Table Rock. So, just like a teacher of a classroom,. If each of us on this form could educate a handful of fisherman on how to take care of fish, it will spiro to others. That we can do something about. Just my opinion.
  6. Fizzing instructions from BASS

    Seems like once a month that this issue comes up. Why are we always bashing tourny fisherman? Cause they are an easy target. You pleaser fisherman can not tell me that you have not ever killed a fish by a deep hook set. Many of the tourny fisherman go beyond to keep their fish healthy. Plus we try to educate rather than complain. Yes there are some bad apples in the tree. But it goes both ways. Merc is trying to help people keep fish healthy. He is helping rather than complaining about tournys. Tournament fishing is not going away. So lets help educate rather than complain.
  7. Bass Tournament Saturday - Shell Knob Bridge

    ok, may try it out
  8. Bass Tournament Saturday - Shell Knob Bridge

    Is the lake iced over?
  9. Best way keep hands warm?

    the best to keep hands warm and dry is to put on rubber surgical gloves under finger-less gloves
  10. Sorry to keep bugging

    We had club tourney last Sat. 11.71 won shallow fish, we got second with 10.85 shallow fish. these fish cam off of bluffs with stick-ups or brush right on bank. soon as your bait hit water around wood you may get a bite. Or fish all the way to back to boat and get a few more bites. Fishing 40-50 ft deep is not for me. tends to hurt fish.
  11. KC oct 14-16

    go to bassmaster.com for results
  12. Tournaments galore

    If you do want to fish a cheep tourney, on Oct 21 His House is having their 2nd annual. Its from 7-3 out of Viola, $60 to enter including big bass. This benefit tourney is for a good cause and helps feed families.
  13. Tournaments galore

    I agree with Champ. For example, the Homer Sloan tourney used to be a tourney you wouldn't miss. But now look at the payback, $120 to enter, 50 plus boats, and you can't even get your money back for 4th and 5th place. $750 to win.
  14. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    I know the government will never get rid of the oversize boats on TR. So they should at least meet us halfway and have a no wake law at night for these tuna rigs so we fisherman can also enjoy the lake. Last week I almost got got thrown out of a 21 foot ranger twice at about 10:30 at night. This is nuts when you can't see the wakes coming at you. If you where in a jon boat you would have capsized and no one would known.
  15. dead bass

    Well said Quillback.

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