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  1. Hi Everyone: I have recently retired from my 31+ year career in power production. I'm ready to do something fun! This spring I will be starting a kayak fishing guide service. The name of my business is "Ozarks Kayak Fishing". My company consists of a new truck, four 2019 Jackson Coosa HD kayaks, and a Tennessee trailer. The kayaks will be equipped with a fish finder, poles, pliers..... I have always enjoyed fishing on Stockton Lake and I look forward to sharing my passion of kayak fishing with others. I promise that I won't try to turn this forum into a advertising platform! I will occasionally share pictures and information obtained on my adventures. I have just recently gone live with my website....www.OzarksKayakFishing.com. The website is definitely a work in progress but it will get better every day. If you are interested in learning to fish from a kayak check out my website! See you all on the water. "I have gone kayak fishing and regretted not catching more fish, but I have never regretted going fishing on my kayak" Yak Attack
  2. Walcrabass: The Cedar County Commissioner is Marlon Collins and his e-mail address is Commission@CedarCountyMO.gov. He was very pleasant to talk to on the phone. I do not have e-mail addresses for anyone at the Corp. They were also very pleasant to talk to!
  3. Fellow yakkers, hunters, hikers, mushroom seekers and others: The attached article is a well written letter to the editor of Stockton's local newspaper (I assume) written by Wayne Terrell. The letter discusses his displeasure with a new local landowner who has requested to the Cedar County courthouse that a portion of County Road 1774 be closed. If the County Commissioner upholds this request a bad precedence will be established. As a kayakker the final decision will not effect my access to the lake. However, if this landowner has his way which County Road is next? It appears on the surface that this landowner is trying to turn his/her 180 acre plot of land into their own personal 680 acres. Pretty greedy in my opinion! I would suggest that you take Wayne Terrell's advise and call the County Commissioner and the Corp of Engineers to state your opinion on this matter. Wayne also mentioned that there is a public hearing on September 9th at the courthouse. I personally cannot attend and therefore I have already talked to a representative for the Corp and the Commisssioner Marlin Collins. Both calls were quite pleasant. The Commisssioner asked me to send him an e-mail discussing my disapproval so that he could display it at the hearing. He will problably ask you to do the same. Thanks for your time and hope to continue meeting more of the Ozark Anglers members out on the water! YakAttack
  4. Corp Land Access Threatened

             A fellow yakker brought the attached document to my attention tonight.  It's a very well written letter to  Stockton's local newspaper ( I assume) by Wayne Terrell.  He discusses an issue concerning a "new area landowner" filing documents with the Cedar County Court asking for permission to close the western portion of County Road 1774.  I'll let you read the rest of the article if you so desire.  

           The western portion of CR 1774 does not terminate at the lake so I do not use this road as a kayak access.  I do however use the County Road that tee's off from CR 1774 for access to the back of Price Branch.  If precedence is set by the Cedar County court by granting this landowner permission to close access to this  Corp land from hunters, hikers, mushroom seekers, and everyone else then which access is next??  I was fishing this Monday in the vicinity of the dam.  I accessed from the County Road on the eastern shore just south of the road that turns to cross the dam.  There were people fishing from shore, a scuba diver testing his gear, and many families swimming.  Again, if precedence is set what keeps all other local landowners shutting down all of the County Roads leading to the lake or other hunting areas?  I would urge everyone to do as Wayne Terrell suggests....consider attending a public hearing on Monday, September 9th at the Cedar County courthouse at 10:00 an in room 5 or  call the Cedar County Commissioner or the Corp of Engineers to voice your opposition to this request.  I live is Springfield and work on Monday and therefore will not be able to attend the meeting.  I will however call to voice my displeasure.  Phone numbers are provided at the end of the article.  

         I have enjoyed meeting some of the fishermen that post on Ozark Anglers and I enjoy reading the adventures of others.  I have posted a few adventures myself in the past... I'm not trying to turn this forum into  a  political debate platform, but I would assume that my opinion on this matter would be shared by most of you and it would be a shame if this access was restricted because no one knew about it and therefore no resistance.  



  5. OK...so I just started playing around with my GoPro. Very new to editing but it sure does look like it could be fun. May 25th I kayaked into Price Branch. Came home with 3 crappie and a white. I promise that the filming and editing will improve!
  6. Hey...you know where we were fishing!
  7. Pretty steady day on Stockton. Third limit of crappie in a row. Pulling Flicker Shad over structure..most were in 20 to 25 foot of water. Water temp. was about 63 degrees. Caught four whites and a couple short walleye. My buddies Gerad,Judd and I pretty much had the lake to ourselves! We didn't see one other boat from our kayaks. Bald eagle fly-overs never get old!
  8. Surely you meant 61 to 62 degrees? I was at Highpoint (back of cove) Tuesday afternoon to dusk and I was seeing 62 to 64. If you were seeing 51 to 52 one of us needs to get our temperature sensor calibrated (lol). Thanks for sharing your pic!
  9. Awesome haul VJMAC! I would love to hear a bit more about your trip to Lake D'Arbonne. It's on my bucket list now. I retire this fall and want to make a southern run next spring. I fish from a kayak and this lake looks perfect. I haven't read much about this lake, but the southwest arm by the State Park looks pretty good from google maps! Any recommendation on lodging? Any input or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Looks like an enjoyable day.
  11. 90% pulling cranks with a cast here and there.
  12. No real ramp Greenheadrocker but lots of flat shoreline with pretty easy access. When water is cold I typically wear the water-proof socks or boots!
  13. What a beautiful day on the Little Sac on Saturday. Had to give up on the Red Sox at 2:30 in the morning so that I could make the 6:00 am wake up call! Put in at Orleans Bridge to find water temperature at 52 F....a little colder than I was expecting! Caught whites and crappie pulling cranks and throwing a few jigs. Also pulled in 3 or 4 good largemouth. I guess there a lot of people hunting....we just about had the water to ourselves. I attached a pic from Saturday (Drury shirt) and also one from the same area in the fall of last year.
  14. What a beautiful day on the Little Sac on Saturday.  Had to give up on the Red Sox at 2:30 in the morning so that I could make the 6:00 am wake up call!  Put in at Orleans Bridge to find water temperature at 52 F....a little colder than I was expecting!  Caught whites and crappie pulling cranks and throwing a few jigs.  Also pulled in 3 or 4 good largemouth.  I guess there a lot of people hunting....we just about had the water to ourselves.  I attached a pic from Saturday (Drury shirt) and also one from the same area in the fall of last year.  

    Little Sac.jpg

    Fish 1.jpg

  15. Thanks for the tip, but I still prefer Intellicast in the graph mode. http://www.intellicast.com/Local/Weather.aspx?location=sgf
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