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  1. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I have always called the steel bridge on the Little Sac River just as the river starts to enter the lake the Orleans Bridge. If you use google maps and find the 123 bridge in Aldrich...just work your way back where the Little Sac enters and the first bridge you will see is the Orleans Bridge and the second is referred to as the Taylor Bridge.
  2. I was in the right place at the right time.....I have always done well this time of year around the Orleans Bridge area.
  3. A few of the larger ones ready to fillet.
  4. Sixty degrees outside today with light winds...perfect day to be on the water. Put in at Orleans Bridge at about noon. Water temp was 48 degrees when I put in and 50 degrees when I finished. Caught at least 50 to 60 crappie and took home close to a limit...haven't filleted them yet! Two of the crappie were 14 inches and many were in the 13 inch range. Also caught 12 to 15 whites. I probably wouldn't have put any on my stringer if I knew that I would catch lots of keeper crappie. The whites were not huge, but they will fillet quite well. Also picked up a 18" largemouth...hard to get a go
  5. If you are referring to the drop-off at the dam intake then no.
  6. What a beautiful day to be on the water this Friday! Caught several walleye with two being keepers (19 and 20 inches). Also brought home 4 crappie while catching about 8. Throw in a few bass and a few bluegill and I had a good day! If you are interested, I'm still working on my video skills and you can watch me land the 20 inch walleye. I forgot to turn the camera for the other keeper! If you watch you will see that I almost lost it! I really need to get a better net! https://youtu.be/wR8rQ7c1ZAw
  7. The clouds overhead made for a really nice picture!!
  8. 3DHUSKER....funny that you should ask! Ron Preston is a great friend of mine and he has told me that I can use his music at any time...with that said, I'm still not sure how to get around Youtube banning a video on copy write claims. I could just have Ron send me the audio files....I grabbed "Day Just Like Today" from Spotify. I was afraid to link poeple to the video you referenced because I didn't want people being blocked. I am anxious to use his music in my videos....he is a very good local talent who has many good original tunes.
  9. Still practicing with the video editing. I fished Stockton lake on 8/4...what a beautiful day to be on the water. It actually felt like I was back in Maine! I have linked to a video of myself landing a 18 inch walleye and a 17.5 inch smallie. https://youtu.be/bZCIeoDF3z8 Oh and BTW...I found an anchor while fishing. If anyone wants to claim it, please let me know...(picture below). I have no use for it!
  10. I was born and raised in Maine. September is a great time to be visiting. If you have questions about where to go or are looking for ideas, let me know and I'd be glad to help!
  11. I am just happy that the video is available now!! Did you notice that I was wearing a light jacket in the video!
  12. Copywrite issue should be resolved. Hope video is now available.
  13. Dutch...must be my background music. I will remove the music and repost.
  14. Liphunter....it seems to work for me. Before I try to change something I will wait to see if anyone else has issues. Thanks for letting me know!
  15. When in Missouri I primarily fish Stockton Lake. I thought that some of you might enjoy a video that I put together while fishing in Maine last week. I took all of my kayaks and got to spend some quality time on the water with family. You can check out some of the vacation pictures on my Instagram account (OzarksKayakFishing) or my Facebook page (Ozarks Kayak Fishing). The video is from a solo trip to Pocumcus Lake in northeastern Maine. I have cousins on two different lake in the area and they suggested Pocumcus Lake for smallies. Hope the link works for you!.....Apparently there were c
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