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  1. Bridgeport with a good friend.

    No Fish to be caught up there during Spoonbill Season
  2. Prespawn

    Anyone catching any Eyes Yet ?
  3. Gizzard shad and PB Largemouth

    That is a PIG !! Congrats
  4. Good luck with that !! Post the pictures
  5. River boat tournament

    Horsepower Limitations ?
  6. River boat tournament

    That is where I got my info from 17 foot alumaweld with 70 prop. They said just no fiberglass bass boats
  7. River boat tournament

    I was told you could fish out of a prop boat as long as it was not fiberglass
  8. The rain helped

    Where's Here ? Fenton and Lewis Rd trashed. Gonna be good when it starts to clear
  9. Kudos to Seth!

    Where and when are your tournaments ? Thanks
  10. Cape Fair 12/18

    That part of the lake can catch fire this time of the year !
  11. Meramec giant

    That there is a Real Catch. Nice One !
  12. What Factors influence the Smallmouth population

    Thanks Al. I plan on fishing the rivers more around St Louis and from now on will remove those I catch. Enjoy reading your articles.
  13. What Factors influence the Smallmouth population

    Caught a ton of them on Table Rock. They are Meanmouth Bass . Cross between a Smallie and Kentucky Spotted bass. Great Fighters and don't need to be removing or Killing them. PB 23.5 inches and 5.78 lbs in Cape Fair Area
  14. Cape Fair area, 12/6/17

    Good report Thanks

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