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  1. Wart 57

    James River boundaries

    I would think Galena and above would be the river part but I don't know for sure. Enjoy the area and good luck fishing !
  2. Wart 57

    Biggest Bass Caught On Table Rock?

    Personal best 7-15 largemouth around point 15 area cape Fair spinnerbait. March 1993. Best smallmouth 5-12 in the same area bluff cut on jig/twin tail trailer. Nov 2013. That SM was a Real treat
  3. Wart 57

    Biggest Bass Caught On Table Rock?

    I saw an 11-3 that was caught in the peach orchard area of the James. It was taken in to town and weighed on reliable scales and released. That was after the fish kill and was about 2007 I want to say.
  4. Wart 57

    Week Day Tournaments

    I am sure those old cranky dudes would love to take your money once in a while !!!
  5. Wart 57

    Where to go ???

    Go to Cape. Put in at Flat Creek or Bridgeport. That area is about to get Real Good. Good Luck !
  6. Wart 57

    Bridgeport with a good friend.

    No Fish to be caught up there during Spoonbill Season
  7. Wart 57


    Anyone catching any Eyes Yet ?
  8. Wart 57

    Gizzard shad and PB Largemouth

    That is a PIG !! Congrats
  9. Good luck with that !! Post the pictures
  10. Wart 57

    River boat tournament

    Horsepower Limitations ?
  11. Wart 57

    River boat tournament

    That is where I got my info from 17 foot alumaweld with 70 prop. They said just no fiberglass bass boats
  12. Wart 57

    River boat tournament

    I was told you could fish out of a prop boat as long as it was not fiberglass
  13. Wart 57

    The rain helped

    Where's Here ? Fenton and Lewis Rd trashed. Gonna be good when it starts to clear
  14. Wart 57

    Kudos to Seth!

    Where and when are your tournaments ? Thanks

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