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  1. Meramec giant

    That there is a Real Catch. Nice One !
  2. What Factors influence the Smallmouth population

    Thanks Al. I plan on fishing the rivers more around St Louis and from now on will remove those I catch. Enjoy reading your articles.
  3. What Factors influence the Smallmouth population

    Caught a ton of them on Table Rock. They are Meanmouth Bass . Cross between a Smallie and Kentucky Spotted bass. Great Fighters and don't need to be removing or Killing them. PB 23.5 inches and 5.78 lbs in Cape Fair Area
  4. Cape Fair area, 12/6/17

    Good report Thanks
  5. Sorry to keep bugging

    You can add one more v209 Wart
  6. Clear water

    Right. No smallmouth there. Don't Bother !!!
  7. Clear water

    I like the Carp idea and let the Smallies Go
  8. Clear water

    I was kind of wandering how fast those Brownies swim off after you remove the gig from those gills.
  9. Clear water

    Since when are small mouth bass not game fish ?
  10. Clear water

    Put the gigs away. To bad the conservation agent was not around and No it should not Happen.
  11. Cape Fair

    No Brown Bass in Flat Creek
  12. Fishing gear stolen :(

    It's a South St Louis thing it seems lately. I live in the area. I'll keep an eye out. That Sucks
  13. Upper Mississippi tournament

    PM him and send a college kid a box full for Free !
  14. 7/24,7/25,7/26, 8/1,8/2

    Fished around the Spring Creek area today and put a wooping on em. Started out around the Wing & Fin dock at sunrise and had 4 keeper LM before I hit the island towards point 13 on topwater. Lots of surface activity. Only going to get better.
  15. Them corn fields sucked up a lot more water than the asphalt and concrete does. All the storm sewers from the malls , industrial parks and new home construction may have something to do with it. You Think ?

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