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  1. Wart 57

    Week Day Tournaments

    I am sure those old cranky dudes would love to take your money once in a while !!!
  2. Wart 57

    Where to go ???

    Go to Cape. Put in at Flat Creek or Bridgeport. That area is about to get Real Good. Good Luck !
  3. Wart 57

    Bridgeport with a good friend.

    No Fish to be caught up there during Spoonbill Season
  4. Wart 57


    Anyone catching any Eyes Yet ?
  5. Wart 57

    Gizzard shad and PB Largemouth

    That is a PIG !! Congrats
  6. Good luck with that !! Post the pictures
  7. Wart 57

    River boat tournament

    Horsepower Limitations ?
  8. Wart 57

    River boat tournament

    That is where I got my info from 17 foot alumaweld with 70 prop. They said just no fiberglass bass boats
  9. Wart 57

    River boat tournament

    I was told you could fish out of a prop boat as long as it was not fiberglass
  10. Wart 57

    The rain helped

    Where's Here ? Fenton and Lewis Rd trashed. Gonna be good when it starts to clear
  11. Wart 57

    Kudos to Seth!

    Where and when are your tournaments ? Thanks
  12. Wart 57

    Cape Fair 12/18

    That part of the lake can catch fire this time of the year !
  13. Wart 57

    Meramec giant

    That there is a Real Catch. Nice One !
  14. Wart 57

    What Factors influence the Smallmouth population

    Thanks Al. I plan on fishing the rivers more around St Louis and from now on will remove those I catch. Enjoy reading your articles.

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