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  1. The deep bite is going pretty now. I fished a spawning cove and a creek this morning. The fish are feeding on very small shad about 1.5 inches. So I am catching them a 1/2oz white spoon and a underspin with 2.8 swimbait. I see 20 times more fish than I catch. The spoon is fished vertical because casting is not working very well. I catch about 70% SM and 20% K's and an occasional LM. Seems you have to keep the spoon in front of them for a while. I checked a gravel run out today and did not see much so I went into a creek and it was loaded (also birds everywhere). You will also encounter a lot of gizzard shad at all depths so just keep that in mind. Yesterday was a good redfin day because of the mild temps and cloud cover. The fish were chasing shad on top. A regular swimbait does not work for me, but if it did I could catch a lot more. WT about 57. I prefer staying in 40 to 55 FOW and try to catch the deepest fish. Thank goodness for the SM. Also you may want to net your fish vs boat flip, because they spit shad everywhere. Had about 10 keepers this morning, but I bugged a lot more.
  2. There is a deep spoon bite that happens this time of year that is not mentioned very much and it lasts for about an hour first thing in the morning. It involves 'resident fish' in a feeding frenzy with very limited shad in the area. I prefer deep spawning coves and some mid creek locations. The resident fish will feed around a dominant feature (trees,,etc) and then just fade away. This morning I caught all three species fishing vertical in a deep spawning cove (spoon and ice jig). I tried casting to them with a spoon and swimbait, but the vertical presentation worked best. This morning, I could see the fish feeding from 20 to 50 ft. The LM in the picture was at 47ft.
  3. The video reports this week are very useful and informative. Today, I fished a few hours early, then about an hour this afternoon. I caught a few good SM this morning on a jig and a few K's on a spoon. This afternoon I caught a few keepers on a spinnerbait (SM & LM). There are some LM up shallow and they seem to like main lake windy steeper banks with flooded buck brush. The LM bites I get are very shallow and I have caught them on a CB and SB. Regarding the spoon bite and gravel run outs, if you do not see shad on the flats then check the down stream area where the roll off begins. Finding plenty of shad on the main lake is pretty easy.
  4. Yesterday vs today. You just need more clothes.
  5. In the Kim City area: On Oct 6 & 11, we had about 7" of rain and that rearranged the shad and bait fish in the backs. About 75% of the shad seem to have vanished from the creeks and the other 25% moved closer to the center. I routinely try the creeks with little success, so my confidence is on the main lake. I had three shallow keepers this morning on 3 different baits. CB, SB, and jig. And a bonus 20" walleye that smoked a screaming eagle SB on a flat gravel bank in about 4'. I have looked for bass under the shad that are still in the creeks, but no luck yet.
  6. General feedback regarding the Kim City area: I just fish a few hours in the morning. The early bite (7am) is pretty reliable, but it gets tougher with each hour. The 15-20 foot jig bite stopped for me back on Oct 1st. Then the square bill and spinner bait in the backs held up for several days, then it slowed way down. Some mornings the rock crawler works on some decent fish right at daylight on the main lake. This morning I was fortunate to get the jig to work on a few nice fish (a 4# LM and a nice SM). I normally start with a jig to see if it is going to work, then throw a CB and spinnerbait. Each day is different and I rotate locations each day to try to find new fish. The CB is starting to be my favorite. The fog is an issue to deal with, so keep that in mind. When you launch, do not try to travel east with fog/steam and a bright sun. Travel West young man.
  7. I fished the Kim City area on Sept 25 & 27 and was off the water by 10:30. Fished for smallmouth on flat gravel from 15 to 20 ft. Had 5 keepers one day and 7 the next. I used a 9/16 and 5/8oz jig in GPO with a GP zoom craw. I did not catch many shorts. I am not fishing the long gravel runouts, but I am normally real close to them. There is a crankbait bite, but I only fish it at daylight for about 20 minutes. The CB fish are normally short K's and SM, but I have caught some keeper SM. Regarding the deep topwater bite, it can happen back in the creeks but conditions have to be perfect for the 'quality' LM to participate.
  8. Bill, thanks for the report. Your topwater info in exactly what I am seeing. The red fin will definitely outperform the spook and plopper. So I just have a spook tied on for those major blow ups within 50 ft of the boat. The LM are also doing good over timber. This morning I had the boat in 40 to 45 ft and just fan cast to the direction of the last surface activity. The LM bite over timber seems to last a little longer than the open water. The MLF guys would of had a field day this morning.
  9. Bill, thanks for the report. Have you been seeing any shoreline related shad spawn. It was good in a few places on Thursday and Friday morning.
  10. Thanks for the report. I tried Baxter to Campbell's point with red-fin and swimbait and had very limited success. Two keeps on the red-fin and some shorts on the swimbait. I figured I was just out of my zip code/league and needed some more practice. After a few hours bouncing around, I decided to bug the spawning fish and you can catch the MLF size in the right areas.
  11. They appeared to take off this morning at 6AM vs 6:30AM. Approx 15 went under the Kim City bridge at 6:14.
  12. The past few days it appears that 20% (of 80) are launching at Port of Kimberling and Mill creek. Several guys still seem to be scrambling trying to figure things out. I have seen lots trying the junk fishing approach like a small spawning cut that could hold one or two fish max. Tommy Biffle seems to be doing exactly what Mr Bill has described in a recent report. The Costa started one week ago and in my area the fishing was great and the water was clear. Now my area is stained/tough for me and the bottom algae is very prevalent. I will say that these guys give it 100%.
  13. I agree with QB. I would purchase a 7ft CB rod. It works for CD, Jerkbait, wake bait, walking bait, and 2.8 to 4" swimbait. With walking topwater baits, it is mainly about casting distance and accuracy. If you are on a good topwater bite, you should only have to walk it for 3 to 5 seconds.....so it is all about distance.
  14. Ike practiced around me this morning for about an hour. He is a machine at eliminating water and options. It takes him less than 2 seconds to go from setting down behind the steering wheel to making his first cast. The guys I seen did not seem dialed in yet, they reminded me of a tourist. But they eliminate options very quick. Some seem to still be in the biggest 5 mode vs numbers. There could be some 100# bags, but that would probably take an excellent topwater bite that goes on for a few hours, then shift gears to the Ned jig. The wind blew today so that might mislead a few guys.
  15. Flippin, I am glad you brought up this topic. I have a 100% failure rate with every spinning reel that I have ever bought regardless of brand. They all develop the exact symptom you describe. It is like I set the hook and it torques the round cylinder and warps it just enough to drag/catch as you reel.
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