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  1. Dock-in-it

    darn Area - short report - 1/18/19

    Good deal. I struggled this morning. I was around a bunch of shad, but the bass sightings were few and far between. I lost an ice jig today, so your trip was even more cost effective.
  2. The person that tagged the fish responded to my email. He mentioned tagging about 18 fish last year. Based on a general understanding of the release area, the two fish I caught migrated about 1/3 of a mile.
  3. Sorry, my mistake. He caught the fish on 7/14/2018. The date was displayed as 2018-7-14 and I looked at 14 as the yr since it was the last number. He may be the tagger since his entry is the only one for the tag#.
  4. Started out this morning in the fog and finally made it to my destination. The fishing has been tough for me this week. Could find some fish but nothing bunched up. But this morning was excellent, the fish where bugging the shad on top and throughout the water column. In the first few minutes I caught another tagged LM. This time I studied the tag and seen a tag number and website. Fishtagger.com. The fish weighed 4lbs 7oz. I looked up the tag online and another person caught the same tag# in 2014 and mentioned the fish weighed 4.8 lbs. I sent the guy an email and hopefully he will respond. I caught the fish on a ice jig in about 60 foot of water. I caught more on the ice jig and lost a few good ones. I was on a bunch of fish and they were ignoring my jig. There were fish chasing shad on top and I thought they were small. I picked up my spinning rod rigged for vertical fishing with 6lbs line and a 3/8 jig head with 4" yamamoto smoke red flake grub. I started casting to see if a horizonal presentation would work and started catching fish routinely. All three species. I caught a 6lbs 2 oz LM that I netted and the hook never penetrated and fell out in the net. The tagged LM was caught 200 yds from the last one i caught in December. I noticed Mill Creek ramp had about 5 bassboat rigs in the parking lot. If they used an A-rig they probably did well. I did try a 3" plain swimbait and a under-spin, but they preferred the c-tail yamamoto. The kastmaster spoon fished horizontal will catch a few, but they seem to get wise to it after a few catches.
  5. Dock-in-it

    Kim City - main lake vs creeks for deep fish

    Excellent feedback. Thanks for the level of detail.
  6. Dock-in-it

    Kim City - main lake vs creeks for deep fish

    Can you tell us more about the effectiveness of the gulp products on Table Rock or is that a product that should only be handled by a professional.
  7. Dock-in-it

    Kim City - main lake vs creeks for deep fish

    This morning I had 7 keepers with 17 total. I normally fish from 7 to 10am. For me, there is a definite feeding period from 7 til 9. I mention this for scouting purposes. My fishing locations have plenty of visible fish from 7 til 9, then it looks like a ghost town. So scouting for visible fish after 9 or 10 am can be very misleading. Also, back when merc1997 starting posting about the deep winter bite, the quality fish were more prevalent and the fish holding locations were more plentiful and the feeding period was longer. The largemouth and smallmouth were plentiful in the mix, but now it is mainly Kentuckies. There was a no A-rig tournament on Dec 30, in mid December I thought 18lbs would not even get you in the top 5. Then I hear that 15lbs wins it. So the winter bite has a mind of its own. In the winter, think safety first.
  8. Due to strong winds yesterday I searched a few creeks for deep fish and found nothing. I did not get a bite. This morning I fished the main lake and had approx 15 keepers and 40 fish total. Nothing big, but a good morning. With decent air temps, I was able to handle the steady northwest wind. I stayed in 40-60 flow all morning. Fished the ice jig. I normally like to mix in the 4 inch yamamoto grub, but the fish will not bite it. Perhaps the water temp needs to drop a few degrees. I did catch a few decent LM on a 3inch swimbait at daylight. I fan cast the swimbait as i search for the deep fish. There were plenty of fish i n the 15-25 ft range over deep water. I can catch a few of these fish on a swimbait at daylight.
  9. Dock-in-it

    Aunts Creek area / ice jig

    Correct. The Rapala jigging rap.
  10. Dock-in-it

    Aunts Creek area / ice jig

    The fish in the picture was on the bottom in 55 ft. I like to stay in 43 to 60 fow most of the time. If your in a deep cut, check back to 37 ft early morning or extreme overcast. If I have multiple fish scattered on the screen I try to catch the deepest fish. If I have multiple fish tight on the screen I drop to them. I fish for resident fish vs roamers that follow shad. It is a time management deal for me. My normal fishing trip is three hrs in the morning and I want to fish vs scout. Also, 90% of the time the resident fish are on a feeding schedule from 7 to 9am, then it gets tough. I fish resident fish also because of winter weather conditions. I want the least wind I can find on a high percentage resident location. Boat control and comfort.
  11. Dock-in-it

    Aunts Creek area / ice jig

    The Aunts creek area had some minor floating limbs but the water was clear down to 7 ft. As I approached my desired location my depth finder was filled with shad from 40 to 55 ft. I stopped and started looking for fish but nothing would appear on my screen. Around me, fish would make a big swirl on top about every 2 minutes and I never saw shad on top nor a fish on my screen. I tried under-spin, plain swimbait, and kastmaster spoon. Zero luck in 15 minutes, so I cut my losses and scooted over 300 yards to my desired location. There, the fish were setup properly but they were hard to catch. I caught a good limit, but way to many fish ignored the ice jig. It was a nice morning to be out and their were plenty of boats. I did catch this 5lbs 6 oz LM on a 5/8 ice jig.
  12. Dock-in-it

    How to fish a jigging rap

    Hopefully some folks with extensive experience will provide their guidance. I drop the jigging rap straight down to the fish depth. Then try holding it still until they let you know that is the preferred technique or not. If not, try one foot hops. Then try ripping it very aggressive. Rip it, let it set, then rip again. If all three fail, creep the boat to the next fish or group of fish. Repeat the techniques until a few fish tell you the presentation required. The last few mornings, they wanted it ripped. The ripping technique works best when the fish are very close to the bottom. When you see multiple fish near the bottom, the ripping will cause one to commit. I normally like the still technique but it does not always work for me. The 5/8 size works good in general. The 7/8 works better for ripping, because the fall rate lands in their face at a speed that triggers them to bite. Also, if you are on gravel you can creep the boat with the jig in the water in a good depth zone. If you are around timber and your boat is moving, I would keep the jig out of water until you see a fish. Need to have a lure knocker to save on lost lures.
  13. Dock-in-it

    Tagged largemouth in Kim City area

    Shane shared this picture of their 2011-2012 tags. Their tags were different.
  14. Dock-in-it

    Tagged largemouth in Kim City area

    Shane Bush sent me this. RSDScienceNote_Basstelemetry_vol8_11.pdf
  15. I caught this tagged 3lbs 2oz LM on Dec 26, 2018 in the KC area. I sent Shane Bush (MDC) an email and he was not aware of any current tagging program. He did mention the following: We conducted a largemouth bass radio telemetry project in 2011-2012 in the Kings River Arm of Table Rock Lake. Our objective was to study the day and night movement patterns of largemouth bass as well as their use of our installed fish habitat structures. Is anyone aware of a resent tagging program? I did not see any numbers on the tag. Thanks

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