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  1. I like the bait recommendations and they are a good excuse to order more stuff. I fished Mon, Tue, and Wed. On Monday the fished preferred the swimming grub/swimbait over the ice jig. On Tuesday the fish preferred the 4" grub worked vertical and the ice jig and swimming the grub did not get much attention. On Wednesday the fish were starving and everything worked because the shad were plentiful. The loons around me would kill 2.5" shad, but when I caught a fish they had 1" shad in their mouth. So the deep bite is working but you have to figure out the preferred presentation each day. Attached are a few graph pics showing the different depths the fish were using today. Also, there were plenty of shad & fish in the 15-30ft range (I caught a few but they were short), perhaps some shad are shallow due to the current flow or the fish just pushed them shallow.
  2. I fished this morning and the deep bite is still going Ok. Lately I focus more on resident fish versus looking for the right shad scenaro. The cold, wind, and fog conditions limits my search options and travel distance. This morning I was able to catch them vertical on an ice jig and hortizonal on a 4" yamamoto grub. The vertical fish were very stubborn and it was much easier to get them to hit the swimming grub. The graph shows the vertical fish and the fish pictures were caught on the grub. I wish I would have committed to the grub but when the vertical fish appear on your graph it is hard to ignore them. A regular swimbait would work but I just stuck with the grub. I was fortunate to have several loons working the area and most of them focused on water less than 30ft.
  3. I started catching the fish in 60 FOW and as I moved to 40-50ft the fish were stacked. About 9am when the sun was bright I looked even shallower and found them on the bottom. I had a jig tied on but did not throw it. The graph shows them on the bottom.
  4. The fog this morning provided ideal conditions for the deep bite. The catching lasted until 8:45 and then the sun popped out. The graph pic shows that the fish where postured for both vertical and horizontal presentations. I stayed with the vertical approach (ice jig). Approx 20+ keepers in 90 minutes. 60% K's, 30% SM, 10% LM.
  5. I fished this morning and the deep bite can be good if you find both shad and active fish. I routinely find lots of shad, but not able to see any active fish. The shad and fish movement appears to be non-stop so you have to spend lots of time searching for the right scenario. The fish are feeding throughout the entire water column so both vertical and horizontal presentations will work (3" SB and ice jig). Once you find them they are very scattered and it is tough to find a wolf pack. Once the morning bite is over (9am or 10am) the fish just disappear. I have found fish this week on the main lake, coves, and in the creeks. One day I spent 3hrs searching and never found anything worth stopping for. This morning I caught 12 to 15 keepers ( all three species ) with lots of smallmouth in the mix. WT 49.
  6. I tried the deep bite yesterday for about 3 hrs and the bite was very strong. Both the ice jig and 3" SB worked. This morning I fished for a few hrs (avoiding the extreme wind) and ended up with 6 keepers but I put my bait in front of approx 40 fish. With the major frontal conditions they just ignored the ice jig most of the time. This morning I had to stay on the trolling motor even in a protected area and I think the constant motor noise had a negative impact. I always like to take my foot off the trolling motor when my bait is in front of one. The graph pic is from yesterday and the fish pics are from this morning. Yesterday I was in a few creeks and today I fished a deep cove with timber. Also lots of shad are in the creeks and coves. I think the new current from dumping Beaver has repositioned a lot of shad. For me the shallow bite starts at 38ft.
  7. The fishing was real good this morning. I used a repaired ice jig to catch most of them. The tremble holder on the bottom broke off so i used 65# braid (looped twice) to hold the treble hook on an O-ring. I did catch one over 5# so even the big ones liked it.
  8. Bobby, I found these fish in the mouth of a very large spawning cove that has a fair amount of timber and a channel swing nearby. I was fortunate to see the active birds while searching the channel swing. In the winter time the gravel flats have too much wind for my taste, but I would fish them if I seen the birds going crazy.
  9. The deep bite for me is very inconsistent due to the constant shad and bass movements. Some creeks were loaded with shad in the last few weeks but I am no longer able to find that scenario. What you find today is irrelevant for the next day and you have to start your searching from scratch. I normally like to check the creeks because the fish have boundaries that allows you to find them a little easier. On the gravel flats the boundaries are pretty vague. I was able to catch them good today fishing vertical with numerous baits (ice jig, spoon, Damaki, 4"grub). I found them in in 40-50ft range and after catching a few from a group I had to leave that group and search nearby for another bunch. They get educated real quick. I tried casting a spoon and swimbait but that did not work. Had about 12 keepers. WT about 50.
  10. Good catch. I am using 6lbs mono on the damiki rig and I think the bass are getting the entire jig in their mouth and the big moon eye head is hendering the hook set (due to line stretch). I am going to experiment with braid to reduce the line stretch. When the fish start to ignore the D rig I would try another bait to give them another choice. Also, the fish you found today might not be there tomorrow due to shad movement,,,etc. But there is good chance the same exact location will be productive when the shad are back in the area.
  11. Bobby, I was on the water from 7:30 to about 11:15. I started on the main lake and quickly found active birds and fish. That produced good until 8:30, then I searched with the big motor for well over an hour. I checked channel swings, gravel run outs, and a few creeks. Some creeks are just loaded with shad, but it is time consuming to find a group of active fish. There was very little wind so that opens up the areas I am willing to search. I always search where I want the shad to be and that is out of the wind (comfort, better boat control, and less trolling motor noise).
  12. I fished a while this morning and the deep bite is still good but it takes a lot of searching with the big motor and trolling motor. The shad are normally stacked when you find them and they might be thick for several hundred yards. I do not see very many fish relating to stacked shad. I normally find the shad then use both the big motor and trolling motor to search the edges for active fish. The shad are normally in the channel and I move to the shallow edges (normally 38-55ft). Caught fish this morning on a 4" smoke grub, Damiki rig, and 5/8 ice jig. The WT is about 50-51. The graph picture below shows no shad around the fish, but the shad were very thick about 60ft away. Had about 12 keepers and plenty of shorts.
  13. The deep water fish are using all depths in the water column and feeding on very small shad. The fish above 35ft are tough to fool, but they will eat a swimbait or grub once in a while. The deep fish are in a different mood each day and some days they can be extremely difficult to catch regardless of how many are looking at your bait at one time. A lot of fish are suspended at depths for the a-rig to be very effective. I have tried a jerkbait a few times on the deep fish suspended in the 15-20ft range but it has not worked for me.
  14. Bobby, the shad are very small so I am using an ice jig in the 5/8oz size and the color is normally 'silver fluorescent chartreuse'. I think colors like pearl, blue/silver would work just as well. I like using the 7/8oz but the 5/8 is all I am currently using. Regarding the Damiki rig, I have adjusted to the tiny fluke like your picture shows and this morning the fish wanted it hopped up about 2ft. For some reason I miss 50% of the Damiki bites, I have them hooked a few seconds then they come off. They must be grabbing the tail, but the bait does not slide down because i have it super glued. The fish are pretty tough to catch so getting the right bait size seems critical.
  15. The fishing was pretty good again this morning. I took a couple of graph pictures for folks new to deep fall/winter fishing. This first pic, I was seeing a lot of shad in deep water then the fish were on the edge of them in shallower water. Notice the deeper water and shad on the left side of screen. The second pic is after I put the trolling motor down. Ignore the WT on the 2nd pic, I had just put the trolling down and the temp sensor was reading a little colder than actual WT. WT is 51-52.
  16. The deep bite is still pretty good if you can find them. There are too many times that I find the shad but no fish around/feeding on them. The shad can be found on the main lake and in the creeks. Yesterday morning I caught one dink but today I caught lots of fish. This morning fish were caught on an ice jig, 1/2oz spoon, 2.8 SB, and Damiki rig. The swimbait is effective for the first 30 minutes of daylight because the shad are high in the water column. The Damiki rig can be a little effective for the 30ft suspended fish, but it is not a go to bait. I had 4 bites on it in 5 minutes then tried it several more times and the fish just ignored it. The 1/2 oz spoon just worked for bottom hugging fish. The ice jig is my primary bait for fish in the 40-60ft range. To get bit, I normally need to have my bait in front of a small group of fish. Presenting your bait to an individual suspended fish is pretty frustrating. Individual fish that are right on the bottom can be caught much easier. Remember what Bo does..... keep the big motor running until you find them. WT 51-52
  17. Bobby, I tried the fishing the lil george vertically a few times and I could not trigger a bite. The attached graph picture is one of the times I tried the technique. The ice jig is the best bait for me. I see the fish(s) and drop to them and then try three approaches on the same fish until hopefully one bites. Shake, twitch up/down a few inches, then hop the jig up about 5 ft and land the bait back in front of them....then repeat the process. The 5ft hop will get their attention. If you see loons up to several hundred yards from the bait your fishing around, then you are probably in a decent area. The loons bug the shad, then swim off and look for other opportunities ( but they stay in the general area).
  18. Bobby, I worked the lil George like a swimbait and sometimes let it drop and start the retrieve again. The K's were scattered through the water column and I normally worked it from 15 to 30 ft. I used the George or swimbait while moving/looking for vertical fish below 35 ft.
  19. The deep bite was pretty good this morning. The Damaki rig and 4" grub did not work but the ice jig, swimbait, and Lil George did the trick. Hit four locations and three of them produced. The spot that did not produce had way too much bait. Thanks to Bobby B for mentioning the lil george in his comments. That bait stays at the desired depth during the retrieve.
  20. I fished this morning for a while and had the best luck on a Damiki rig. I use a VMC 3/8 neon moon eye jig with a Zoom 'The Fluke' and cut off about an inch to match it up with the jig head. I would drop the bait to the fish and just lightly shake to entice a bite. It really helps if at least 3 fish are looking at your bait. I tried the D rig about 10 days ago and they would just slap it. The 4" yama grub is working fairly decent, followed by the ice jig. They are ignoring the spoon way to much. Caught several K's and a nice walleye on the rig. Had about 10 keepers, WT 53, and fished in 45 to 65 FOW most of the time. The graph picture shows a weird color under the fish, not sure what the deal is with that.
  21. Merc always reminds us about the time it takes to search for shad and that they will vanish overnight. His advice is so true. This fall season I have not been able to find bait in the same location on consecutive days. Searching for bait in the morning is a little aggravating knowing that the primary feeding time is clicking by. In the afternoon, the bite can get better with each pasting hour so the search time is happening before the primary feeding time. When your excited to start fishing, keeping the big motor running is easier said than done.
  22. I fished this morning for a while and had the best luck on a Damiki rig. I use a VMC 3/8 neon moon eye jig with a Zoom 'The Fluke' and cut off about an inch to match it up with the jig head. I would drop the bait to the fish and just lightly shake to entice a bite. It really helps if at least 3 fish are looking at your bait. I tried the D rig about 10 days ago and they would just slap it. The 4" yama grub is working fairly decent, followed by the ice jig. They are ignoring the spoon way to much. Caught several K's and a nice walleye on the rig. Had about 10 keepers, WT 53, and fished in 45 to 65 FOW most of the time. The graph picture shows a weird color under the fish, not sure what the deal is with that. This post has been promoted to an article
  23. What you don't see on the graph picture is a huge amount of shad hugging the bottom in 60ft which is about 30ft away from my boat position.
  24. I fished this morning and the deep bite is still going strong. Caught a good mix of all three species on a swimbait, spoon, and ice jig. I am using a vertical presentation for the spoon and ice jig. Had about 20 keepers and just a few additional shorts. The shad will travel from day to day so you do have to search for a while.
  25. The deep bite is going pretty now. I fished a spawning cove and a creek this morning. The fish are feeding on very small shad about 1.5 inches. So I am catching them a 1/2oz white spoon and a underspin with 2.8 swimbait. I see 20 times more fish than I catch. The spoon is fished vertical because casting is not working very well. I catch about 70% SM and 20% K's and an occasional LM. Seems you have to keep the spoon in front of them for a while. I checked a gravel run out today and did not see much so I went into a creek and it was loaded (also birds everywhere). You will also encounter a lot of gizzard shad at all depths so just keep that in mind. Yesterday was a good redfin day because of the mild temps and cloud cover. The fish were chasing shad on top. A regular swimbait does not work for me, but if it did I could catch a lot more. WT about 57. I prefer staying in 40 to 55 FOW and try to catch the deepest fish. Thank goodness for the SM. Also you may want to net your fish vs boat flip, because they spit shad everywhere. Had about 10 keepers this morning, but I bugged a lot more.
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