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  1. Yesterday was just one of those trips that you can't duplicate, you just have to remember how special it was. That all happened in a little over 2hrs. Regarding Live Scope, I hope folks will post how that technology has changed their fish catching experience. I have been around a lot of deep fish this year and with Live Scope I might be going nuts on which fish I should cast to. Regarding the deep bite, I feel comfortable with the techniques based on years of experience and soaking up information from a lot of folks(especially on this forum). Everyday is different and this morning was proof, I found the shad but not the fish. On most days the fish win, and the other days I post how good the fishing is.
  2. I fished this afternoon for a few hrs and had the best trip of the year so far. I found a school of fish just inside a gravel cove that was feeding on a big school of shad. The shad were thick from 7 to 15ft then they thinned out between 15 and 25ft. This was an area protected from the wind and that allowed me to see shad flickering when idling into the cove. I used two different underspins to catch them. I positioned my boat in 30ft and threw a 3/8 oz to 10 ft and slowed rolled the bait. After catching a bunch, I put the boat in 22ft and threw a 1/4 oz to 6ft and found out the LM were shallower. It helped to have the bait real close to the bottom under most of the shad. If the bait hit the bottom it would get just enough slim to make the cast useless, so I messed up a lot casts. I had 28 keepers with a good mix of all species and some really nice LM (one was 5.10# and some 3s and 4s). I caught all the fish on a 30yd stretch and never moved the boat except to give them a rest. A few guys came in the cove so I stopped fishing and went to scout other gravel coves hoping to find the same stacked shad scenario. Yesterday morning I had 15 keepers on a 3" SB around trees with shad. Yesterday they would not pay the underspin much attention.
  3. The rain last night changed the deep bite to more of a shallow bite. A lot of the shad vanished but some were still around. This morning I stayed with the underspin and just fished it between 8 and 20 FOW and the 12ft range provided most of the bites. All of the bass in the attached pictures were caught in 12ft and were relating to cedars. With bright sun and no wind I threw the underspin vs a jerkbait and it worked out Ok. One LM weighed 5# and I did not weigh the other one. The SM weighed 4.1#. The water is in the bushes and the shallow bite is probably great in some areas. WT bumped up to 49.5. My 1st stop did not have any visible deep fish, the 2nd stop was consumed with gizzard shad, the 3rd stop I finally figured out the 12ft deal, and the 4th stop produced a few good fish.
  4. The fishing has been pretty good when the weather cooperates. I fished this morning with an underspin and 3" SB. The areas I targeted had a good combination of trees and shad. The fish were feeding on shad and the shad can be found from 3 to 45 FOW and utilize the entire water column. Had about 12 to 15 keepers with a good mix of all three species. Today, the shallow fish (3 to 8 ft) were tough to catch and I only targeted that depth when I seen them bugging shad on the surface. I tried SQ bill, spinnerbait, jerkbait, and a few other lures but just caught a few in the 3 to 8 ft range. The underspin and SB worked good in 12 to 40 FOW. I wasted a lot of time this morning experimenting with different baits. The LM pic (6.3#) was caught in 12 FOW on an underspin and was relating to a bunch of shad. The shad kill is still going on but it normally takes a bus load of shad to see it (included a graph pic showing bus load). WT about 48.5
  5. The swimbait options seemed to expand this morning around Kimberling. I caught some mid creek fish and some from three different pockets. Having shad in the area was key for me. Lots of fish in 25-35 FOW. I used plain swimbaits (both 3" and 3.8") and the 3.8 worked very good. The WT in the creek was near 50 and the main lake showed 48 ish. The attached LM pic was caught in a creek about halfway back and was in a tree top in about 35 FOW. I left them biting and had about 12 to 15 keepers.
  6. Regarding the shad kill. I am fishing around a lot of shad and a fair amount are right beneath the surface and I routinely see them sprinkle the surface if there is no wind. I can easily see the shad struggling and dying and the feeding fish apply even more stress. The attached picture was taken today and it shows some fish actively feeding on shad. If you are fishing in the wind and not staying in a place very long then you may not notice the shad kill. The shad kill has been steady for several days. I just fish in the morning hours (when the wind is normally light) and that probably helps me see the dying shad.
  7. I am a big fan of the plain SB. At times I think the underspin can actually be too much flash for the fish and some will ignore it. I am using it now because of the shad kill. Today I tried a 1/4 and 3/8 ball head and they did not seem to pay them much attention. I use the underspin in April if I can find them real active on shad. A 4" grub and and plain SB are my first choice if they will work.
  8. I am staying at the mouths of pockets. I looked at a few creeks and did not really see what I am looking for. Currently I am looking for grouped up fish vs hitting a bunch of spots trying to catch individual fish. With this nice weather the clock is ticking pretty fast and I will routinely check the backs for deep fish to see if there is a good mix of shad and fish. If the backs start working I am set for a while, but some years the backs (for deep fish) can be disappointing. There are a lot of moving parts in the last two weeks of March and some years are really good for deep fish and others are not. I have seen a lot of guys fishing areas that are normally considered mid April locations and perhaps they are doing Ok. March will normally give you a few head fakes and that is why they call it fishing.
  9. I fished the past few mornings and the fishing is pretty good. I have been using the underspin (3" SB pro blue) and it seems to be the ticket for the deep fish. I am fishing around shad and trees and early the fish can be anywhere from 15 to 45 FOW and when the sun gets up the best range seems to be 25 to 45. The shad kill is still prevalent and that causes me to see a lot more fish than I catch. This morning I had about 10 keepers and several shorts. I had two good LM hit the underspin on the fall and the K's and SM hit on the retrieve. The fish are throughout the water column bugging shad and those around 20-30ft seem to be the easiest to catch. They also get educated pretty quick even with making very little noise and making long cast. There are a lot of shad in 15-20 FOW but I have not been able to catch many at that depth because the shad are so thick. The SM pic is from yesterday and it weighed 3.75#
  10. I checked my notes from 2018 and the Spinnerbait work pretty good on occasion when the WT got to 47-48. Things are changing fast and I think all the normal baits will have the opportunity to shine for a while.
  11. I have a 3ft rod and a left-hand reel with 65# braid. I am right handed so when I drop the lure retriever and it hits the a-rig I can engage the reel by pushing the reel handle against my side. The a-rig head goes inside the hound dog coil and the rig breaks loose almost every time. I known when I am about to get hung up so I do not set the hook in a tree (with a few exceptions).
  12. This morning was taylor made for Live Scope. The fish were moving around a lot and with all the cover I could not just fan cast and let the a-rig go to the bottom. I would move the boat up into 20-30ft and find a few fish then back off and cast to them. The hound dog lure retriever seen a lot of action today. The wind picked up around 9:30 and I hit several spots with the jerkbait, but no luck. It seemed like when the feeding time was over (8:30) everything just shut down. Around 10AM I rechecked an earlier spot that had plenty of fish and it looked like a ghost town.
  13. I fished a while this morning and found a few locations that had plenty of shad & trees and a fair amount of fish. The main activity happened from 7 to 8:30. The fish were feeding on shad and that seemed to accelerate a shad kill. There is a normal shad kill happening but when the fish are feeding on weak shad it makes the kill excessive. With a shad kill it is hard for a swimbait or underspin to compete, so I stuck with the a-rig and jerkbait (pearl +1). The a-rig was only effective on K's and the jerkbait worked on a 5# LM. The trees were too thick to work the a-rig near the bottom (where most of the fish were). The majority of fish where in 20-30 FOW and using the 15-30ft range. There was no wind early and that may have hindered the jerkbait bite. WT reached 47 around 10AM.
  14. Dock-in-it


    Just a heads up for the crankbait guys in the Kimberling area. The algae will probably be a problem from the bank to 8ft....it just went nuts today. WT went up a few degrees.
  15. Dock-in-it


    The guys beat up the Kimberling area. A lot of guys stayed near the launch site and as the day ends several come back early and hit a few spots prior to weigh in. The attached picture is from this morning near the Mill creek ramp. The South wind had blown it across the lake and it was about 100ft from shore on a north bank. The good news is they missed at least one good fish.
  16. I fished yesterday morning and a few hrs this morning. Yesterday the A-rig was not yielding much so I settled on catching mostly K's on a 3" swimbait with 3/8 jig head to help cut thru the wind. Had 8 keepers and there was a LM in the bunch. These fish were in a pocket that had some shad. I fished another pocket that was loaded with shad and could not get a bite (with fish present). This morning my main goal was to stay out of the brutal wind and I caught 3 keepers. One on a jerkbait and two on the A-rig. The jerkbait fish was a SM on the main lake and the A-rig fish were in a protected pocket. I have followed the BPT on the Big O and I would rather be fishing Table Rock this week. I grew up in Florida and I know the cold fronts can shut the bass down.....we just hunted and fished for speckled trout in the winter months. I did see some BFL guys practicing this morning and I know the wind eliminated more than 75% of possible locations to check out.
  17. Regarding the C-tail grub, I can still remember a Truman Lake hammer (related to Chomper Baits) fishing a tourney on Table Rock and winning with 20# using the C-tail). He had some help with local knowledge but he still got the job done. In Oct 2011, Paul Elias showed everyone what the A-rig could do and one of our favorite local guides got schooled real quick and won a Table Rock event in Nov 2011 and he caught a 6# kicker that he did not even need. Now the same guide may be introducing Live Scope + A-rig as the new combination required to be competitive in a February tourney. So jump on the bandwagon or be a contributor. In the tourney yesterday I watched guys looking down at there graph 90% of the time and throwing the rig.
  18. Thanks for the report...A bunch of really nice healthy fish. The Kimberling area was just stacked with tournament boats. It will be interesting to see the results.
  19. Yesterday morning I zeroed, but this morning was pretty good. Yesterday morning I was around a ton of shad and no fish, and this morning I just went fishing and did not worry about the shad. Champ mentioned when conditions get right the fish will move into the coves.....well the train has left the station.
  20. The deep bite fizzled out for me around Feb 10th and afterwards even when you found the shad in a good location there were no fish. I fished this morning and tried the A-Rig and caught some nice fish. I had a nice limit by 7:30 and then a few more good ones around 9:00. After 9AM the sun came out and I did not catch another fish. I kept the boat in 30 FOW and cast to 12ft and did not fish around trees. Today, the fish were bunched up and if I got bit I just milked the area. There may be a suspended/tree bit but I did not try it. The fish can be caught on textbook locations and non-textbook locations as well. The strong north wind limited my options and I did not see another boat. Lately the Mill creek ramp has several rigs and today there were none. For those of us still going thru the learning curve, the A-Rig is the best February education tool that exist.
  21. Dock-in-it


    Hey Bill regarding fishing reports.... I fished the morning in Kim City area and the swimbait worked good. I had 15 keepers and the WT is about 45. You will catch 5 to 1 on the swimbait vs the vertical bite. Most fish will ignore the ice jig like it's not even there.
  22. I fished a few hrs this morning after the rain stopped (about 8). The fish were postured high for a swimbait and the bottom hugging fish were not interested in a ice jig or spoon. I used a 3/8oz jig head with a 3" SB and 3/8 allowed for making an extra long cast. I stayed around trees and out of the wind. There were fish in 20-30 FOW but I caught more in the 35-50 range.
  23. The deep bite is still good but the aggressive bite timeframe can be very narrow. For me the bite starts to fade out about 8:30, but I did find a good bite on Friday at 10:30 and left them biting for a Saturday trip ( but they disappeared... as usual). This morning they wanted a vertical presentation (ice jig, spoon, 1/4 oz swimbait) and they wanted the ice jig and spoon fairly still. They liked the 1/4 oz swimbait dropped straight down and they would ignore a 3/8 oz. Some fish were postured for a vertical SB but they did not seem very aggressive. Had 10 keepers , 2 SM and 8 K's. WT about 45. Lots of shad are using the 80ft range, but I normally like to settle for the limited shad in shallower water (35 - 60).
  24. Fished this morning from 7:30 to 9:30. Was fortunate to catch some quality fish along with several other keepers. From 7:30 to 8:30 the bite was steady. The bite started to slow down at 8:30 and at 9:00 it was done. The technique that worked best was dropping an ice jig to the bottom around visible fish then slow crank thru them. The graph pics show fish above and below my bait and they would approach the ice jig from the top and bottom. And the bottom guys would be your best bet.
  25. I fished this morning and the deep bite is still working but the fish are fairly stubborn. From 7:30 to 8:30 the fish were postured for both vertical and hortizonal presentations. I could not get the swimbait to work so I just stayed with the vertical baits (4" grub and ice jig). Dropping the 4" grub worked the best and triggering a bite on the initial drop was key. If you had to work the bait in front of their nose they would ignore it most times. Another technique that worked was dropping the grub to the bottom and slow crank it up through the fish. The ice jig worked best if the fish where within a few feet of the bottom. There was a light sprinkle from time to time, then about 10AM the constant drizzle started and I headed in. WT about 45. Caught about 20 with approx 8 keepers. Had one decent LM and the rest were K's. Also, finding shad is a challenge for me and I am not really sure where to look. I scouted a few creeks one afternoon and did not find any nice schools of shad.
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