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    Dock-in-it reacted to snagged in outlet 3 for a article, Vacation Trip Report   
    Got to Cooper at 6 am.  Heavy fog and then thunder and quick light rain.  Slowly made my way upstream in the fog.  Boats scattered around fishing.  35 megawatts till  9 or so and then they ramped it up to 150 when I left   
    Threw the jerk till noon.  No fish caught after 10:30.  Had around 10 to the boat, rolled another 15 or so and had at least that many followers. Never caught a rainbow although at times groups would follow it all the way to boat.  
    A couple of the browns that I rolled or had on for a while were real nice.  One XL brown followed the jerk to the boat and he was a tank.  
    Back at it tomorrow.  @Travis Swift I swear I had all my bass gear but I just couldn’t leave my regular milk run. 

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    Dock-in-it got a reaction from Larry Eby for a article, Kim City - April 1st - underspin   
    The fish are biting several different baits fairly well. The underspin with a 3" swimbait, jerkbait, wobble head,,,,,etc. I do not mention the crankbait because the bottom slime is a nuisance in my area. The fish can be caught shallow or deep, but they seem to be grouped up. When you find them, you can get multiple bites in a very short distance. The WT was 49-52 this morning and I assume it warms up a few degrees in the afternoon on nice sunny days. For me, the jerkbait will produce but the quality is lacking. The fish pictured below weighed 5.13 and was caught this morning on a underspin. 

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    Dock-in-it got a reaction from bassfisher for a article, Kim City - Jan 27 vertical and horizontal bite   
    I struggled on Jan 24-26 catching only one fish in about 7 hrs of fishing. I could find mountains of shad, but no active fish. This morning I was able to find the bait and active fish. I capitalized on a early 30 minute horizontal bite that was done by 8AM. I had 5 good keepers, mostly largemouths including a 6.8 lbs and a 3lbs. They came on a 4" yamamoto grub in smoke/red flake on a 3/8 jig head. I would cast the grub and just countdown to 3 or 4 seconds. From 8-10AM, I caught 7 more keepers vertical fishing with a 7/8oz slab spoon. One of those was a 4lbs largemouth and the rest were mainly Kentuckies. I did not catch one vertical fish on the ice jig and I wasted a lot of time trying. The vertical fish wanted the slab spoon near the bottom and just barely twitching it about every 5 seconds. I could not catch any vertical fish that were above 35ft. The vertical fish are very stubborn and you have to have more patients than they do. I kept the boat in 40 to 55 feet of water. Water temp is between 43.5 and 44.5. There are two pictures of the 6.8 LM and the other two pics are the 3lbs and 4lbs LM. So 12 keepers and about 25 total.

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