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  1. Smalls21

    What's Cooking?

    Tortillaeria Perches, and Team Taco are really good in Springfield
  2. Yep, all taken care of. He thanked me several times for getting him in when i did, and it sounds like it worked out well for you.
  3. I got to meet Dustin Connell on Friday, he dropped his boat off for an oil change, in talking to him he seems like a really laid back guy, "good ol' boy"
  4. that's almost as good as a "your mom" joke
  5. The "Keel Guard" brand has a lifetime warranty on the product, and is owned by the same company as Hamby's
  6. I think you meant planting TWO-LIPS
  7. you really can't go wrong with cargo shorts
  8. i like to use a blood knot or uni. i have also used the shocker knot with small diameter mono to mono
  9. try the NED rig, PBJ color
  10. if it was anyone at Bass Pro that told you, Champ is gonna call BS (some personal vendetta against BPS) but if it was someone who is not affiliated with BPS you are golden!
  11. can you be a little more specific?
  12. pink and brown work pretty well too, jus sayin
  13. my price is $145.92
  14. we carry pro-guides here at work, never had an issue with the them. hadn't heard of them phasing out the 31 series either. i still have 2 in stock
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