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  1. i know you didn't say anything about the mechanic. (even though he can be a Jack-Hole) I know all about the frustrations, believe me, i was frustrated for you.
  2. not trying to get in a pissing match with you, it just so happens i know the other side of the story. And while I agree, there could have been better communication to you, all that really matters in the end, is your boat is fixed and running like you want it to..
  3. My point was that it did not take a full 12 days to diagnose the problem, you were only without your boat for 12 days, which i understand is not ideal but it could have been worse. i have customer boats that have waiting on parts longer than that
  4. Actually in this case, i believe he had unrealistic expectations, and their were circumstances that came up that were not within anyone's control. Yes maybe he was without his boat for 12 days, but i know it did not take 12 days to diagnose the problem.
  5. I do agree that good customer service goes a long way ! But, with myself being in Marine customer service, i know that you can be good at your job, and and still cannot make every customer happy. Some people just have unrealistic expectations.....
  6. did it take them 12 days to figure it out, or were you just without your boat for 12 days? I ask because there is a big difference
  7. Guys, i hate to say this, but we all don't know the whole story..... What if the mechanic had an emergency or was sick and couldn't be at work to diagnose engine?? just like everything in life there are 2 sides to every story. With myself being in the Marine repair industry, I know that sometimes vital information can be lost between mechanic and service advisor, and then on to the customer.. or maybe the customer mis-understood , or maybe had unrealistic expectations.
  8. Smalls21

    What's Cooking?

    Tortillaeria Perches, and Team Taco are really good in Springfield
  9. Yep, all taken care of. He thanked me several times for getting him in when i did, and it sounds like it worked out well for you.
  10. I got to meet Dustin Connell on Friday, he dropped his boat off for an oil change, in talking to him he seems like a really laid back guy, "good ol' boy"
  11. that's almost as good as a "your mom" joke
  12. The "Keel Guard" brand has a lifetime warranty on the product, and is owned by the same company as Hamby's
  13. I think you meant planting TWO-LIPS
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