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  1. Do you still have this rod for sale?
  2. I'm heading down to the Tucker Hollow area Saturday morning, any good information to catch a few largemouth? Location, depth, lure selection. Drop a marker buoy for me to find them, haha, any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Was wondering if these are still available for purchase?
  4. Thank you for all the suggestions, after reading reviews I have purchased the 6'7' 13 fishing omen black rod in med action. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you for the suggestions, jury is still out. You just never know for sure until you get the rod out and fish it. It's either money well spent or it sits in the rod locker.
  6. Would it work as a jerkbait and topwater Rod?
  7. I'm in the market for a new 6'6" jerkbait rod. I'm looking for something in the 150 area? Any suggestions? I would also like to use it as a topwater rod.
  8. AFBuer


    New to the sight but not new to the area. Lived in SW Missouri for 40 years, this is my second year of focusing on bass fishing. Gave up chasing golf balls. Hoping to learn from you guys how and when to catch more bass.
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